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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 26, 2012    

Zinc is a local brand that specializes in retailing trendy bags for the younger crowd. The products at Zinv range from backpacks to sling bags, and even purses, so as to cater for a larger audience. Zinc was first established in 2000 as a pushcart stall, but has since seen a gain of popularity, and currently has more than 9 outlets across Singapore. 

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Good Memories

Zinc used to be my go-to store to get a school bag during my secondary school days. They have a huge range of bags catered to the youths of Singapore. Their bags range from bagpacks to sling bags and tote bags and even those ugly fanny packs. You are spoiled for choices in their designs, but basically everything that was cool and trendy then.

It was such a shame that when I graduated, I stopped shopping there. I think it has something to do with me being over the emo style and being into the girly style. And ever since then, I have not stepped into their store again.

This is kind of making me sad. Maybe I'll pop into one of their outlets in a few days.
Anyhow, the experience will definitely bring me back memories!

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Childhood Brand, Teenage Fad

There was a period of time when this brand was the big thing - everyone was clamouring for a Zinc bag in order to be part of the cool kids or to be considered cool. For me, that memory was ages ago. I still remember that having a zinc bag was the craze when I was in Primary school - almost everyone in my class owned a Zinc bagpack or sling bag and they would flaunt it in front of everyone in school.

However, over the years, it seems that I've outgrown this brand. While the styles have been improving, the trend for Zinc bags in my generation seems to have gradually died out. Now and then, however, I do see young teenagers carrying sling bags from this brand and that teleports me back to the days when I was just like them.

Even though I'm no longer a fan of this brand like I used to be, the brand was a phase of life that contains happy memories.

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Only for the young

I remembered a time when Zinc was the 'in' thing, where bags from Zinc looked so cool and fashionable in our eyes in secondary school. However, even as they looked cool, the quality was horrible. Seriously, bags bought from the market can last me for a few years, but Zinc bags could not even endure past a year.

Perhaps it will be more suited to the young and those who changed their schoolbags every year, but would definitely not be a choice to those looking for a more durable bag. Anyway, I feel that there are more good-looking bags that are cheaper and more durable out there, thus I would not really recommend Zinc bags to anyone.

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Trendy, quirky and all-encompassing

It's a wonderful variety of bags being sold there! Not only are there different types of bag ranging from sling bags to handbags but even haversacks that compromises of those bulky kinds and those chic, modern and stylish kinds.

Well, I would personally think that the bags sold in Zinc are very aligned to the tastes and preferences to teenagers these days - it isn't surprising to see youngsters carrying Zinc bags around these days.

The bags there are also suitable for the different types of shoppers - for the playful and trendy shoppers, you can choose from the brightly-coloured bags with quirky designs and patterns. For the shoppers looking for bags with lasting quality and high capacity, you can choose from those bulky yet cool haversacks to satisfy your wants.

Considering the fact that these bags are of good quality, it is worth every dollar you spend on the bags here. So take it as a long term investment for a lasting bag!

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Their time has passed

I think we can all agree that Zinc's time has passed. There was a time 5 years ago when I myself was obsessed with Zinc products. I bought 3 Zinc bags just for school and till today I still have them. I would say their quality is good. I even use one of them still (though mostly for camps now because of its size). My friends really liked that particular bag, and me too because even though it looked huge it looked good as a school bag.

They also have a wide range of designs with some really appealing ones but I don't see myself buying anything from there in near future. The I would think 2 year trend has died, and being a follower of trends, I won't buy from them again unless it's trendy again. I think primary school kids still buy them though. And only primary school kids..

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Good quality

I remember a time when Zinc used to be the undisputed leader of the local bags retailing scene a few years ago - Zinc stores were pretty much everywhere, and literally every teenager on the street owned at least a Zinc bag.

Now, Zinc's popularity has faded quite significantly. Once a brand which sold bags that everyone clamoured to own, Zinc has certainly been overshadowed by the rise of high street fashion brands like New Look or Topshop which sold bags of greater aesthetic appeal.

Zinc's appeal is definitely the durability of their bags. I personally own two shoulder bags from Zinc - a black one made of canvas, which I have had for about five years, and till today, it's still holding up extremely well and it's certainly one of my old favourites, and a white one made of pleather, which is still in pristine condition despite the fact that I've had it for about three years. The bags are roomy, and they're pretty much my go-to bags whenever I go out for a study date, as they're sturdy enough to hold up even with all my books in them.

That said, Zinc seems to still produce such shoulder bags of amazing quality, but perhaps such bags just aren't in trend anymore. Also, the last time I went to Zinc, I was certainly not impressed by the awful designs of the backpacks there, and I suppose teens just don't hanker after the brand blindly anymore, so imprinting its logo on its bags is probably not a very clever move.

Price wise, Zinc bags can be a little on the pricier end, with a bag costing up to around $50+. However, I do have reason to believe that such prices are worth it for the quality of the bags, though the aesthetic appeal of the bags certainly leave much to be desired.

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Nice bags

As the proud owner of some zinc bags, I officially pronounce my chemistry for the brand. Located in many outlets all over Singapore, Zinc really does a good job in reaching out to the younger age group in terms of accessibility. For example, zinc outlets can be found in the town areas as well as shopping malls that are close to schools. Its bags, made of soft but hardy material that is pleasing to the touch, serves very well in its function for going out and for carrying to school in comfort.

Moreover, zinc also specialises in accessories like wallets. What I like about them was that Zinc uses technical know-how to design its main logo, a cute devil holding a staff. It confers on its items a sense of coolness and deja vu, which exerts a strong pulling force on youths like me, who'll instantly gravitate and purchase the products

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wrong move.

Zinc sells probably the most common bags. Although they have some unique designs such as the rabbit doll-like bag the trend dies off quite quickly. Before I got obsessed with hand bags, I usually buy my Zinc bags at Bugis Street and I would haggle with them for lowering prices with similar models sold at its competitors stall. Even though it was sold at a higher price, it somehow gave me an impression that it was of better quality and after bargaining it would be around the same price in the end.

Whenever I passed by Zinc stores at shopping malls, I would be tempted to browse at the new products but the prices always sends me straight out of the door. It wasn't exactly that expensive costing around $40 to $70, but I couldn't deal with the thought that I could get a bag of the exactly same model and quality AND brand at half the price! Whichever came last, the store or the stall, it was a bad bad choice.

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Ah... Zinc.

I remember this used to be the "in" brand to have when i was younger. Zinc bag or accessories, labelled cool group. Some kacang puteh brand with ugly drawings or cartoon characters on the top? Get away loser.

That was how childish we were when we were young. i haven't own one bag from zinc yet actually, still can't really figure out the hype for their bags. Seriously expensive and overrated. Those designs are very "ah beng" to me, and so "in trend" it disgusts me. Especially when i see people carry it like a zinc christmas tree. Ew. Those are the people who follow trends blindly.

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