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Rui Ling Teo
Listing created by Rui Ling Teo on December 10, 2012    

Skechers has established itself as a global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry by achieving recognition as a high-performance footwear brand. Skechers provides footwear for men, women, and children, retailing various kinds of footwear ranging from lifestyle shoes like sandals and flats to performance shoes such as track shoes.


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athletic footwear still a far cry from competitors

Skechers has always been better known for their lifestyle footwear, but my mom and sister are huge fans of all their footwear. I’ve always found the designs of their shoes quite strange, so I’m not really hooked on Skechers footwear.

One plus point about their shoes is how comfortable they all are. In terms of performance, their running shoes take some getting used to, and even though they’re lightweight the quality just isn’t comparable to established sports brands like Adidas and Nike. Their range of shoes are all very flexible, which is more suited to casual footwear rather than athletic wear. I like how they have shoes for every occasion, from wedges to high-top sneakers, but their shoes can get pretty pricey. I’m not sold on Skechers yet, but the one thing they have going for them is their exceedingly comfy footwear.

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Got off to a wrong start

My first impression of Sketchers wasn't a really good one - back then sketchers wasn't as popular as it is now. Back then, my friend had bought a new pair of sketchers shoes (which she hadn't broken in yet) for Sports day which was happening the next day. During Sports day, as she was running a lap for my baton team, her shoe slipped out and she had to partly limp as she ran without her missing shoe which had rolled over to the grass patch nearby. It was a funny sight although it was a pity our team lost.

From that moment, I thought Sketchers was not a good shoe brand. Unfortunately, I can't be further from the truth. When I saw a Sketchers shop, remembering my old encounter with Sketchers, decided to take a look into the store. What I found was not low quality shoes but trendy shoes that had streaks of different colours to attract customers. However, I was slightly put off by the price as they were in the same price range of a pair of Nike shoes and not half as comfortable, which made me really consider if I really wanted a pair.

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Lost my interest in them

I remembered my teenage years when we have the young Britney Spears promoting Skechers alongside her music single Oops I Did It Again, in magazines and on the internet. Everyone wanted one then, and I was one of them. I really wanted one because most music artists owned them. I remembered convincing my father to get one for me when he went overseas. My wish came true when he came back with a pair of Skechers walking shoes which can be worn daily.

It was a comfortable pair, and easy to be slipped on and off. The only problem I had was when it became a bit too tight when I wore socks. The insole of the pair I had was curved at the side for a perfect fit with my foot. They didn't have a huge range of trendy colours and designs those years ago, but it has since improved. I'm spoiled for choices now, but with a lot more competitions in the form of other brands like Nike and Adidas, I believe they need to upgrade their game and maybe offer a bigger variety of choices and carry more of the other products such as bags and clothings.

For now, I think I've lost all interest in Skechers as a whole. But that won't stop me from getting a pair if it captures my attention and fits my budget.

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Shoes for extra workout

I was putting on weight from visiting all those restaurants so that I could write an accurate review. When I passed by this shop and saw their advertisements saying that they are selling shoes that can help me shape up, I stopped to take a look.

Some of the shoes have curved soles, I read that there was some research done to come out with this design. The design was supposed to help you exercise more muscles when you are walking. I tried the shoes on and it felt weird and it felt like I needed to learn walking all over again.

Finally, what is stopping me from buying a pair of the shoes is the price. For something experimental, the most I am willing to fork out may be $100. Until such times I hear from other reviewers these shoes do really help in shaping up, I will not consider buying these shoes.

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Good quality, comfortable wear.

Ask my mum, she's a major fan of their shoes. Like, ever since they appeared in our malls and my mum checked them out and subsequently got on off the shelves, she was hooked. She never fails to visit every skechers stall in the malls just to take a look at the designs.

For me, i could see some improvement in their shoe designs. At first i thought the designs were rather tacky and couldn't bear to take a second look at them. Now they are really improving their variety. The quality on the other hand, is tops. Good material that can really last. Even with my mum's heavy usage, so i guess its a tick to get it.

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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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(Updated: December 10, 2012)

Running shoes needs getting used to

My mother loves Skechers so much that she alone has 4 pairs of running shoes from them. According to her, Skechers running shoes are extremely comfortable, and healthy for the feet. When I first tried their shoes, I couldn't even run properly as I felt as if I was going to fall. This is attributed to their convex shaped sole, which makes it rather uncomfortable and weird to wear. I guess it needs getting used to. And I have yet to see the health/physical benefits they claim to offer.

On the other hand, I love their casual non-running shoes. I have a pair of black wedges which I love as they are so lightweight and comfortable. I could go shopping for one whole day in it without getting blisters or leg cramps.

I must admit that Skechers is a little on the high end in terms of price. I paid $50+ for the wedges, and it was at discounted price. Some may view it as too expensive for a simple pair of wedges. But since I love it so much, I feel that it's worth my money.

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