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Vans was founded in 1966 by Paul and James Van Doren, Serge Delia, and Gordon Lee. It has stood for authenticity in youth lifestyle, music and action sports since day one.

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(Updated: February 03, 2013)

Great for extreme sports

My sister has been hinting me on a pair of Vans and for her birthday, I finally decided to buy her a pair just to satisfy her.

The shoe collection is quite limited and I find it hard to help my sister to choose her perfect pair as for me, everything looks almost the same. The only difference is the color. But the styles, they're quite boring and very much old school.

But I knew this shoe is perfect for outdoor activity, especially skateboarding since my sister joined the sport. I knew they're durable and their simple and clean designs are probably perfect for extreme activities.

We finally bought the perfect pair in basic color with a fair price. I do hope they carry many interesting design for their next collection.

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Vans is like converse. Classics. And classics never go out of fashion. Own a pair of Vans and you can wear it for life. Or at least for as long as it lasts.

I first bought my first pair of Vans when I was in Polytechnic. I couldn't afford a pair when I was still in secondary school and there was no need because all I wore was school shoes everyday. I have not regretted buying the pair of Vans even though it cost me $69. It is a pretty reasonable price I would say. This one pair has lasted me up to now and is still serving me faithfully.

One downside is that the quality of Vans is slowly depreciating. With so much competition in the market now, people might opt to go for the cheaper option since they both last for the same amount of time.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

The colour got washed away?

I think Vans has some really nice designs but the range is pretty limited. This could however only apply to the range available in Singapore. I have a pair myself, it was my favourite pair of shoes. I could match it with any outfit, literally, and it was really comfortable and easy to slip on. Well, this was until I washed it and the colour came off.

I initially thought that it was just because of the soap but my brother had his shoes washed with only water, the same thing happened. I think the colour runs after coming in contact with water because more colour came off after I wore my Vans after washing it because it was drenched by the rain. I'm looking to buying another pair again though, because honestly, there aren't many choices left which are this stylish and relatively cheap. I have to be more careful the next time though.

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Common yet still trendy

Common might be an understatement for Vans nowadays. However, common or not, this shop still have trendy shoe designs ranging from their two coloured design shoes and probably the overrated and kiddy hello kitty shoes.

Vans can be paired with mostly anything! From shorts jeans and even dresses. Your fashion woes can be put at ease.

Personally, however, I would not want to wear it all the time. There was a time when I was wearing the same shoes as the guy opposite me. For some unknown reasons, all the blood in my face was all drawn out. Moreover, puberty might cause women to shift from vans to heels.

For my casual day out or school days, Vans will be my choice. Common yet trendy and easy to wear. Women might be in puberty but we want to rest our feet from those killer heels once in a while too.

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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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A little too common..

My cousin adores Vans, and I can probably understand why she harbours such immense love for this particular brand. The shoes at Vans are incredibly durable - my cousin has had hers for about a year and a half, and apart from the slight dirt stains, the shoes pretty much look as good as new. The designs aren't half bad either; I once spotted a cherry-printed pair which was downright adorable, and there were even floral designs for the females, so I can understand why all the hype about Vans that's going on right now exists.

However, I have never really considered getting a pair of shoes from Vans myself despite having witnessed the quality and designs. More than half the teenage population in Singapore probably owns a pair of Vans shoes, and I don't think I will be part of that group anytime soon. I am definitely not very keen on meeting strangers wearing the same pair of shoes as myself, and if anything, I find it mortifying.

Furthermore, replicas of Vans shoes are being made and sold everywhere. Replicas can be found in Bugis Street, Far East Plaza and even Rubi, retailing for less than half of Vans' selling price, and the only thing worse about being caught wearing the same item as someone, would be having strangers think that you're wearing a replica.

Good quality, coupled with aesthetic appeal is definitely a great selling combination. I just won't be getting my pair of Vans shoes anytime soon unless the trend subsides.

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Everyone who's anyone owns a pair of Vans. All teenagers and their mothers wax lyrical about the high quality, the trendiness and the comfort of these shoes.

Sure, I suppose they are comfortable. And one might venture to say they are trendy too. Maybe they are just not for me. Doesn't help that everyone in Singapore owns a pair either, and you can see them absolutely everywhere. Down the streets of Orchard Road, in heartland malls, on the MRT... And why would you want to wear a pair of shoes that everyone else is wearing? Having replicas of my shoes all along the streets would be extremely awkward for me. So no, not gonna invest in a pair.

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A bit overrated, perhaps.

I've only brought two pairs of Vans, and one of them I wore nearly everyday for more than a year. You could've guessed how awful it looked. As far as casual shoes go, Vans are trendy, comfortable and is pretty much affordable.

But now I feel like EVERYONE is wearing Vans and that's probably why I haven't brought a pair in months. I know I sound pretentious. The huge popularity of Vans is probably due to the fact that they're actually quality products, but well, they are some other quality shoe products (like Superga) which doesn't make me look like the average Jane.

The customer service at the flagship store (which I usually frequent) is tip-top. Always very helpful and efficient, and doesn't follow me around like some do (ehem, Vivocity).

If you're looking for a shoe that looks and feels good, and don't really mind that there's a possibility you might seat to someone with the same pair as you on the MRT, Vans are for you.

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(Updated: November 28, 2012)

Worthy for quality.

Having been obsessed with Vans shoes since forever, I was jubilant when my mother finally bought me my very own pair of Vans shoes! Yay!

I took a while to decide what design to choose from, because there were so many! Eventually I chose the grey-striped design. So far, they are very easy to match with my other outfits. Plus the quality is impeccable too! I bought mine a year ago and it is still as good as new!

Although the price is a bit off for some, but I think the quality is worthy despite the high price. Some shoes do offer the same level of quality but they can cost at least $120. My pair of Vans shoes costs about $69.90.

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Always in style.

Vans are always in style, it's classic teenage wear. I got a pair of Vans shoes about two years ago and I wear them all the time. To school, to the mall, and the like. I got a standard pair of black vans and they go with every casual outfit so you never have to feel like you have nothing to match a casual outfit.

Considering my usage, I'm really impressed that they've lasted this long. When I first bought them for $79 I was just praying that it'd be worth my money. But looking back now, they have. They were completely worth it.

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