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Born in Boulder, Colorado as a simple, comfortable boat shoe, today Crocs footwear can be found across the globe and in more than 120 styles for men, women and children. With distinct collections, Crocs offers colorful, lightweight comfort for any occasion and every season. All Crocs shoes are uniquely designed and manufactured using the company’s proprietary closed-cell resin, Croslite™, a technology that gives each pair of shoes the soft, comfortable, lightweight, non-marking and odor-resistant qualities that Crocs wearers know and love. Crocs footwear is ideal for casual wear, as well as for professional use and recreational activities.

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The Ugly Shoe That Could

Crocs is an American shoe manufacturer that produces and distributes casual unisex shoes, and specialises in clog designs. Crocs shoes are made with a patented closed cell foam resin, known as Croslite, which offers great comfort and support to a wearer's feet, and supposedly offers various medical benefits. Because of this, Crocs became a popular brand, despite criticisms that its clog designs were clunky, unfashionable, and ugly.

Originally designed as a clog to be worn indoors, the patented foam resin material Crocs is made from was also discovered to be resistant to water, sand, mud, and dirt. Thus, Crocs footwear also functions well outdoors, and today, most people use their Crocs as an outdoor, rather than indoor, footwear. Designs for Crocs usually come in many colours, with their classic clogs available in over 10 colours, and most other footwear designs available in a range of 4 to 6 colours or dual colour combinations.

Crocs has also tried to increase the fashion appeal of its footwear, by marketing various accessories that clip on to the ventilation holes in their shoes. This appeals mostly to children and ladies. A known safety hazard of Crocs shoes is children who are wearing a pair of Crocs and standing near the side of an escalator. There is an increased risk of the Crocs getting caught in the escalator due to the small size of their feet and the soft material of the shoes.

Prices for a pair of Crocs are expensive, with men's footwear costing slightly more than women's footwear. A pair for men costs around SGD $40 - $150, while a pair for ladies costs around SGD $30 - $100. A pair of Crocs is rather durable, with a life span of around 12 - 24 months. While I find their clog designs to be comfotable and great to wear, I experienced friction burn / chafing of my ankle with their covered sneakers, and thus, I won't recommend it.

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Awesomeness of the reptile

The funny thing is, remind me of the word 'crocs' and I immediately think of male underwear, not boots. Crocs was a favourite shoe retailer of mine, and a heaven to find smart, professional looking boots for formal and informal occasions.

I like crocs instead of other brands like bata or converse for mainly the leather it uses to make its boots. Smooth, sleek and a texture that makes you feel good at the slightest touch. It is wonderful for walking and I can even do some slight jogging in them without feeling the usual pain of leather boots. Moreover, the leather, I would say, is good quality material. It is long-lasting and will not spoil easily.

Crocs is a good choice if you're looking for a brand of boots not too stylish, but comfy and durable.

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Reptile Evolution

Once known for designing horribly ugly, accident prone footwear. I even found out that shopping centers have made legal provisions so that you cannot claim damages against them if you suffered an accident in their premises while wearing Crocs!!

Crocs has come a long way since then. They have redesigned their shoes to be more practical instead of trying to look like the reptiles they are named after. They still maintain their unique rubber soles which are soft and comfortable. In fact, I have noticed many doctors in hospitals wearing Crocs. This seems somewhat one of place with their shirt, ties, and doctor's coats but I suppose they wear it for comfort as they are on their feet all day.

Personally though, I am not a big fan of Crocs as I find that they are far less durable than other brands.

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Proud to be a fan!

Say the word “crocs”, and the image that runs through most people’s mind would probably be their infamous clogs. I will admit that I find them hideous, but I must also add that I am a fan of the brand.

What I love about their footwear is how comfortable they are. Yes, some friends do laugh at me when they see the crocs brand label, but they don’t know what they’re missing out on. To the people who do not like the brand and aren’t afraid of proclaiming it, I would recommend that you give them a chance and go visit their stores, because they have evolved from a shop selling only those ugly clogs, to a store that caters various kinds of footwear which gives you the best comfort.

Their unique rubber soles make comfort their strongest selling point, and to me, comfort is the most important when it comes to footwear.

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Standard issue for doctors?

I did projects in hospitals so I was around the hospitals quite frequently. Crocs seemed to be the preferred shoes for doctors especially those in the operation theatres and emergency departments.

It may be due to the softness of the shoes because it may sound scary if the doctors wore shoes that made a lot of noise when walking. Imagine when there was an emergency and you suddenly hear a lot of shoes clicking on the non carpeted hospital floors.

It may also be due to the better grip of the soles. There may be certain conditions that the floors can get messy and slippery and the better grip from these shoes may be the difference between the doctors arriving safely to a patient or slipping and hurting themselves when rushing to help the patients.

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I love the rubber clogs

Crocs were and are still known for their rubber clogs. I know they have a bad rep for kids getting their foot stuck in escalators while wearing crocs but that could hardly be the fault of the footwear. In the firstplace, it was never designed to protect your foot that way. It was really the case of not standing on the escalator in a safe zone.

What I like about the clogs is just how comfortable they are to wear. I am not worried about getting them wet and washing them is easy. My only complaint is that they are expensive.

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Don't judge them for what they used to be

Crocs was once infamous in Singapore for producing absolutely ugly rubber shoes that always seemed to be getting stuck in escalators. Times have certainly changed though; I walked into a Crocs outlet last month, and I was amazed at how much the footwear brand has changed.

Even though Crocs still sell the rubbery shoes that I abhor, I have to admit, they do offer a wide selection of shoes. For women, the shoes that Crocs sells ranges from comfortable flats to presentable wedges, definitely a good deviant from the boat shoes that they are infamous for.

Locals probably tend to shun Crocs when it comes to buying shoes. However, I do believe that Crocs is worth the look as well, as the shoes there definitely provide comfort. Crocs improvement in the past few years has been significant, and the effort that they have been putting in to assuage their once infamous image is remarkable.

Crocs is definitely not what it used to be. If anything, it's better.

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I love Croc shoes~

I'm one who tends to slip a lot so I hate going out on rainy days. There is only a couple pair of shoes I've which gives me full confidence when walking out on a rainy day and my only Crocs happened to top the list.

As mentioned in another review on Metro departmental store, I bought my first (and only thus far) pair of Crocs when I'm at my wit ends, having nearly slipped countless times along Orchard Road after a sudden heavy downpour. The Crocs felt really comfy and the best part? It really provides me with an anti-slip feature that boosts my confidence to walk around, even in rainy days with them. I hated the original Crocs design, the one which holes all over it so I bought a canvas one made of blue jeans-like material (kind of ironic since I usually only wear my Crocs out during rainy day and canvas tends to stink after being soaked in rain water but at that point of time, this design captivates me the most).

An additional note heard from my friend - Crocs were initially designed for fishermen, who have to work in slippery environment all the time. Thus, the anti-slip feature formed a basic necessity for Crocs. Not sure if it's a fact but from personal experience, Crocs footwear does help me with my slipping issue during rainy days.

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A changed store.

Crocs used to be the most abhorrent footwear retailer ever. The shoes there were so hideous, with their many little circular holes and bright, garish colours, in unflattering designs.

But that has since changed. Although Crocs still does sell those ugly shoes, it also has some other designs, such as wedges and sandals. They actually retail a variety of different styles, venturing away from their old hideous shoes. I actually quite admire them for being able to experiment more widely.

The comfort factor of Crocs shoes has always been a given, and it has remained a constant through the years. With their top-tier technology, Crocs shoes are soft and exceedingly comfortable to walk in.

In short, Crocs has since changed its image and people should give it a chance.

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The once 'in' thing.

Boatshoes in a multitude of colours were once the in-thing, but not anymore, in my opinion. Last time almost every single person in the street were sporting them, even strutting down Orchard road.

Personally, I don't find the designs attractive in any way, big and bulky, I find them a hassle to wear. Though lightweight, I think it was popular due to the trend. i didn't get any. They were too expensive for the quality, I'd much rather get some other branded shoes than crocs.

Furthermore, it was in the news that there were quite a few cases of people wearing that shoes that caused their feet to get tangled with escalators. I'm not sure if it was directly due to the making of the shoes that created such freak accidents, but wearing such designs does not complement one's clothings at all.

However, there are other patterns and designs made by crocs, if you feel strongly towards them, there is nothing stopping you from getting them.

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