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Converse is an American shoe company that has been making shoes, lifestyle fashion and athletic apparel since the early 20th century.

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The pair of shoes you have to own

Converse has become a household name, a staple and wardrobe essential in everyone’s lives. We all love the versatility of the shoes, as it can go with almost everything and anything.

Whenever I have a shoe dilemma, Converse is always the quick solution. It is stylish and easy to match. The soles also provide adequate comfort and the canvas is not stiff to the point where it causes blisters. I prefer the low top sneakers to the high cuts, as they are really easy to slip on without having to tie the shoelaces. For all those lazy people out there like me, this is the perfect pair of sneakers for you!

Converse is also more affordable compared to other sneaker brands such as Puma, Vans or Superga. For the quality, price and style, I daresay Converse carries the best sneakers around.

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maybe it's the way she walks

I recently had to, I must say RELUCTANTLY, chuck out my Converse shoes which had been with me for close to 8 years. May they rest in peace. Compared to other shoes I previously owned, Converse was the only one I fell in love with. Maybe it's the way they look or maybe the way they made my legs look while wearing them; but for all I know, they were comfortable with a capital C. As proven by myself, the pair I owned had lasted me throughout 8 years, worn them on every other day and easily matched with whatever I was wearing that day.

Although the brand carries other products such as t-shirts, bags and wallets; only their shoes appeal to me. They definitely need to revise their designs for the other items to attract more consumers. Now that I have one pair of Converse shoes missing from my shoe collection, I think it's only proper for me to get a new one. They have a wider range of colours and cuts during recent years, so choosing one will be much harder for me!

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(Updated: February 02, 2013)

True classic

I’m certain Converse strikes a chord in the hearts of plenty, as many of us have grown up owning at least a pair of these classic sneakers. Converse’s classic factor is no doubt the contributor of its success — after 5 years, I’m still buying these sneakers that are available in rainbow coloured hues. The lasting quality of each pair of these affordable kicks is definitely welcomed in today’s mindset of design over durability.

Converse has also continuously kept up with trends by collaborating with many independent designers to launch limited edition sneakers. Only Converse can stand the test of time.

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Low cuts or high cuts?

No complaints about Converse, especially after all the shoes i tore through during my secondary school days, only this particular shoe brand managed to stick to me for at least 8 months without tearing up beyond despair.

Converse is a so called skater and casual wear brand that has been brought mainstream, and now you will see at least five out of ten people own a pair of converse shoes. With a line extension to sell shirts and bags too, I really do not see this company going down anytime soon. Converse stays close to most Secondary school student's hearts, and I think that it is here to stay.

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Secondary school days.

Converse, they were in during my secondary school days, man.
I only like converse for their shoes. Always trendy but I must warn you first, it's not easy to break into the shoes so be prepared for months of blisters, high socks, abrasions, pain and the likes of that!

Also, if you have very broad feet (esp at the front), you may want to give the typical shoes they are known for a miss because they have very narrow mouths which could hurt your feet quite a bit. However the soles are very durable and thick so it helps if you are short :b

I think it is normal for the sides of the shoes to break (somewhere near the front) because of the bedning movement when we walk but other than that.. It is durable. And trendy. Match it with an anklet and you're good to go!

Any pain for style 8)
p.s I think their wallets, bags and clothes are really ugly though.

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secondary school-ish

I don't know if it's just me but Converse reminds me of secondary school where everyone wore Converse canvas shoes and carried around Converse wallets, backpacks or pencil cases.

Personally, the brand has no appeal to me. In fact, it turns me off. Maybe the shoes are durable and I'm aware that they keep updating their designs and such but still, I was never one for canvas shoes. I hate the irritating sound the rubber soles make when lazy pre-teens and teenagers drag their feet. That unpleasant sound I have somehow associated with Converse because that is what I have noticed and experienced in school.

The backpacks and wallets are so boring and dull. Anyone carrying them around must be so tasteless. I wouldn't say that the quality is exceptional either.

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Canvas Shoes

In a way, owning a pair of converse shoes is actually owning a pair of branded canvas shoes. Famous for its canvas shoes range and design, Converse is practically known by everyone. During my school days, it was such a cool thing to be wearing a pair of converse shoes because it just fits with every single outfit. Besides being casual it also makes it a little more "kiddy-formal" because it is a pair of shoes that looks not too trashy.

Stylish as it is, converse shoes seem to just grow with you. Practically like a pair of shoes that you never want to throw away because it can still be used as a random shoe for sports during events. The everyday converse school shoe is really quite a miracle in itself when it fails to spoil despite the conditions that it put under proving that it is indeed very hardy.

Today, I still have my pair of converse shoes because it has been with me and it is that emergency pair of shoes that would be good to have. That being said, it is still not the most comfortable pair of shoes out there because of its flat base that may hurt the feet arch a little after an exhausting day of walking.

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There's a reason why it's branded

Alright i'll admit i have a bias for Converse shoes, that's because i bought my every sneakers/sport shoes from the same store. Converse shoes are extremely comfortable, stylish and durable, my older pair of sneakers which i bought around 1 year ago is still in good condition. Besides the shoes, other sports products are good too, for example the badminton rackets and soccer balls are all made with some of the finest material, some even designed in the way world class athlete uses. Although it's not the best but definitely comparable to other brands like Nike and Adidas.

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Comfortable, Stylish and Durable.

When I step into a Converse store, I'm always spoilt for choice. They have an extensive range of sneakers! When I got my first pair of Converse shoes, I felt really satisfied with it because of three main reasons.

One, it was a really stylish pair of shoes and some of my friends wanted to buy the same pair that I bought! Secondly, my first pair of Converse shoes really lasted me for a long time. It lasted for about 3-4 years. And the thing was that I always wore them whenever I went out. Third, I got my pair when they were having a sale! Which makes my first pair really worth it! Comfort, Stylish and durable. What more could I ask for?

Since then, I have bought another 3 pairs of shoes from Converse! They were having a sale then. Be sure to get a pair of kicks from them especially when they are having a clearance sale or during the Great Singapore Sale!

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Great sneakers

When I think of sneakers, I think of Converse. The two are inseparable. Converse sneakers are well known to be durable and stylish at the same time, perfect if one loves comfort. I bought my first Converse sneakers when I was 12 at the Junction8 outlet, and it has lasted me for a good 5 years. They are definitely wardrobe essentials, especially for teenagers or avid shoppers who spend long hours shopping and walking. The classic black ankle-cut sneakers go best with a denim short skirt, or with denim jeans, great for a casual look. Converse has certainly taken sneakers to a whole new level.

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