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Charles & Keith, a fashionable shoe brand from Singapore was launched in 1996. Dedicated to trendy shoppers, Charles & Keith develops a distinctive line of fashion forward designs that cater to market sentiments in fast velocity.

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Nice Bags

They have really pretty bags, but a little overpriced. Used to go to Charles and Keith to always buy shoes, but I realised that recently, their shoes are becoming harder/ harsher on the feet. So I have swapped stores.

Their bags are becoming prettier and prettier, but this also comes with a higher price tag, so it really depends on what you want.

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Quality shoes

Charles and Keith is where I head to when I'm urgently in a need of a pair of heels, even if they are sky high. I love the comfort their shoes offer as well as its durability! Shoes tend to feel comfy at the start but gives you problems after prolonged wearing. That's not the case for shoes bought here!

It's exactly how it is when you first try them at the store. The prices of shoes vary quite a bit depending on the type you're getting but I've also found their factory outlet located at Anchorpoint which sells some of their past season's footwear at a much cheaper rate. Sales of up to 70% can be found there!

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Comfortable but rather expensive

I got a pair of wedges from here for a party. Even without insoles, they were perfectly comfortable for wearing. They cost nearly $70, a rather hefty price tag for a pair of shoes. The materials are of relatively better quality, however, so the price tag is to some extent justifiable.

The staff is very polite and they don't mind when you try on lots of shoes in succession. They're even willing to help recommend things to you. The packaging is also quite high-quality so you can reuse it several times. Although people do mention it's becoming a tourist trap, I think this is definitely a great local brand that sells quality products.

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Slippery Slope Down

Charles & Keith USED to be the best go-to local brand. In terms of style, comfort, and price. They were all encompassing. It WAS so.

These days, comfort has deteriorated by quite a bit. I know it's normal for shoes, especially new ones, to "cut" and "bite" your feet, but their shoes nowadays are getting bad. It doesn't apply to every single shoe of course. There's still the occasional gem you find that entails both design and comfort and price.

Speaking of price, it does come across rather pricey - for lack of a better word. I personally will only really purchase from them when at the outlet store at Anchor Point.

They do offer decent office shoes, and it is still a nice store to patronise once in a while. Just perhaps, not a go-to.

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basic office shoes (pumps, court shoes, etc)
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most promising brand in local fashion

I am very proud of Charles & Keith for achieving so much in such a short span of time. LVMH has a small percentage in this brand and it's main purpose is to help C&K expand into new markets in the next few years. I have read reports that they will open 100 stores in China in the next 2 years.

Being a home grown brand that started selling really cheap and affordable shoes, today, they are very famous in the region and many locals might not know this, this brand is THE brand to buy for Thai people when they come to Singapore. Singaporeans go to paris for their Chanel and their Hermes, Thai people come here for C&K. (They pronounce it Child & Kid) Many of them hit the stores when the tour bus unleash them in orchard and they all have a discount card like true blue locals. Also, our prices here are at least 30-50% cheaper than in Thailand so this is kinda high class overseas.

I think C&K should however improve on their quality and be more original in their designs. If you follow some fashion, you will know they rip off all the big brands in terms of design. Quality will also help them go a longer way but of course that comes with price. I will never buy cheap shoes because you end up paying for medical fees when you are older.

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cheap shoes
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Chic shoes but hefty prices

I usually only head to Charles & Keith when my cheaper shoe options like Mondo turn out to be a futile search for me. Charles & Keith is a slightly more upmarket brand, with prices coming up to $70+ or $80+ for a pair of shoes.

The wedges at Charles & Keith are pretty in trend, but some of their flats seem like they have a cause for being boring, and are slightly more suited for the working crowd. Charles & Keith also retails seasonal bags, which seem like they're durable enough to last.

I wouldn't exactly recommend their wallets though. The wallets at Charles & Keith generally cost up to $30+ or $40+, which is a pretty reasonable price for female long wallets, and certainly a cheaper option as compared to other brands like Topshop or River Island. However, their wallets don't seem very durable, and can wear out easily after only a few months of carry. I have a friend whose Charles & Keith wallet spoilt after merely four months, and as compared to paying $30+ for a wallet that does not last long, I would rather fork out more money to own a more durable wallet.

Charles & Keith has also been steadily increasing the prices of their shoes. I remember a time when shoes could be purchased at no more than $40, but that no longer seems to be the case, as the shoe brand has gone significantly upmarket. Perhaps a little overpriced for a local brand, but if you're willing to pay for durable shoes, Charles & Keith could be the brand for you.

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No longer waste $ on this brand

I still remember that Charles & Keith used to be so much more affordable during my school days when they are still selling their heels at S$29.90. Nowadays, any pair of their heels will easily fetch S$49.90 which is really overpriced. Their so-called leather material is not comfy, their heels always ‘bite’ my feet and their service staffs are rude and showed the least interest in doing your business.

If I were to pay S$49.90+ for a pair of heels from local brand, I would rather top up another 20bucks for a much more reputable international brand which can guarantee comfort and more durable. Their shoes designs are either too extreme or too plain. I just cannot find another pair to my likings anymore. Even their bags seem overpriced. I mean why pay S$50+ for a normal brand bag when you can definitely get something cheaper elsewhere if you are not looking for prestige?

No doubt Charles & Keith has grown from a rented office to owning one whole building of their own and still remains one of Singapore promising entrepreneur.

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A Marvelous wonderland!

What did the trick for me is how they design their shoes. I bought my favourite shoes there a year ago and till now it still has a long and lasting impression on me. They always seem to have a theme for their shoes’ design and last year it looked like a lady gaga’s theme to me. The pair of shoes that I bought seems to come straight out of Lady Gaga’s closet.
It is also priced reasonably, and lasted for more than a year. They seem to have shoes for every occasion too, from prom to professional to daily wear, all designed with some theme in mind. It is truly a wonderland of shoes!

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Hard and painful

I have heard from friends raving over Charles & Keith's pumps and heels. Charles & Keith has expanded and improved their designs as compared to years ago. However, I still can't bring myself to purchase another pair of shoes from them.

The back of their pumps are really hard and it cuts deeply into my feet, leaving my feet with sore, painful blisters. Their heels are worse. I can barely wear the heels for more than 1 hour without screaming in pain. I have heard from friends who feel that Charles & Keith's shoes are extremely comfortable and have never given them any problem. I guess it's my feet which are not suited for Charles & Keith's shoes then.

However, I must applaud them for improving the designs of their shoes as well as bringing in bags and shades to complete the look.

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For people with small feet!

Sometimes its hard to find a suitable shoe with the right size, because my feet are really small. However, when I shop at Charles and Keith, there will always be a size just for me! Many of their shoes are also comfortable to wear out, like shopping for instance. I'm coveting one of their boots for Christmas currently. I've tried them once and it was easy to put on and walk around with. Plus, it's way cheaper than similar boots from other shops.

I feel that only their shoes appeal to me. Charles and Keith also sells bags, wallets and clutches which I don't really like as much. Their sunglasses are also quite common and easy to find in other shops, where prices are cheaper.

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