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Listing created by poppy on April 21, 2012    

An upscale "all you care to eat" international seafood and sushi buffet restaurant, TODAI offers an assortment of quality food and services. Todai also features signature dishes that are served year round, from snow crab legs to green mussels to cocktail shrimps. Hot entrees selections include international dishes that are commonly served in Korea, Japan, China, Singapore and many more.

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A Place to Avoid

Early this year, we went for a company celebration at this buffet restaurant. This place was chosen as we had around 100 people attending. Before going for the buffet, I had a quick look at the online reviews but was still very disappointed with the food served there.

What do customers expect from a buffet? Seafood. When we went to the fresh seafood section, there's a lot of crab legs but not even 1 prawn. As for other seafood like mussels, oyster and scallops, they were few and miserably very small.This already caused me to lose half my appetite even though the crab legs are very fresh and there's wide selection of sushi.

As for cooked food, there's also a wide selection but they didn't look appetizing enough to me.
Some of my colleagues did enjoy the cooked meat though. I tried some Korean snacks like pancake and spicy rice cakes. The pancake tasted OK but spicy rice cake was cold.

What's redeemable will be side dishes like steamed egg, which take a long while to refill, and variety of cakes. Something fun will be fondue and ice cream which you had to squeeze yourself from the machine.

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Crab Legs
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Just another one

A while back I was at Todai with my extended family for a gathering. It was a generally uncomfortable experience, and not just because of the probing questions of the elders. When I first stepped in, I was stunned by the sheer amount of food but remember, quality, not quantity.

Despite the wide array of cuisines, the only one that was worth going seconds for was the Japanese island of seafood. The snow crabs looked like they'd been left there in a pile for quite a while and I was hesitant to try it but eventually I did. It was passable. The sashimi was the most easily "sold out" so if there's any while you're there: take it!

The beverage counter was the most displeasing sight. There were used cups that were left on the bench top and spilled coca cola dripping from the edge of the table. I assure you, the few trips I made to that area was forced.

If you want your money's worth, stay at the Japanese buffet!

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Japanese cuisine
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(Updated: January 21, 2013)

Satisfying indeed!

Todai's definitely a great place for family gatherings or catching up session with friends. Having been there several times, I really enjoyed the overall lavish and self-indulging ambience of the restaurant.

The restaurant offers a wide spread of cuisines - Japanese, Korean, Western and Chinese. You'll be so spoilt for choice! Great place to enjoy quality in the lap of luxury. What more can you ask for?

The MUST-TRYS are the chili crab, Alaskan snow crabs (fresh and juicy), smoked duck, sashimi and pork belly!

Overall, the place is recommended for its quality food and "once in a blue moon" gratifying dining experience.

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Despite the food poisoning incidents, my colleagues finally decided to head to Todai for our annual team dinner. It being a treat from our bosses was a plus!

When I first stepped in, the first thing i saw was the tower of macaroons. Macaroons are the love of my life! But their macaroons all tasted the same and got quite disgusting after awhile. Then moving on, we passed by the huge selection of crabs, sushi, and many other cuisines. We were all spoilt for choice but decided to start with crabs first. The crabs were really fresh and the chilli crab was the bomb. The sauce was spicy enough and the crab was cooked nicely.

I was determined to try every single thing there from pizza to dessert, but failed terribly on my mission. I was so full by the end of my third round I decided to skip to dessert. I may visit Todai once again in the future, but only when there's a special occasion.

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Weekday dinner

I had my company celebration dinner a few months ago in Todai. It was my second time in the restaurant but a first time for many of my colleagues. I liked this restaurant because of the selections of food available. There was Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Western and lots more. A lot of my colleagues went for the crab legs, I personally did not try any of those. I went for multiple helpings of the escargot. When I told my colleagues I was eating snails, many dared not try. The other section I liked was the churrasco section, the mushroom was very nice. A healthy choice amidst all the meat.

I also liked the deserts selection. The banana chocolate cake is a must try. There was also a desert item in a cup. In the cup, there is some pearly balls. When you bite into these balls, there is some juice inside. It is fun to eat. Most of my colleagues took more than one cup.

There was a magician going around the tables that night and seeing that we had a lot of people, the magician stayed quite some time at our table. We were amazed at the tricks he performed. Even at such close proximity, we were not able to tell how he made the tricks happened. We thought he was an amateur and should be easy to see through his tricks.

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Not really worth the money.

I've actually been here several times more because I enjoy the ambience. It's a nice place to have a meal with friends or family and just sit back and catch up. However, the student price for this buffet is at least 60 or 70 dollars, which is rather steep for a junior college student like me.

Food wise, this place serves quantity rather than quality. The sashimi is not entirely fresh but the sushi spread is good. Dessert is plenty too, with a wide variety available for your eating pleasure. I would most certainly go back there only if the price is lowered, but at its current price and poor service, I actually may not go back there ever.

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(Updated: December 04, 2012)

A luxury that has its alternatives

A personal opinion on this buffet is that it is simply too expensive. I am going to have a pragmatic take on this as most Singaporeans would. I am a girl whose appetite is of rather limited capacity, I figured that even if I were to only eat the most expensive food (e.g. Sashimi and crabs) I would still be making a lose, already taking into consideration that this is at Marina Bay Sands which hence lends it a certain amount of prestige.

I might decide to forgive them if the quality is indeed top notch, but this is not the case. Most dishes were simply average save for perhaps the oysters and Sashimi which were rather fresh. Maybe I would come here if I would like to indulge myself, although I would far prefer to indulge in the neighbouring celebrity restaurants with the same amount of money, but other than that, I am going elsewhere for my buffets.

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for sashimi lovers

I have been to Todai many times, both with friends and family. The number one food here for me is sashimi because as many people know, when you go to a buffet that has sashimi, it is cut and placed at a tray in front of the chefs for you to pick from. However, at Todai, if you request a particular part of the fish, they can cut it for you immediately. As i love to eat the fatty parts of salmon, that has always been my request to them and they often happily oblige. In fact, they gave me a super big plate!

Todai also has other selections of food, from local delights to pizza in the italian section. It makes for great variety in choices and the service is pretty good! I dined in the Chicago room once and it felt really exclusive!

One thing to expect is : the crazy rush for the chilli crab!
Occasionally, chilli crab is served and there is a MAD rush for it. Literally! People will "chiong" for it and there will be a queue! So go ahead and try to win the best part of the crab!

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Great ambience and food

This restaurant looked good but the ambience was a little too noisy for me. The place was huge but they had put in too many tables that I felt that there was a little bit of over crowding. Okay, now that I've got that aside, I would like to say that the seafood that they serve is fresh and good.

However, I would say that for the price you are paying, it was a buffet that got me bored really quickly. After getting up to get food twice, it felt like there was nothing much at the buffet counters that I felt like trying. Basically, everyone that was dining there just kept "attacking" the fresh seafood buffet counter and few touched the cooked food section.

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No wow power

Seriously,when my HR manager told me that we were heading to Todai for a buffet, I thought that we were going to have Indian cuisine! The name of the restaurant doesn't really appeal to people and I find it a little unattractive, or maybe it's just me?

Anyway, the buffet spread here was quite lacking as our expectations of it was quite high due to the fact that it is located in MBS. (Oh we judgmental humans!) For $64++ a person on a weekend dinner, we should be expecting at least a 5 star buffet standard right? We were a big bunch because we went as a company but guess what, due to overwhelming response, the 30/25 of us were made to squeeze like sardines. It was so troublesome that when one of us wants to stand up to go and get our food, ALL of us had to stand up. The tedious action made us lose our appetites eventually.

The menu consists of the usual international buffet spread and there was a sushi spread as well but it was kept to a minimal, like there was nothing astounding about the taste of their sushi.

It didn't help that we experienced a black out during our dinner and it took them like 5 minutes to fix it. The seafood spread was acceptable but nothing to rave about. I ended with eating a lot of desserts because their creme brulee won me over! Also, their escargots were a winner.

I left the restaurant with an overdose of creme brulee and escargots. Weird combination I know, but those 2 were the simply unforgettable duo.

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