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Brazil Churrascaria

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14 Sixth Avenue Singapore 276476
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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 13, 2012    

A haven for meat loves that provides customers with barbequed meat in unlimited quantities at a churrascaria.

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6pm - 1030pm


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(Updated: April 05, 2013)

3 tons of flesh

I have a several enjoyable experience dining at Brazil Churascaria at Sixth Ave. It is basically a place for you to sit down with a few friends and gorge yourself silly with meat, meat and more meat!
The waiter walks all over the restaurant with huge chunks of meat - chicken, beef, pork - and they sliced generous pieces straight onto your plate. You can ask for more, of course, but usually it's not necessary because they literally come to you and make you eat. It's like they cannot stand empty plates.

I love to eat the grilled pineapple. After grilling the pineapple is not so acidic, and it is a great refreshment of taste, temporary away from all the meat. Besides the pineapple, there is also a salad bar in the middle of the restaurant and you can help yourself to all you can eat.

My personal favourite is the ribs and sausage. For $40+ it's worth its while.

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eat all you can
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Authentic and Great Atmosphere

This is a great place to come with your friends if you are all meat lovers. It is quite delightful watching the waiters go around with the huge slabs of meat on skewers as they carve pieces onto customer’s plates. Try a little bit of each type of meat to find the one you like, then go for the big slab!

I remember trying all the different sausages and it was such an interesting experience. Although I am not a meat-lover, I really enjoyed myself in the atmosphere and setting of the restaurant as it was very brazillian style and authentic.

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(Updated: October 26, 2012)

Awesome place to get addicted to!!

One word: Awesome!!

I've eaten there twice already, once at Sixth Avenue and the other time at Marina Bay Sands. Both times, I enjoyed myself tremendously and came away full to the brim. The waiters here walk around with various meats on skewers and carve out large portions onto your plate. you'll be spoilt for choice like I was! All cuts of chicken, lamb, beef, pork and fish are available. Oh, and not forgetting their unique toasted pineapple which is something other-worldly!

Their salad bar is also interesting, with unique Latin American foods sitting there temptingly. My advice: Come here on an empty stomach. It's worth it.

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