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Bagus Cafe, located at Resorts World Sentosa, offers the employees there an all-you-can-eat dining experience at the affordable price of $4. 

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With its dim interior and not-so-spotless chairs and tables, Bagus does not provide the most appetizing dining experience.

Enter around 4:30pm and you'll find workers just sitting around, finishing up a late lunch or an early dinner. Pay $4 at the counter and you will be able to enter the buffet area, where you will receive a plate, which you can fill up with as much food as you want. Grab some pasta or rice - I'll stick with the rice, the last time, they gave me uncooked pasta that was hard as stones - and then head to the friendly Malay auntie to fill up your plate with some chicken and broccoli. Then head over to the "nasi lemak" place, where they will give you the ingredients of nasi lemak - eggs, otah, cucumber, ikan bilis and chili. Find a place to sit down and try your hardest to enjoy your meal.

The food there isn't amazing, that's for sure, but I was with fantastic company, so that made up for it. Just go with a few interesting, close friends, and I'm sure you'll still have a blast! The company's what makes the experience right?

Oh another thing to note - the place is really hard to find. It's located somewhere in the carpark, near the back door of 7-11.

Just be sure to clean your cutlery and deposit your used cutlery and plates at the correct area.

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