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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on April 15, 2013    

LG offers a wide range of electronic products with the aim of making fellow customers appeased. Hence, LG moulds itself via it's motto and acronym definition, Life's Good. LG thrives with it's innovative televisions, air conditions, fridges and other basic appliances. The price range is affordable too when it comes to LG. LG products are sold at Courts, Best Denki and Harvey Norman. LG mobile phones are also sold separately at Starhub, Singtel and M1. 

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I'm rather undecided about LG. Although I have never personally used an LG phone or product for that matter, the people around me who have done so have always given me negative reviews. They complain of laggy phones and ugly user interfaces and totally not worth the price. I don't have a very good impression of LG because they have never come up with any killer products as compared to competitors like Apple and Samsung.

However, they have recently come up with a revolutionary phone called the G Flex, which is touted as a flexible smartphone that has a bendable screen. I must admit that I'm actually incredibly tempted to get that because it lies within my phone budget and this flexible phone is quite an interesting concept. Reviews have been positive so far and this phone is probably one of LG's best releases of late.

Still sitting on the fence regarding LG. But I am more inclined to say that experience beats one-time novelties and hence, I will probably have to give LG a miss because I just don't have that confidence in their products. Perhaps this will change in the future but as of now, just no.

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Life's good. I've so far used an LG phone once. Comparing to the other brands, this was much sleeker and lighter, however, it really pales in comparison in the sense of durability. LG phones are known to be less durable and the ones that do not carry much value unlike Nokia and apple so not many want to hold one.

My LG phone, i remember, was just a small one inch thick cuboid piece of plastic with a small screen and keypad, just right for my usage at such a young age. The interface was very much different from the rest, changing to this platform would definitely need some adjusting too. There are its pros and cons, but in my opinion, I still am not a great fan of LG's phones.

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Never really seemed to get the hang of LG products. They just don't feel very user-friendly and aesthetically appealing. My family owns a LG television and it slows down and lags after a while. I can't watch a show without experiencing. The quality is ok la but I suggest other electronic brands. I think LG is pretty much out of technological fashion in 2013.

My sister used to own an LG phone before and she doesn't like it. The touchscreen was bad and the responsiveness slow. All in all, LG is not the electronic brand I would go for at all.

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