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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 07, 2013    

Alvin Pang was named 2005 Young Artist of the Year (Literature) by the National Arts Council Singapore. He holds a First Class Honours degree in English literature from the University of York and an Honorary Fellowship in Writing from the University of Iowa's International Writing Program. 


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The only local author I know

I bought a single book from The Shop @ Arts House.

It was "What gives us our names" by Alvin Pang.

It was one of the books I looked through intending to put down because it was the thinnest book there and my first thought was "$10! I may as well get the thicker books".

But I read two pages and I was hooked.

He described each trait (eg. Beauty, Purpose, Success) with human characteristics and emotions. He paired them up according to what follows in a very delightful sequence (Failure meets Humility and falls in love) and each story hit home tenderly.

I loved the way he summed up the book with the single quote he started with, filed in a subtle flick into the folder of Congruence, which never struck me as anything important till this book.

I am anxiously waiting for a sequel but ah.

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