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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on February 08, 2014    

Singapore Airshow is Asia's largest and one of the most important aerospace and defence exhibitions in the world. A truly global exhibition where the latest state-of-the-art systems and equipment, together with their related technologies and developments, are displayed by top aerospace companies around the world.

The event also features high-level conferences – the Singapore Airshow Aviation Leadership Summit and the Asia Pacific Security Conference – that attract an unprecedented network of international government and military delegates. The other strategic conferences which will be held during the week of the show are the A*STAR Aerospace Technology Leadership Forum and the Singapore Aerospace Technology & Engineering Conference.

This year's air show would be held at Changi Exhibition Centre from 11-14 Feb

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Oogle at the Planes in the Air

While I have not been to the Air Show personally, after looking at this year's instagram feeds on the recent Air show, it actually made me wonder why I missed such an event. Amidst the throngs of people in the background, I saw friends in the foreground having fun with the candid capture of a plane in the skies. How apt.

Having Photographers as friends on your instagram just makes you wish that you were present for events that you weren't present for. The Air Show was one. My Photographer friend managed to capture top-notch pictures of the Black Knights that came down to the Singapore Air Show this year, despite the little political tiff that Singapore and Indonesia had. They were just stunning - even from the picture, their formation was hypnotic and made me stare at the picture continuously.

It looks like I'll be going for the Air Show next year then.

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well organised but lacking

I attended the RSAF Family Day, held in conjunction with Singapore Airshow 2014 this year at Changi Convention Centre. Quite a solid affair in my opinion. My first impression upon boarding the shuttle bus at Expo MRT was that no effort was spared in sprucing up the event. Decent rotating buses, traffic marshallers contributed by the SAF, and even tour guides on board of the buses who briefed me on what to expect there. Moreover, the ticket has a layout of the entire place, with accompanying gift and food redemption stubs.

I felt that the best thing about the Show is indeed the static display. The main essence of the show, much aircraft ranging from transport planes, business jets to military aircraft and helicopters were on display. It was a really amazing experience to simply pose in front of a gleaming aircraft (which probably came from overseas since I've not seen any of the design used by the Air Force) and take a picture in its majestic shadow. I recommend especially the fighter jets, where one can simply board with the assistant of the pilot and flight crew and experience the conditions RSAF pilots must have felt when piloting the jet.

Other attractions would boil down to the carnival which offers a variety of games. Alternatively, chill out in the awesome air-conditioned RSAF pavilion and look through the gallery which provides an interactive and informative history of the RSAF. Moreover, you get to see neatly parked rows of hundreds of BMWs, with car plates 'Airshow XXX'. This I frowned upon as I did not see what BMWs have to do with the air and hundreds of these cars must have cost millions, a needless extravagance.

If you happen to go, do remember to bring an umbrella and where cooling clothes. Most of the exhibitions and activities are under the hot sun and I had a bad day as I was wearing a shirt and an outer denim shirt.

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