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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

Opened in 1971, Jurong Bird Park is the largest bird park in the world, offering a 20.2-hectare hillside haven for 5,000 birds representing 380 species. Its Heliconia Repository, with 108 heliconia species and cultivars in its collection, is one of the largest in the region. With key attractions such as the Bird Discovery Centre, African Waterfall Aviary, Lory Loft Aviary, Southeast Asian Birds Aviary and the award-winning African Wetlands, the Bird Park attracted close to 900,000 visitors in 2009.

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8.30am - 6pm daily
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$25.00 (Adult) / $16.00 (Child)
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(Updated: April 21, 2013)

Fine Feathered Friends

All I can say is that this park is amazing. On my visit last month, the fun started when we had lunch with some amazing parrots. It blows your mind away to be up close and personal with wild creatures, especially those as beautiful as are on display at the bird park.

This places is supposed to be the largest in the world. Maybe it is. It is certainly huge.

Not all the birds are 'beautiful' and some seem perhaps a little sad cooped up in their 'necessary?' cages. But by and large, with massive walk-in aviaries and amazing bird shows, this place is truly worth a visit.

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(Updated: March 02, 2013)

Foul on Fowls

Jurong Bird Park houses different species of birds ranging from the most common to almost extinct. This is a great educational place especially for growing children. The bird shows are splendid and entertaining. Children will definitely love the birds as they showcase their talents and unique performances. Lory Feeding is something you may not want to miss. Encounter with birds of various kinds is truly a remarkable experience too.

There is an assortment of eateries readily available. Dining with the Birds is most recommended for the best Bird Park explorer. It’s a “one of a kind” dining treat for bird lovers. You might be lucky enough to witness the superb interactive performance while enjoying a delightful meal.

The landscape is very appealing. Lagoons are cooling and relaxing. Perfect for replenishing and recharging energy before moving on to another magnificent view.

However, I would recommend you pay this park a visit on a sunny day. During rainy season, the whole park has a very foul smell. Though the park seem to look well kept and maintained, it still looks and feels filthy on rainy days.

As a whole, Jurong Birk Park is a nice place to go especially on breezy sunny days.

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(Updated: May 29, 2015)

Flyin' High

In 2012, when a friend got me to tag along for an interview as a show presenter at Jurong Bird Park, I thought little of it. In my head, the Bird Park seemed like a faded tourist attraction on its last legs. My next two years there turned my opinion on its head.

The birds I worked with were more than just flying beasts. They had names, they had personalities, they were friends. I remember how a Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot named Bao Bao always sang when any of us trainers walked past and how Peanut, a Blue-and-Gold Macaw, always managed to break out of his cage. They weren't ordinary birds - they were buddies of mine.

I'll always hold a soft spot for the Pelican Encounters, my favourite of the 4 shows at the bird park, which features over 20 pelicans swimming on a glass aquarium. I remember seeing the pelicans snapping at every single fish we threw into the tank. I remember the looks of amazement on the visitors' faces as they observed the feeding pelicans and the excitement when the visitors finally got to feed them. And I remember the rancid smell of fish on my uniform, signalling the end of a hard day's work.

Giving such joy to so many brought about a sense of accomplishment cannot be topped. It was a great two years, and I'm glad I tagged along.

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(Updated: March 04, 2013)

Pay it a visit if you haven't yet

Jurong Bird Park seems to receive by far the least love among the three wildlifre parks in Singapore, behind the universally acclaimed Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. It's really sad to learn that even many Singaporeans have never been to the park before!

We personally love the place, its huge, has tons of variety and its not as crowded as the other two parks. I blame the not so prestigious sounding "Jurong" name for having something to do with it. When Chloe's family came down visiting we jumped at the opportunity to take them there and they loved the place. My favourite part was the African Waterfall Aviary. It was a gigantic netted enclosure with wildlife roaming along its paths. These paths would take you uphill where you could view the "biggest man-made waterfall" in SEA from a top up scenic view or from the close up kodak moment bottom. The penguin feeding was fun to watch too.

They sometimes have groupon promotions running so look out for them!

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African Waterfall Aviary
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I love penguins, then again who doesn't :D From the way they swim to the way they waddle around, I could stare at them for ages. And so as a kid, the bird park (the only in Singapore) was a very enjoyable place to visit with my family (: I heard recently that it is possible to have a 'Dinner with Penguins', where large birthday celebrations or corporate dinners can be held in the Penguin Expedition! Maybe for my birthday next year....with my little tuxedo friends.... :D

Overall I really do love the bird park, it's a great place for both tourists and locals to visit and I think its an ideal place for learning. There's interactive fun where kids can feed the parrots and also little facts about the different species of birds throughout the park which I personally think is a great way for parents and teachers to introduce the concept of wildlife conservation to the little ones (: It's also a lovely place for the elderly to visit with their families in my opinion as it's free and easy most of the time. Never forget the older folks!

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(Updated: January 20, 2013)


Jurong Bird Park is definitely the place for a family outing. Its colourful and exuberant atmosphere makes it a paradise for kids. At specified times, there are performances by the birds and trainers, one of which is the Lory Feeding.

Volunteers are allowed to feed the birds, a good experience for children to overcome their fear for animals.

Another performance which you might not want to miss is the showcase of the bird's talents. Volunteers will be invited to hold rings in the audience panel and birds would fly into the rings. This allows you to come into close contact with birds, a really good experience.

There is no stench or the usual 'animal smell'. Clean and vibrant, it is a good place to relax and interact with birds.

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(Updated: January 11, 2013)

Recommended for the kids

I am not really an "animal person". I prefer humans much more than those undoubtedly still beautiful four, two, legged or sometimes even eight legged creatures. The furry colorful ones that have wings does not attract my attention much either. However, that does not mean Jurong Bird park is not lovely.

I used to work in a day care centre and we brought the kids for a field trip. This hyped them up extremely that even the tram inside the park gives them delight. This place is very educational and a good place to spend some family time. Children are very entertained at the bird show and they tend to appreciate nature much more.

Adults can still find pleasure in here. We are now living in a fast pace society and sometimes, we just need a break from it. This place not just offers a range of beautiful creatures but peace and quiet as well.

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Jurong Bird Park is indeed park-full of birds; there are always shows on amazing birds every time I visit. While the Park is actually very small, there are many spectacular sights that would leave one breathless.

I remember that on all our visits, we would be greeted with sweet flamingos flaunting themselves and seemingly hundreds of different birds flying overhead; you can never get enough of them!

However, be careful of birds’ shit raining down on your head, my grandma had three of them splatter on her arm in equal succession within the first hour of our visit!

It is indeed a colourful place to visit, and packed full of wonderful birds for all bird-lovers out there.

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My children prefer animals to birds

When I brought my children to the bird park, the first birds that we saw were the penguins. They loved seeing the penguins especially during the feeding time. The next section that they liked most must be the birds of the night. There was this section of the bird park where there was a building like a dark room where you can see the different species of owls.

The other part that they enjoyed about the bird park must be the two shows. The birds of prey show was especially impressive with birds of prey flying low over your head. Other than those, I did not think they enjoy seeing the other birds very much.

But I read that there is a new water play area in the bird park like the zoo and also a new bird show. May be I should bring them over to see whether the new additions interest them and entice them to want to visit the bird park more often.

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(Updated: March 02, 2013)

Beware of flying poop

Hey, who wouldn't be scared if poop comes flying by randomly? I had the nasty experience of being bombed by bird poop twice when entering the bird enclosure. Scared of bird poop? My advice? Bring a hat.

Aside from the random unloading of cargo by the feathered creatures, the bird park is great place to go and observe the beauty of nature. The birds are really beautiful, with majestic feathers and elegant beaks. Some common birds like the myna are also in the park. This is interesting because from young, I thought mynas were the baby versions of crows. The park taught me not to be content with my ignorance.

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Interesting but not too often

I visit the Jurong Bird Park every few years. Any more than that would be too repetitive, unless you are an avid bird watcher. Unlike the zoo, all you can see here are birds.

As I space my visit out every few years, there is always something new when I visit. If you can time your visit for one of the less crowded days like a weekday, there are many spots in the park that make you feel like you can be detach from the concrete jungle and just bask in nature.

My last visit there last year with my wife was one such experience.

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I like it

I don't remember that place anymore until I went there recently. The last time I went should be about 20 years ago, I believe I went there before because there's a photograph proving that I went there before, even though I can't remeber clearly.

There's only one conclusion I have after visiting, which is the snacks and drinks there are extremely expensive, I don't mind, but I won't buy either.

I would recommend visitors to bring their umbrella, with UV protection type would be better. I didn't expect the weather change so rapidly, from a cloudy weather to a sunny weather and to raining cats and dogs. So... unpredictable, and that dampens our mood.

Overall, it's a nice experience. :)

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