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Marina South Pier is a public landing point operated by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

Marina South Pier is primarily used by small passenger launches and ferries for the embarkation and disembarkation of passengers, which include ships’ crew, agents and service providers boarding ships anchored in the Eastern Anchorages.

It is also used by sightseers going on harbour cruises or travelling to Singapore’s southern islands, as well as pilgrims travelling to Kusu Island during the annual one-month long Kusu Pilgrimage Season.

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Paddling to nowhere

How can one review a pier? Its main function is as a transit point for a fleet of speedboats that service the hundreds of cargo ships that anchor offshore. The sight of those ships is always impressive especially at night, and from almost any vantage point in Singapore. Truly staggering numbers of small and huge cargo ships of all shapes and sizes.

I remember when I first came to Singapore in the 80s we could take the bum boats out to the ships actually anchoring where the MBS now stands, and sail around them, waving to the crews. Sadly, those carefree days of minimal control are long gone.

Now, to catch a lighter to those ships you need to be crew and one goes through customs and immigration. Goodness, even if you take the ferry over to Kusu and St John's Islands you are checked in and out as well. But then that happens at Changi as well when you sail from the Republic of Singapore to the Sultanate of Ubin? Huh? I jest, of course.

Then of course there is the totally fascinating Mississippi Riverboat. It stands out like a sore thumb, but one that is healing rapidly. It offers a choice of cafes and a function area, and is a destination different enough to assuage even the most jaded and over fed Singaporean palate. I've not yet eaten there but have stopped by for a coffee, and found the experience and the location and ambience quite lovely.

It seems a shame that the boat cannot get up steam and chug off around Singapore for a moonlight dinner cruise. Now that would really be something.

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Visit the Singapore Maritime Gallery at Level 2

Really, the pier is no place for anyone to go to unless you have business there or you may be a ship-spotter, watching ships as a hobby. There are people with such hobbies. Over here, you are very close to the big ships so you get a pretty good view with a decent pair of binoculars or an SLR with a huge zoom lens.

The only place worth visiting for a learning experience and some air-conditioned comfort is the Singapore Maritime Gallery at Level 2.

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Boat restaurant

When I saw the boat restaurant many years ago, I told myself I had to find an excuse to have a meal there at least once. It would be a different dining experience. A few years back, I finally organised a family dinner with my parents and brother in this restaurant.

It was not a very big restaurant and there were not many tables but if you made reservations, it should not be difficult to get a table because when we were there on a weekend, the restaurant was not fully occupied.

I think the pier building itself also had some restaurants and the rooftop had a bar. The rooftop was a nice place and its lighting was romantic, a nice place for a short stroll and enjoy the evening breeze. If I remembered correctly, the parking was per entry so there was no need to rush to exit the car park early.

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Perfect.. no more

A quiet and romantic gem of a place, discovered.

When I first went there a few years ago in the dead of the night, this place was practically deserted. You could feel the sea wind and hear the soothing rhythm of the waves from the rooftop all night without interruptions. The rooftop was lit with blue LED which provides a subtle lighting for you to watch your steps, while not being obtrusive enough to compete with the romantic ambiance created by natural moonlight. It was perfect.

When I returned recently, in the same dead-of-the-night timing I function in, I was horrified to find the whole roof filled with couples and friends. The constant talking aside, one inconsiderate group was even playing music from their phone speakers!

I was very disappointed, to say the least. However, because the environment was so perfect, I'm gonna give the place another chance sometime in the near future. Hopefully, I can find a timing that brings the place back to its former serenity.

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Very quiet and romantic place

I never knew this place ever existed because the Marina Bay area is always under construction and even till now the construction has not stopped. So if my friend did not have a car and brought me around, I would have missed it!

We were there to have dinner on the restaurant-boat so it was night time when we arrived. The place is really serene and there were not much people other than passengers. We were the only visitors then. The sea breeze was refreshing and the sound of clashing waves puts a romantic feel to the whole area.

However, do not go there alone. It is situated near a construction site and the only public transport there were buses. Even so, there was no buses around the whole time I was there.

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