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Listing created by PolarBear on August 06, 2013    

It is a farm that grows cactus and other plants like Strawberries, Roses, Apple & Peach trees, and Orchids.

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Prickly Fun

I think the most interesting part of this farm is the cactuses as the name suggests. There is something that is beautiful about cactuses - they're not just random plants. They are actually really interesting plants that can survive despite little presence of water which makes me think that they're actually very fortunate to have the characteristics that they have. Imagine if I could survive for a few days without any need for water - that would be amazing.

Despite that, the physical appearances for the cactuses that were here were really interesting. They came in different sizes, shapes and colour which made me and my sister observe the cactuses closely. It was almost like a game to us: it was as if we were botanists studying the conditions of the healthy green plants in the aureate sunlight. But of course, if you're interested in cactus like us, don't forget to keep your hands to yourself, because these little plants are fierce with their pricks too!

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The plant lover's dream

When I was young, I liked to dabble in growing plants. I remember the first time I successfully grew a crop (chilli) and sold it at the local wet market to the auntie for $2. It was an immense achievement to be felt indeed. My parents too, shared the same enthusiasm and raised quite a number of plants in the corridor of our HDB block. Hence, Cactus farms become natural hangouts for parents and child.

I especially liked the journeys as most farms are located in the rural parts of Singapore, especially the Kranji area (I would drop by to see the goat farm and buy goat's milk as well). And me and my parents would browse through the variety of plants like a catalogue, and by the end of the day, we'll usually have a few plants and occasionally a mini cactus as our self-declared haul.

I remembered being interested in the concept of greenhouses I saw there, as there are plants such as peaches which require a milder climate than our hot tropical one in order to grow well. Greenhouse technology is really amazing, as to my young self, I got to see a lot of different varieties of plants that could otherwise not have survived in Singapore.

Even though i have since lost much of my original love for vegetation and plants, through my wet, muddy and horrible outfield experiences in the army, I would highly recommend a walk through rural Singapore for the fresh air and the variety of farms to see! It is definitely a good change from the urban world that we wake up in everyday!

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