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Listing created by farshafarsha on April 16, 2012    
Built in the late 1960s, this was the home of Singapore's Customs Police, tasked with watching over the busy harbour. Stunning waterfront views.

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Nightly Nice

It is definitely one of the places to be at night. I was just here days ago while exploring the area near my workplace. While this place may seem to be rather stoic and boring in the day with its pristine and white exterior, in the night it stands strong and firm against the setting sun, especially when the eateries and little cafes (or bars) start to open when the sun sets.

That's when the night begins - or rather, that's when the fun begins.

With the presence of chill out bars that are just situated near the customs house makes it the place to hang out for a chat with friends. The atmosphere is just perfect for a drink or two while catching up with someone that wants to just destress after a hard day's work.

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Great View & Dining

Customs house boasts a stunning view of the waterfront and of Marina Bay Sands. It’s beautiful at night, and you can watch bits of the laser show from there.

Aside from the stunning view, there are quite a few eateries along the stretch of customs house, including a Thai restaurant, an Italian restaurant, an Oyster bar, and a Cuban Restaurant. I’ve had the opportunity to try Nueva Cuba, the Cuban restaurant at Customs House. It has a great selection of food and drinks, with live Cuban music at night. For drinks, I’d recommend their Apple Lychee Martini: a sweet drink that packs a punch, and their Sangria, which is strong yet flavourful. For mains, I would recommend the Salmon, which is cooked perfectly and served with really tasty rice.

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