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Bollywood Veggies is a sanctuary set in the rustic environment of the northwest Kranji Countryside. It is home to a ten acre farm, restaurant and food museum.

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Larger than life

Bollywood Veges. I never thought I would want to go there till I met Ivy. Something associated with one as large as life as that feisty and amazing lady was worth visiting. So I did.

I turned up (having walked from Kranji) drenched in perspiration (so what else did you expect?). I met Ivy and we chatted. I had a look round. Indeed, the whole ambience is one that says: laid back, rural but don't mess with the mother!. It must be famous. A TV crew were shooting a scene where two 'stars' (sic) where trilling their way in with delight and joy and so on. They shot the scene a few times. Maybe it was too hot for real enthusiasm?

They should have looked around the farm. From the lovely ponds and gardens around the entrance to Poison Ivy's bistro to the acres of plants, it is quite an experience. I was reminded of a child in school reportedly asked a question: where do peas come from?

His answer: a can. Bring him to Bolloywood immediately! (Of course, I saw no peas, but they may be there. I'll ask Anthony Hopkins next time I meet him...)

Did I stay to eat? To my surprise, even though it was 1.30 on a hot Tuesday afternoon, the bistro was busy. As I was dripping, I declined Ivy' invitation to have a munch. I threatened to return.

I will, with reinforcements.

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Take a dance down the greens of Bollywoods....

Bollywood is a love-hate affair for me. I had my most “memorable” filming woes here due to our film production and technical difficulties. The owners of Bollywood were really kind to lend out the area without location fees.

Therefore we had the luxury to head out to all areas of the farm to take our scenes. That was the part I love. It’s nature for goodness sake. A serious deprivation in Singapore. And I'm able to spend a considerable amount of time there!

We were helped along the way by a very happy gardener, whom we took lots of photos with as appreciation. Our bonuses for lunch were cooked potato leaves and fig tree drinks offered to us.

Maybe the positive moods and laidback lifestyle are largely due to keeping close to nature. Walk into that labyrinth of greens and shutting off from the bustle of a city will be a therapeutic experience to reencounter the wonders of life once again.

The farm has no specific concept to what is grown or built in its farm. Every icon is random and changing. If you would like to shoot a romantic film scene depicting Taiwan landscape that is probably the best mocked up place to cheat.

A little more info on the owners: Ivy is a retired national netball coach and resides in a big house within her farm. Two great Danes guard her house but be rest assured that you are out of reach, as they will be staring at you from the other side of the brook.

Try their Potato leaves, Nasi Lemak and Fig Tree Drink!

$2 per entrance fee to stroll around their farm.

They will be shuttle buses from Choa Chu Kang.

Note that there’ll be difficulty hailing for Taxis.

*Just around the corner of Bollywood Veggies are the Kranji Chalets. Check it out since you are already at Neo Tiew Road.

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The first time I came here was for a Project Work interview (tragic, I know, because this place is such a gem in the urban jungle we call home).

The owner is a really nice lady (with some anti-establishment views worth a listen, even if you don't completely agree with them - I didn't, but I understood where she was coming from) who treated my entire group to food at the restaurant onsite. I suppose you may not get some privileges, unless you masquerade yourselves as PW students seeking an interview too, which would be quite a hassle - asking for an interview through email, providing a letter with a formal letterhead, but the food is good enough to pay for yourselves!

The farm certainly was a breath of fresh air, even if it is in a really far-flung location from the rest of the island. It is bursting forth with old-school kampung charm you rarely see on this island anymore, with HDB block after HDB block and shopping mall after shopping mall. It is a refreshing change from all the concrete, with a vernal and quite unfamiliar quality of... wear, I suppose. It isn't the most polished place around.

Be warned, the insects here are quite killer (and possibly unfed, considering the number of visitors I counted there on a weekend). I left with rather many bites. As long as you're armed with antihistamines and a topped-up EZLink card, you should be good to go!

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A family-friendly, unique experience!

This tiny, highly urbanised island bustling with over six million people can get really claustrophobic sometimes. That's why I highly recommend a visit to Bollywood Veggies - on the outskirts of the city, this small vegetable farm is a quick, lovely getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also a great place to bring kids to, to encourage them to eat their veggies and see what goes on behind farming them!

The in-house cafe serves a range of healthy dishes, many of which utilize ingredients freshly harvested from the farm itself! Although the food may appear humble at first, like a simple dish of kang kong I had, they're surprisingly flavourful, and worth the price. Do visit!

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Get in touch with the green side of Singapore.

I had gone to Bollywood Veggies as part of an educational learning trip for a university biology module, hence we had Tony, also known as Anthony, as a guide around the farm. Of course they do cater to other groups and welcome walk-in patrons, so you will definitely find suitable to do here.

Bollywood Veggies would probably one of the places I would recommend parents if they are organizing a family outing for their children during the school holidays. Of course, being an organic farm, try not to bring along insect repellent sprays as you may upset the ecological balance at the farm. For mosquito-repelling purposes, a bit of lemongrass will do the trick, as explained by our Tony. I reckon that this farm will be a good place for family bonding as you explore the farm together and learn along the way, with or without a guide. If you happen to be there on a hot and sunny day, do remember to sufficiently hydrate yourself.

Hot and hungry? No worries, for you can make a trip to the in-house bistro, Poison Ivy, which serves cooling drinks, snacks and even main courses! We had the fig tea, and it gave us the much needed refreshing kick after walking around the farm for at least an hour. Along the way, you might meet some of their in-house dogs roaming around, but they are quite friendly, so there is no need to start panicking and running away.

If you are looking to get away from the bustling city areas and overcrowded attractions, this might just be the place for you. Parking here is free, and there is a shuttle bus service available from Kranji MRT Station. However, there is no direct public bus services nearby and it will be hard to flag taxis here, so do take note!

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experience life on a farm in singapore

My trip to Bollywood Veggies was a memorable one. It was a school organized trip, where we personally met the owner of the farm, Ivy Singh. A strong, independent woman was the impression I got of her.

The rustic environment makes one hard to remember that we live in Singapore, a busy city bustling with life. It is definitely recommended to visit for a taste of the organic, and reconnect with nature. There is also a Poison Ivy Bistro- don't worry, they don't actually serve you poison ivy, it is in fact named after Ivy Singh, where one can have a taste of the local produce. However, it is not for non-chilli lovers(such as myself) as most of the food served is relatively spicy.

I also managed to tour the surroundings, and perhaps my most favourite plant is the aloe vera- consumption aside, it is cooling to the skin and good for soothing mosquito bites(as per common knowledge). Do apply loads of insect repellent and have a good sunhat handy! (:

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Back to the kampong

I will visit this place when i want to be close to the nature and away from the hustle. Poison Ivy Bistro is serenely located adjacent to Bollywood Veggies in the Kranji countryside enclave. It is a deep drive into the remote area, but definitely worth the distance.

Make yourself comfortable in the rustic, homely indoors and enjoy air-conditioning after a tour around the beguiling farm. The bistro turns into a boisterous atmosphere as soon as groups of family stream in. The crowd is especially overwhelming on weekends!

The food and drinks are delicious and healthy. My favourite is the Moringa Tempura. Moringa leaves are lightly coated with chickpea flour, and deep-fried to an exceedingly crunchy texture. Highly addictive, I warn you. It is my favourite item on the platter –and it is green! You would be expecting a whole lot of greens on your plates when you’re at a bistro that is situated amongst the gardening terrain. But carnivores are certainly not short-changed at Poison Ivy. In fact, there are more meat dishes on the menu than the actual greens, well complemented by farm-fresh ingredients in the cooking process.

Poison Ivy is an absolute gem, with affordable and delectable fare. Harvesting their own crops definitely gives Poison Ivy an edge over many restaurants that claim to embrace the freshest of ingredients. It doesn’t get any fresher than this!

Despite its rural location, the establishment is squeaky clean, supplementing the warm and friendly service for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Break away from the hectic city life and expose yourself to a diverse range of unique creations from the kitchen.

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A Different Side Of Singapore!

Bollywood Veggies is a must go place for all people who want to take a break from all the hustle and bustle from the city. For those who want to get to there, there's a shuttle bus service at Kranji MRT station that leaves hourly.

My experience at Bollywood Veggies was amazing! Let's start with the food. Be sure to try out their "warrior's chicken curry" as it's their speciality and it didn't disappoint me. From what the waitress told me, most of the ingredients used are grown in the farm itself. They even have vegetarian food. I had their potato and carrot masala and it tasted great! Do not that not all items on the menu are available everyday.

After a sumptuous meal at the bistro, I was given a tour around the farm. It was an amazing experience because of the many different types of fruits and vegetables that were there. The founder of the place, Ivy Singh-Lim even let me taste one of their home grown bananas. It was really amazing to see a different side of Singapore!

Be sure to check this place out when you have the time! Cheers!

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