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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 20, 2012    

The world's first wildlife park built for visits at night. You can either sit on the Tram that goes round the park and get up close with the animals in a fence less environment or walk on one of the trails on your own. Catch the exciting shows such as the popular Creatures of the Night Show.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
7.30pm to 12am daily
Entrance Fees:
Admission + Tram
Adult S$32.00
Child (3 to 12 years old) S$21.00*

* Admission for child below 3 years old is free. School groups are to pre-register with the Education department.
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A little night music

I could end this review in one word: Go! Each time I have been I have been to the Night Safari I have been amazed. Each time I have done the tram tour I have seen something different. There always seems to be something new happening there, or at least something you did not see the first time you went.

Add to the fact that you are there in the relative cool of a tropical evening, and you have a recipe for delight.

I have paid several visits over the years and taken friend there. None have ever expressed disappointment. Never.

You will not be disappointed. I’m not sure if this is the world’s first. It is certainly the world’s best.

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Sad Experience

I am always excited at the prospects of going to the Night Safari as I absolutely love animals, especially wildcats and mousedeer! However, when I go to the Night Safari, I am always prepared not to see anything at all.

Just last year in December I went with my friend using free tickets we got from some friends who participated in the annual Zoo Run. There was supposed to be a mystical magical event thing going on, so we picked a date when the event was on to go. BUT when we got there at around 6pm, the queue to go in was so inexplicably long there was no way to get in at all! This was terribly unexpected as we certainly did not think so many people would be here on a weekday. Everyone was just queuing up and no one was able to go in!

After asking around we found out that they had already let one batch of people in and it was too crowded inside so they were not letting others in anymore. Terribly disappointing after coming here all the way from the east! I feel even worse for those foreigners on holiday who had planned their schedule just for this only to be unable to enter. I think they should come up with a system to inform people via facebook updates on their page or some other method online so people would not waste their time coming all the way down or queuing expectantly to enter.

Eventually my friend and I decided not to waste our time and we came back on another day instead, this time, two hours before the opening timing. We managed to get in but we did not see any displays for the event apart from a few lanterns and banners. A great disappointment. There was no atmosphere or ambience whatsoever and we barely even saw a scratch of animals because they were mostly hidden. While I expected this part, I did not expect to see such SPARSE decorations for the so-called event.

I still want to be supportive of Night Safari though, being the first ever night zoo and I understand how hard it could be to maintain animal enclosures. However, if they are going to promise something, they must at least deliver or don’t suggest at all.

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An interesting experience

Headed to Night Safari on what would otherwise have been a boring Saturday night, and I sure am glad I made that decision. We were lazy to walk and hence decided to go on the tram tour, which I suppose was the right choice to make since there was a guide to point out and give a brief explanation on the animals as the tram went past their habitats.

Apart from the usual tigers and lions you see in the zoo, the Night Safari has a lot more interesting nocturnal creatures that I've never seen before and it was truly an eye-opener for an animal lover like me. However, it might be quite a strain on the eyes to spot some of the animals due to the fact that everything is pretty dark and lightings in and around the animals' habitats are sparse (so as not to disrupt the animals' living conditions I guess?).

Thoroughly enjoyed the fire-eating and blowpipe displays as well - they aren't just performers, they're entertainers as well! Kudos to them for the effort made to engage the audience, such that the show wasn't a boring one in which they were only trying to display their skills.

Definitely well worth the money spent!

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Great Cooling Local Attaction at Night!

I went to the Singapore Night Safari in early March this year as i won free entrance tickets. It was my first trip there as all along i presumed the night safari to be an attraction where it is in darkness and you can "only see the eyes of the animals" .. HAHA ... obviously i was wrong! I love the cool breeze as one walk along the trails at night. It was such a natural sensation (though man-made).

The tram ride was the first thing one should take upon arrival at the safari. The ride gives one an overview of the whole attraction. Try to take note of the timing of the performances which were interesting as i remembered they asked some participants from the audience to come forth - simple hilarious. The only thing i regretted was that i arrive at the safari rather late. In addition, I missed the bus to the Night Safari and the next bus was about half an hr later.

I recommend anyone going there to arrive early (probably around 6pm) as that will give you enough time to enjoy the night walks, the shows and the tram ride around the whole attraction. Definitely recommend going!!!

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Night Safari was a world apart from civilisation. It felt like a step into an African tribal setting.

The atmosphere was literally successful in creating a jungle-like mood. Since Night Safari only opens at night, one could already feel the nostalgia of the darkness. Accompanied by the fire and wood carvings of big signs (like NIGHT SAFARI), the place was ready made for a night of adventure and fun. The tribal music was playing and there was a fire dance even! 5 minutes into that place and I already felt like i had been sucked into Igbo culture. That feeling was very exciting and an adrenaline rush was not surprising.

The highlights of Night Safari would be the animal show, the night trails and the tramp. The animal show was very well done and established. Creators of the show made use of the night scene and adopted lights for added value in performance. The cute little creatures that were showcased were OH SO adorable and OH SO smart. They deserved all the claps and squeals from the audience at the end of the show. As for the night trails, they are one big interesting attraction. When I went there with my friend, we used a map to walk on the trails and discovered our way around. It was kinda creepy because the insects were making eerie sounds and it was rather dark. Plus, we were alone... However, that was the fun part. Both of us held hands (we were both girls mind you) and grabbed each other tightly as we slowly explored what Mother Earth has provided us. Basically it was an experience. Sigh but it was hard to see some animals though because it was too dim. Now for the tramp, I saved this for the last because the tramp ride was my favourite. It was so Hunger Games Material honestly. It was cold in the tramp and because there was no walking it was rather relaxing also. The tramp led us to many animals and I felt like I could connect to these animals especially since it was night time and they were mostly quite alive. The ride was windy and the smell of the misty air along with some mosquito repellent was surreal. I felt like i was Katniss Everdeen on a ride to my game, that the rough roads and animals was part of the forest battlefield. Call me ridiculous, but Night safari gave me that vibe alright.

Some of the downside of the place would be the F&B. Seriously, they need to maintain with the cost. One can of coke is 4 dollars? This isn't even wartime and I felt like I was buying it on black market. I could not fully enjoy this place ( I'm stingy maybe) without buying things that cost my arms and legs.Yes, ARMS AND LEGS. Plural tense if you please. A coke can is 4 bucks, I don't think I need to elaborate how much a meal there would be. Not that much of a puzzle to realise its pricey.

Despite the hollowness of my wallet after the costly pains, Night Safari was truly remarkable. I'm a proud Singaporean to call Night Safari a 'must-go-ok?' place for tourists. Because for that few hours i was there, It felt like Hawaii or the Islands that have a bonfire at night and people start dance wildly while singing, " Hakuna Matata ".

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Atmosphere will do!
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Blind as a Bat

I must say that the night safari is a very novel concept, kudos to the person who first comes up with the idea. This really sets us apart from the conventional zoos found anywhere else.

However, when I was there a few years ago, I did not get to see many animals. And despite the zoo's claim of the nocturnal animals being 'active' at night, the animals we DID see were lying around looking bored. Almost as bored as me, except I can scoot off to the next enclosure and they can't. Darkness aside, the enclosure was very far from the path we were walking, so your eyes have to be really sharp to catch any movement. My night vision has always been terrible, hence I didn't get to enjoy Night Safari as much as the person next to me. Unless that person happens to be a grandma with thousand degree myopia, which should be fairly common in an attraction targeted at whole families.

Of course, all that may have changed during these past few years. I've been hearing good things about the Night Safari like the Halloween event. Given the standard of our zoo, I believe that they would have improved on the lighting and all that to give the visitor a much better experience than I had.

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Best in the world

Night Safari is an interesting concept which truly sets the Singapore Zoo apart from others around the world. This is far different from the "night safaris" of other zoos around the world which just offer you a chance to walk around the zoo at night. Those that I have been to are disappointing as you cannot really see the animals.

On the other hand, Night Safari is a dedicated zoo specifically designed for visitors to view nocturnal animals in all their glory. The enclosures are designed with the right balance of light so that the animals are not disturbed and yet allowing the visitors to observe them. The many trails and tram routes ensure that you have much to explore and plenty of opportunity to see the animals in their natural state...or close to it.

My family particularly enjoys seeing the free ranging animals during the tram rides. It is amazing to see them so close, at times almost right next to the tram.

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A Gleeful Child in the Dark

The novelty of a night zoo, a night safari as they term it fascinated me as a child. I am sure many of its consistent flow of foreign tourists who enter through those grand gates with fire torches on either side feel the same. A tense of anticipation and clear excitement to the night’s activity ahead.

The first time I visited the famous Night Safari, I was young and the thought of dangerous animals in the dark may have scared me. But I longed to see these nocturnal beasts in their natural state.

My family was amazed by the ever laughing hyenas whose sinister laughter could be heard throughout the vicinity near its enclosure. We constantly questioned ourselves whether the hyenas were laughing at us patrons are at each other.

I discovered the existence of animals such as the adorable Mouse Deer as the Malayan Tapirs.
 With the help of the artificial moonlighting, we were able to view the majestic rhinoceros and were astonished by their size.

Another highlight included the much beloved fishing cat, all the way from the South American forests which I never knew was so diminutive and cute.

Throughout our journey, we hopped onto the convenient tram which brought us around the vicinity with ease.

Every Singaporean as well as any tourist who enters Singapore is highly recommended to spend one night at the Night Safari for an unforgettable experience.

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Zoo is much better

Night Safari sounds very interesting name for an attraction but believe me, there is nothing so thrilling on animals' silhouettes. Yes, the fire show is amazing. Performers are like dragons wearing clothing probably designed by Tarzan.

The night show of animals showcasing their talents to the crowd is amazing too but they never change the "script" or tricks by the animals throughout the years. I know it is a tourist attractions but dont you think that the show is becoming more predictable for locals?

I think that the attractions would be better seen in the morning. Moreover, a closer interaction with the animals rather than the "bus" ride around their haven is much more enticing.

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Not suitable for young children

I brought my children to the Night Safari a few times when they were younger. I felt that it was not suitable for young children especially those that follow strict bed hours. After watching their animal show that started at around 7:30pm, we would then proceed to queue for the tram.

Normally, it would took quite some time to get on the tram especially with young children in tow, you would join the queue later and so would have to wait longer for your tram. By the time we boarded the tram, my children would be sleepy already. People tended to feel more sleepy especially in the low lighting environment like the night safari.

By the time the tram returned to the starting point, my children would be asleep. Even the excitement of seeing animals up close could not keep them awake long enough. So I had to go home. I had never walked around the night safari. May be it was also better for me because I had slight night blindness and cannot see too well in the dark.

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I still prefer the zoo

Compared to the Zoo, the Night Safari doesn't have much to go on about. The few times that I have been there, I don't recall being particularly impressed by anything and I was even slightly bored at some point.

The thing is, it is so dark it's hard to see much and many of the animals are asleep anyway. Either that, or they'd rather not be seen. The only time where you get to really see animals clearly is when you view the nocturnal animals (of course); the rest of the time, on the tram ride, you'd be slightly bored since it's hard to see anything.

I'd say the best part would be the fire show at the entrance of the Night Safari.

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Only the Halloween event at Night Safari is worth it

Night Safari isn't that spectacular to me as I could hardly see most of the animals in the area. Most of the time, I was just trying to watch my step.

However, the Halloween at Night Safari event was truly a great experience. It was really terrifying but nevertheless, a fun-filled night out. My friends and I sat the tram ride where I sacrificially sat as the corner, the place most susceptible to the "horror characters and creatures" that would surprise you from the sides of the pavement. The whole tram was filled with screams and it entered the darker zones where zombies, mummies and other creatures would jump out from the bushes and try to get onto the tram with you. The walk through the Haunted Chinese Museum was the scariest. You walked through a maze like enclosure where ghostly looking characters came out, scary props dropped from the ceiling and you never knew what you would expect at the next corner. I went home feeling terrified but proud of myself for conquering such an experience.

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Best experience throughout the whole journey

The Night Safari is both magical and exciting. It really makes you feel like you really are in a safari but at night! With hardly any visible barriers that seperate the terrifying animals from you. It really is amazing.
My first time to the Night Safari was with my cousins. Upon arrival, we were greeted by a fire show. We sat at a burger restaurant just next to the fire show. We had a wonderful view. As we followed the trails, and took the trams, we managed to watch many different live shows that we lined up.
At my second time to the Night Safari, we missed many shows and trams and ended up walking. In the end, I enjoyed myself still because following the trail by foot created a much more different experience.
Overall, i would conclude by saying that it would be best to plan what attractions you would like to see and what live shows you'd want to watch before embarking on your journey. Be sure to stay hydrated at all times as it can get really humid at times.

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Fire show, Iced smoothie
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