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Laura Chan
Listing created by Laura Chan on July 22, 2013    

One of Southeast Asia's largest light and water show by Marina Bay Sands. For 13 electric minutes, enjoy this showcase of stunning visual effects with interweaving lasers, video projectors and giant streaming water screens.


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(Updated: February 11, 2015)

Wonder Full World

The storyline at Wonder Full is meta - it’s a water show about the water. Still, as we follow a young boy and girl growing up, the story is undoubtedly cute. I’ve never doubted the importance of water in our lives, but after the show, I was wholly convinced. The range of special effects utilized here is surprisingly vast.

It's somewhat reminiscent of Songs of the Sea, except free. Expect lasers, fire and best of all, I indulged my inner child by standing near the bubble machines. There’s usually a large crowd on weekend nights, but sitting towards the back is more enjoyable.

The best part of the show is that, unlike the other attractions around the Marina Bay area, it’s completely free. After dining around the Marina Bay area, Wonder Full makes for some excellent after dinner entertainment. I would recommend it to any tourist on a budget, or just anyone who likes bubbles.

Spoiler: when you hear What a Wonderful World, get ready for bubbles!

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Spectacularly in Love.

Singapore is disadvantaged in many ways, and this is especially so in terms of the tourism sector. With little natural attractions and limited land for development, are we planning to stay on the losing end? Not so, not after watching the Wonder Full light and water show.

Being an avid traveller and tourism student, I find myself oogling at photographs of waterfalls, flower beds and castles, everything but local. In the recent years, we have seen much improvement with the development of Gardens By The Bay, Adventure Cove, SEA Aquarium, Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands. There has been much buzz about it but it eventually dies down and so does the “wow” factor.

The first time I watched Wonder Full, I was mesmerized. Some way or the other it reminded me of a marriage proposal. First, getting the attention. Laser lights resonating from the ship, capturing the attention of visitors miles away. Secondly, the emotional confession with videos innovatively screened on water spurts, the ripples of the water making it seem as if it was a dreamlike memory. Thirdly, the sweet ending completes the show as it starts to snow bubbles. Lovely.

Now, my future husband’s gonna have a big problem now that the bar’s set.

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