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Resorts World Sentosa 26 Sentosa Gateway Singapore 098138
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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on May 04, 2013    

Lake Of Dreams features flaming dragons, water cannons, and laser special effects, all in a spectacular show. This free entertainment spectacle, located close to the Casino at the heart of FestiveWalk , dramatically transforms the strip from day to night.

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9.30pm Daily
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9.30pm Daily
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Spectacular Water Show

So tell me about the wonders of the night. And if you cannot explain it in words then I will recommend you to visit this one place to get a visual understanding of what is the beauty in the nights of Singapore. Save the other attractions like the Singapore Flyer and the Supergrove Trees, this place is a light spectacular at night. And if you don't know what I'm talking about then you're in for a big treat.

Having been here a few times while visiting the Ding Tai Fung or Universal Studios, I've always happened to catch the lake of dreams at night. It is a colourful visual spectacle when the lights start coming on. There are different coloured lights that accompany the music that is playing together with the water that was made to come out in patterns. With the beams of lights coming out, it seemed like the water was glimmering in the dark with a certain mystic aura around it.

If you want to stun someone and impress them in the night, this is the place to go. While it might be crowded, it is something really nice to watch with someone close.

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(Updated: June 26, 2013)

Lake of Hypnotization

Lake of Dreams didn't seem like a lake at all. In fact, it looked like a mini pool laden with underwater pyrotechnics and laser beams. It was intricately designed to exude the spectacular charm that it aimed for. Spectacular! Oh, not quite actually. I was enthralled when I first witnessed this Lake Of Dreams in action. After that, not quite.

The waterworks weren't repetitive but it wasn't as breathtaking as the ginormous ones at Dubai. They were much more hypnotising here. Witnessing water flying across my face like a liquified bullet train was like a pendulum tick-rocking under my nose. I recalled standing there unblinking for several moments. I broke this hypnotizing enchantment and realized that other spectators of this Lake of Dreams had the same expression scrawled across their faces. The stoney expression. The expression that depicts one sleeping with their eyes wide open. The water contained had unleashed waves of hypnotizing enchantment. No wonder it's called Lake of Dreams.

Sometimes, the waterworks do get too furiously engaged with their water business. I recalled being doused by it. I was slightly drenched despite my distance. Not too near yet not too far either. It was rather rejuvenating though. It sprinkled my drowsiness away.

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Best part:
Serene soundtrack via the water splashes
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Average, Bland And Unspectacular Show

The Lake Of Dreams is located in the main area of Resorts World Sentosa, on Sentosa island, and is a once free daily show that takes place at 9.30pm everyday. By day, and most of the evening, it looks like a beautiful sculptured fountain with intricate designs and patterns, but near the time of the show, it's lit up by lights, which illuminate the flowing water beautifully.

Unfortunately, being pretty and nice to look at is the only thing that the Lake Of Dreams has going for it. As a show, even one that is displayed free, it does very poorly. One problem is the large, spread design of the Lake Of Dreams, which prevents clear viewing from any angle, even from the viewing gallery directly in front of it. This means fountains, lights or special water effects at the sides of the Lake Of Dreams go unoticed by most of the viewers, except those closest to it.

Another problem with the Lake Of Dreams is the limited range of multimedia effects, which gets repetitive after about 7 minutes or so. By this time, you would already have seen most of the water jets, fountains, mist jets, lights, sound, pyrotechnics and animatronics that the show has to offer, and it just repeats from there. The highlight would be the lighting of flames on the lake, but after that, nothing much else happens. This is evident by people starting to leave after awhile, not staying throughout the show, or from complains about boredom. The show would be better off with a shorter amount of time, or with a more interesting story and effects.

Finally, the Lake Of Dreams has a weak storyline which makes very little sense, and seems almost forced together to suit the special effects. The story itself involves air spirits dancing, water spirits flowing, whales singing, butterflies summoning dragons through dance, a red dragon and a yellow dragon who band together to create a ring of fire. Then they celebrate. The story totally lost me by this point.

In summary, poor viewing angles from the gallery, repetitive special effects and a weak story make this an average show at best. But in the context of Sentosa with it's many outstanding attractions, the Lake Of Dreams is one of the worst attractions / shows on the island. Skip this, and you won't be missing anything. But if you really must watch it, the Lake Of Dreams starts at 9.30pm everyday, though the viewing gallery starts to fill up by 9.15pm. It's free, and allocate about 15 minutes for viewing.

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