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51 Cable Car Road Singapore 99702
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Ivan Teh
Listing created by Ivan Teh on April 08, 2013    

Imbiah Lookout has the largest cluster of tourist attractions on Sentosa.

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Might be a tad too boring

I actually find Imbiah Lookout pretty boring (hurhur). Of the many attractions there, I went to the Tiger Sky Tower and butterfly and insects park. Interesting? I'll probably have to give them that given the many spieces of insects; but it was really boring. Nevertheless, still much better than going to the neighbourhood mall to walk around and stuff yourself with toxic food.

Each attraction comes with a pretty expensive admission fee; hence my advice would be to go to deal sites like Groupon, All Deals Asia, etc to get package deals which usually give you a variety of options to choose from; including various combinations of attractions and a small meal. Definitely will save you a lot of money than buying tickets on the spot.

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Hidden Gem in Sentosa

"What? Imbiah Lookout? Nah, we're going to USS right?"

While this place may be on the map of Sentosa, I've almost always had the impression that it's a place that is hardly recognised or visited by my friends. Most of the time, they bypass this stop accessible from Imbiah Station and head for the Universal Studios station or Beach Station.

Despite the fact I had gotten a slightly disapproving feedback or reaction from my friends, I decided to take a chance and venture into the depths of Imbiah Lookout. Seems that I made a right choice because my journey into the lookout was rewarded by a sanctuary, a gem hardly visited by many. While many just sweepingly pass by the area, this place is actually filled with attractions that might be worth the visit (However many of them requires an entrance fee which is a pity).

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Nature And Culture On Display, For A Price

Imbiah Lookout on Sentosa is the area of the island where most of the lesser known, paid attractions are located. Because of this, it tends to get overshadowed by the fun (and free) beaches, or the glitzy Universal Studios Singapore. Still, Imbiah Lookout does have the biggest cluster of attractions on the island, with 11 attractions to draw in the crowds.

Spanning Imbiah Lookout to Siloso Beach, the MegaZip Adventure Park and Skyline Luge Sentosa are the 2 more attractive activities here. Imbiah Lookout is the starting point for both the downhill Luge ride and the MegaZip flying fox ride. The 16 m high NorthFace climbing wall and ClimbMax elevated obstacle course with 36 obstacles are also located at Imbiah Lookout. The free Singapore Cable Car Museum is hidden within the old colonial facade, but is rather small and photography isn't allowed.

Most of the star and main attractions at Imbiah Lookout charge admission fees for entry. The Tiger Sky Tower is Singapore's tallest viewing platform, at 110 m. Utilising a rotating platform, it offers a 360 degree view of not just Singapore, but Malaysia and Indonesia. The Butterfly Park And Insect Kingdom has live butterflies and insects, though most of the rare and exotic varieties are displayed in glass cabinets. It also houses several species of birds and reptiles, though I fail to see how this relates to its theme of insects. Images Of Singapore is a restored military hospital that is now a museum dedicated to showcasing the culture and history of Singapore through multimedia displays and lifesize statues.

A rather overlooked, but free attraction is the Imbiah Trails. The Sentosa Nature Discovery & Nature Walk is actually the 'preview' or primer to the start of the Imbiah Trails, though I find it to be mroe suitable for children. The various signs are rather informative and interesting, though you'll be hard-pressed to actually see much flora or fauna at the beginning. The actual trail itself is 1.8 km long, and winds through a secondary rainforest.

Interesting trivia; Imbiah Lookout is also the site on Sentosa with the most defunct / closed / failed attractions. Former attractions located here include the Dragon Court And Dragon Tail Nature Walk, Fantasy Island water theme park, VolcanoLand with its tribal Mayan theme, the Musical Fountain, and Sijori WonderGolf miniature golf course.

If you're planning a visit to Imbiah Lookout, do note that while admission to the public area is free, admission fees vary dependent on the attraction. Allocate between 1 to 4 hours for viewing, and be prepared to spend more money in this area of Sentosa.

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