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Suntec Shopping Mall 3 Temasek Blvd Singapore 038983
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Listing created by Damien on April 03, 2013    

Located in the very big Suntec Mall shopping centre, The Fountain of Wealth (财富之泉) is a symbol of wealth and life. It was listed by the Guinness Book of Records in 1998 as the largest fountain in the world.  Visitors can walk around the centre of the fountain's base in the basement for good luck and there are commonly laser performances at night.

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Tranquility at its best

Anyone who still remembers the Fountain of Wealth, must remember shopping at Suntec City when it was still buzzing with Carrefour. That was years ago, although the fountain still stands in the centre of the mall. Featured in the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest fountain since 1998, the Fountain of Wealth was erected as a symbol of none other than wealth. It is believed by some that one can increase their luck and prosperity by making a wish or planning the future while "inhaling" the goodness that comes from it.

Eventhough I don't believe in such, I do believe that the tranquility the fountain offers, will bring anyone to a state of calmness. The Fountain of Wealth is a landmark that I have and will always remember.

Want to add a little romance to your relationship? I suggest to head to the Fountain of Wealth with your significant other, and enjoy the laser shows and maybe have a special message dedication show up during one of them.

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Toss a coin, make a wish!

Given the interconnectedness of the underground passages throughout the malls in the town area, it may be a rare opportunity indeed for people to see the Fountain of Wealth nowadays, having hardly ventured out of the comfort of the air-conditioned mall.

But if you do, the massive structure is really a sight to behold. Standing at around 14m in height, a circumference of 66m and occupying an area of 1683 square metres, it is the largest fountain in the world alongside one of Asia's largest shopping centres. The elegance and beauty emanating from the structure is enough for you to acutely feel its grace even if you are standing a distance away.

The surroundings around a fountain are tranquil, mostly populated with shoppers seeking a brief respite from the hectic rush of town and in the main shopping mall. The superstitious will flip a coin inside and pray for good luck and health while the youth like me will flip coins just to see how far we can toss it.

A heavenly garden in an urban area indeed.

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I didn't even know this giant structure was called the Fountain of Wealth until I actually passed by it one day. A lot of Mediacorp drama scenes were shot here so it's not a complete stranger to me, but it never had any sort of significance. I don't think it's worth a special visit because it's honestly nothing much apart from being a giant fountain. If you are superstitious, you may want to walk around the fountain for good luck and learn about the different Chinese zodiac signs along the way for good measure.

Definitely not a place to go without good company, or else it's just overly boring. It is also not suitable for people who wish for a peaceful and undisturbed environment because it is in the middle of the bustling Suntec City. Overall, a brief visit will more than suffice. Nothing much, nothing fanciful, just a 'meh' attraction.

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Circular Beauty

The circular frame of the fountain seemed to capture the clear blue skies into a warped perspective. As I looked up above my head, I saw the dark brown on the fountain glaring back at me with the majestic white of the the flowing water dancing downwards to the black marble like floor. Circling around the lower fountain, I felt soft sprays of water onto my skin.

This place has always held one of my dearest childhood memories. I had always associated the Suntec City Building by its erect fountain, always spewing water from its circular halo. Even up till today, I still remember the days when my traditional grandmother believed that touching the fountain was auspicious and would result in good luck.

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Oh that brown thing

'oh that brown brown water thing ah!'

I used to landmark it as the place in town when I was younger, the brown water jet thing. And never really learnt its name till much later on in my life. Not that I was particularly interested though, not even after knowing it's name was called the Fountain of Wealth. I always just walked past it, or either sat at the benches surrounding this fountain staring at others snapping shots after shots of what seems to me like a plain fountain.

Why people throw in money I cannot fathom. Though it may seem for 'wealth', to be honest I still feel its more of a gimmick and an attraction more than anything else. Would probably throw in 5 or 10c if i do walk past, just to get in the mood.

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Money pot

When it was first set up, my dad took the family and drove around it 8 times for huat's sake and so I will always associate this place with dizziness.

But anyway that aside.

I suppose there's absolutely nothing interesting about this place except throwing your more unnecessary coins in (in the past there were 1 cents and we delighted in seeing which would roll around the circular surface longer) and seeing other people get scammed in the same way ("mummy why she so stupid throw in so many $1 coins?")

The water jets are only a small shade of lovely so the view's only average. There are seats scattered around and the last time I've been there, there were zodiac signs all over the floor so I guess they make cheesy photo moments.

I probably won't drop by again.

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Seeing your coins spinning
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Artificial, commercialised but fun

The Fountain of Wealth is such an artificial and commercialised instalment in Suntec City. But put the cynicism aside and simply enjoy it.

It might seem like such a silly thing to do, sticking your hand out and walking around in circles, but do it in the name of fun, be silly for a while, do it with friends and family and have a good laugh about it afterwards. When there are performances, bystanders would have the luxury to enjoy and be in awe of the amazing lighting.

And to the boys, it seems like a nice spot to propose if you plan beforehand with the sound and lighting team to coordinate a mini surprise.

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(Updated: April 03, 2013)

Wishfully tranquil

After spending hours indulging in Swenson's ice creams and increasing our calories capacity, we decided to stroll around the vicinity. I noticed a swinging door that was previously unseen. I approached it and found myself at the core of the fountain of wealth.

There was something magically rustic about it. It felt like a setting extracted from an Alice in Wonderland island. The constant strum of gushing water evokes a sense of serendipity. This is definitely an audio effect that was a far cry from the noise pollution that we commonly hear in the hub of a concrete jungle.

They even encouraged us to make a round-about around the base of the fountain whilst reciting a personal wish. Why not? We dashed for the base, trailed our fingers over the railings allocated there then did as to what we were told. I was certainly a sceptic. Nevertheless, I wished upon a futuristic fountain. I wished for an acceptance letter to a school of my choice. It arrived several days later. Boy did I dash any form of scepticism.

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Wishes and splashes
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The last time I visited the Fountain of Wealth was when I was a little kid, and I can recall myself not enjoying the process of walking through it, because I was very distracted by the noise of the fountain. While people were putting their hand out towards the fountain, with some making wishes, I was covering my ears, waiting for my parents to signal to leave the fountain. I did not like the entire experience and feeling of going around the fountain, and can also remember hoping that my family members wouldn't want to do it again whenever we were nearby.

Then again, I was a kid.

If I were to be at Suntec right now and had nothing better to do, I wouldn't mind taking another walk around the fountain. Maybe the experience will be different and I'll be more appreciative of my surroundings, and really take time to walk around and wish for luck or something, despite not really believing in such things... Who knows, maybe it'll be fun, or maybe I'll regret it once again...

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Fountain of? Drips?

Fountain of Wealth? Fountain of blandness, more likely.

They say the Fountain of Wealth is the largest fountain in the world. Really? It occasionally does what fountains are meant to do and provides largely unnoticed cool and light relief to the throngs who haunt the Suntec City mall. But as a must see destination, it is definitely not worth the trip.

In the evening, there is an attempt to entertain with what is touted as a multi media extravaganza. Either they can’t spell the word, or I don’t understand what it means. I hate to say it, but the fountain in the MBS complex provides far more wow factor.

Get it right. It is like the so called sound and light show at the Gardens by the Bay: second rate as a spectacle.

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