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T81 Seletar West Farmway 5 Singapore 798061
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Listing created by aikiash on March 26, 2013    

The Animal Resort is a great place for Singaporeans to interact with various farm animals. It is also a boarding kennel, dog grooming school, and training center.

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10am - 5pm
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A different Singapore

I had been to this place only twice and each trip I was there for only about an hour. This place is quite near a mushroom farm also in Seletar Farmway so I would plan my trip to visit these two places together.

When I drove into the Seletar Farmway, my children already thought we were out of Singapore because the road was not very well maintained and the buildings besides the road were also not very clean. When we arrived at the Animal Resort, I needed to tell my children to look out at where they stepped because there were a lot of animal droppings on the floor. There was really not many animals there. Behind the building, there were a lot of big dogs behind a barrier. My children enjoyed watching those big dogs from across the barrier. They liked big dogs but were also afraid of them so this was a good place for them to watch the dogs.

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Go to the farm

I stumble across this place online while looking for places to conduct a children's event and decided to bring my daughter there to scout it out. She was delighted with the place from the parrot at the entrance cheerily chirping "hello" to visitors, to the gaggle of geese wandering about honking at her as she blocked their path to the pond.

Entrance is free but you can purchase feed for the animals at $1 per bag. Aside from the geese and chickens and lone horse, there really is not much farm animals there though. There is a hutch of rabbits and guinea pigs, pond of fishes for you to toss food to and a large aviary of parrots and macaws. Strangely, there is even a cassowary and a rather psychotic looking Marabou Stork who fixated immediately on my daughter and constantly banged its head on the fence trying to get to her.

Overall it is a great place to come to for an hour or so to let your kid explore but the attractions there are limited.

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