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Listing created by wangkh on January 17, 2013    

A little known and little publicised museum in Singapore. Definitely a good educational tour for children.

The Air Force Museum captures the spirit and heritage of the RSAF. The first museum was established at Changi Air Base on 1 Sep 1988. Two years later, an expansion programme was initiated to cater to RSAF's growing heritage needs. Subsequently, the museum was relocated to a brand new building in Paya Lebar.

The museum now resides on 10,600 m² of land, with a total built up area of 4,600 m². The exhibition area comprises mainly the outdoor gallery, eight indoor galleries on the second level and the history of aviation gallery on the first level. The theme for the entire display is "Men, Machine and Method".

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Fly me to the moon

I was surprised to find this place. I had read nothing about it anywhere much on the web sites. Why is it not publicised?

As far as air museums go, there are more amazing museums in much larger countries, but, true to form for Singapore, the Air Force Museum is worth a visit.

A few planes adorn the grounds and then its into the air conditioning ( an absolute must anywhere in Singapore, I fear) and two floors if interactive displays and reasonably interesting historical records, again many with good audio visuals and descriptions.

Is it worth it? Yes

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Beautiful wings

The varsity of the number of planes on show at the Air Force Museum never cease to amaze me. I always found it totally cool to admire the progression of the RSAF's fighting capabilities from its birth till the modern air force that it is today.

Set in a crystal blue setting, the Air Force Museum, upon entry, gives you the feeling that you're on air and the ground has been left many miles below. For the uninitiated, it is a mind blowing experience when you suddenly see a life-sized plane suspended from the ceilings. My first reaction would be to wonder how such a majestic thing fit through the doors of the museum in the first place, the roof must definitely be so high tech that the roof opens and automatic arms come out to grab the gently descending plane.

The Air Force Museum, for the highly technical, is brimming with educational value. My friend was known to gush about the power of the engines, the designed (How streamlined they are) and even estimate the speed at which the jet could go. Utterly amazing! For me, it has more of a cultural value, as it imparts us the history and heritage of the RSAF, of which I'm a member of.

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Majesty even at Rest

I don't need to be in the skies to see majesty in its finest.

I just need to look upon the broad wings to the monumental plane resting in front of my eyes to feel that overwhelming feeling of strength and vigour. I just need to look upon the silver foil of the paintwork of the plane to see the shine in its predicted movement. I just need to look upon the logo representing our country to feel the pride in my breast.

And that being said, the Air Force museum is a great place to bring the children of the nation. Within the heart of the place lies the treasure of our nation, the power to our defence, the strength to your words in the international community. The place is full of aerial treasures that lets us citizens see the mechanism that protects us from terrorists. In that, I see the entire collection the efforts of our government to protect our tiny land; to protect our beloved home.

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An Unexpected Adventure

I will always remember the day a friend and I took the wrong bus home and dozed off - only to find ourselves surrounded by towering model fighter jets of all shapes and forms when we awoke.

Though we were pretty alarmed at how we had landed ourselves in this curious territory, we soon found ourselves venturing through the doors of the Air Force Museum - a place we never knew existed in Singapore.

The cursory walk through the museum proved to be a surprisingly fascinating and impressive journey (even for us girls) - with its life-sized models, interactive multimedia displays and thorough accompanying descriptions, the museum brought to life the historical and technological developments of the Air Force and provided far more than the usual defence propaganda messages and dry technical write-ups I was anticipating.

It was a great pity that the museum closed rather early (at 5pm), and we did not get to explore many exhibits in detail. Though little known and a bit out of the way, the museum would definitely make an interesting stop to explore, especially for those into aircrafts and defence technologies.

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An inspiring place for future pilots

I visited the RSAF museum last year as part of a learning journey with the Singapore Youth Flying Club. Just one word- inspiring. Many of the aircrafts used by the Air Force are on display in the museum and aviation aficionados can make a trip down to learn more about the various aircrafts. For aspiring pilots like me, there are several flight simulators available to provide a more meaningful and hands-on experience.

The museum, however, is not very renowned and accessibility might be a bit difficult unless you have a car. Nevertheless, if you are an aircraft buff and want to learn more about the RSAF, come on down to the museum and I can guarantee you an inspirational trip!

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(Updated: January 22, 2013)

Fly right in!

The nearest museum from my home, I visited this gem last year and was duly impressed by what I've been missing all along. Although it was a Sunday, the place was almost deserted so my friend and I have the whole place to ourselves. Finally, we can take ridiculous photos with exhibits without being embarrassed in front of strangers!

The moment we enter the carpark, we were flanked by aircraft exhibits in various positions on a stand just like those model airplane kits we used to build, except this was the real deal. The giant planes towering over us was as breathtaking as the life-sized missiles that the museum showcases further inside the building.

On the second level, we were guided through the history of our air force by many multimedia and interactive stations. There were also displays of air defence systems that the RSAF had used in the past. In addition, we were able to identify the different units of our air force from the insignia patches that were hung on a giant wall exhibit.

All in all, it was a worthwhile visit that certainly exceed expectations, given that this museum has really been under the radar when it comes to tourist attractions in Singapore.

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Little known place

I went to this place expecting very little because if you asked around, very few people would have known this place. How can a fun or interesting place be little known?

The first thing we saw after getting out of the car were a few old air planes. You were able to get up close to the plane, the only thing you cannot do was to get into the cockpit. Good photo opportunity like those from the biennial air show but this was free.

Next, it was the aircon area. They had an exhibition area housed in the old colonial barrack building. You would be able to see the history of our air force and there were a few fun exhibits that my children enjoyed playing with. Another fun learning experience for the children outside of the classroom.

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