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Listing created by wangkh on December 27, 2012    

First Singapore beach club for kids. Parents can just laze around and let the children be in charge of what they want to do inside this fun location. There are a host of activities for the children to choose from.

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Wonder around Port of Lost Wonder!

My friends and I chanced upon this Port of Lost Wonder by accident one day whilst we were awaiting for our ride back to Singapore. We were accompanied by my friends nephew too.

We were pleasantly surprised when we discovered this venue! All of us shared a passionate love for the waters and sun soaked activities. This venue covers all these aspects perfectly. Located outdoors, we were greeted by the humongous pirate ship that was laden with several swirling slides. I scanned the location and even spotted deck chairs strewn alongside a corner! The ideal furniture to resume my sun tanning session! Unfortunately, most of these deck chairs were occupied by parents who left their children wondering around the Port of Lost Wonder.

Port of Lost Wonder was also the perfect location for avid fans of photography like us. We began breaking into a symphony of clicks via excessive clicking of the shutter button as soon as we arrived at the site. However, never ever submerge your camera into a pool of water no matter the volume. Apparently, the entire SD Card contents can be destroyed if the camera used isn't catered to be waterproof like mine! Such horror!

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great for kids who love water

brought my niece to POLW last week. she loves water playground and this is a good place for her to have fun! Accompanying adults enter for free paying for the kid, $8 only. It is definitely value for money.

The playground has various type of water features (slide, splash area, shooting water guns) which is good as they get to try out. Moreover, the place is relatively clean.

Pork Belly, has set meals for little ones and it is quite yummy. I would recommend the chicken wings as a snack after hours playing.

For adults, there are sunbeds to rest and suntans while the little kids play on. It can be a bit boring as there is only one pirate playground in the whole areas. The staff are friendly and they try to help in every way possible.

Family place where adults can bond with your kids playing together.

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(Updated: January 27, 2013)

Reliving my childhood

I brought my little cousins here for a little bonding time and it was a really great experience! The kids had fun and I probably had just as much fun with them ;) The weather was great that day; semi-sunny with a catch of wind and there were quite a few families around picnic-ing and taking time out to relax (:

There are two water slides and a pirate ship with foam party galore at fixed timings throughout the day; kids really enjoy these and like the other poster mentioned, do queue up early as the queue lengthens pretty fast and a limited number of kids can enter at any one time (: Also, it'd be better for you to reach this water playground as early as possible because the water gets a little dirty by afternoon; not horrendously muddy but not as clean as it was in the morning due to the high volume of participants.

I really loved seeing the dads sliding down the slides with their kids, it makes my heart melt to see fathers spending more time with their children these days :D Overall, the price is a little bit too high ($15 per child and an adult goes in together free) for a water playground but I really did have a good time there so I think it's still worth the visit (:

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Fun water play

When I brought my children there, I initially planned to let them play for may be two or three hours but I ended up staying the almost the whole day there.

We reached there slightly over 9am and the place was not opened yet and around 9:45 am, I noticed people started to queue up in front of the ticket counter. I joined the queue and got my tickets around 10:05am. I quickly herded my children into the park.

Everyone was rushing to find the best picnic tables and we got one under the shade because we were early. The park was just starting to operate so the water pumps and other equipment were still warming up but my children had already changed into their swimming suits and ready to take on the pirate ship.

They even have a foam party at certain fixed timing but you must get your children to queue early because they take in a certain number of children only. I saw my children having a lot of fun with the foam.

Be prepared to go with picnic food, the food sold there is expensive and not tasty and the worst part is you need to wait very long for the food to be delivered.

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