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A world class water theme park in Marine Life Park in Sentosa, just behind the S.E.A aquarium.

Directions - How to get to Adventure Cove:

Many people don't know how to get to this new attraction so we made this video (lower down this page) to help them. Its really easy! Just go to the main RWS area on Sentosa with the USS Globe then walk 1 minute and you will see the Marine Life Park. Walk on the right side and just behind the building that houses the S.E.A aquarium will be adventure cove.

Also check out the official TSL in depth Marine Life Park review we have done for more information.

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A Blast Of A Time

Adventure Cove is my favourite theme park in Singapore. Yes, even more so than USS. The rides are all exhilarating and a step-up from Wild Wild Wet’s slides.

Although they’re all water slides, but the experience on each one is different. From racing your friend down the Dueling Racer, to dropping through an elevated chute in Pipeline Plunge, there are so many different types of slides to go on. What’s even more amazing is that you can have a free snorkelling experience at Adventure Cove! I’ve never tried it before, but you can bet I will be in the near future.

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(Updated: September 07, 2015)

Best New Place for a Tan

For my virgin trip to Adventure Cove Waterpark, I have to say, I was impressed. The rides are exhilarating, especially the gravity defying Riptide Rocket, which blasts you into the air on your unsuspecting float for a brief moment. If you want to catch your breath and take a break from the adrenaline pumping rides, you can chill in the lazy pool for a bit too!

The highlight of the day has got to be my experience in the Rainbow Reef.
WARNING: the water temperature in the Rainbow Reef attraction is freezing. You should mentally prepare yourself for the icy cold waters you are about to immerse yourself into. Once you get used to it, you will feel as though you've just swam onto the set of The Little Mermaid, with a sea of colourful fishes swimming by your side. Feel free to burst out into a verse of "Under The Sea" in your head while you're at it!

All in all, Adventure Cove Waterpark is the perfect blend between a getting a close-up look at a diversity of sea creatures and a day of fun-filled exhilaration. For just $36 (less than half the price of a Universal Studios Singapore ticket), it's definitely worth the trip down!

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Rainbow Reef
Resorts World Sentosa Singapore
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Adventuring in the Cove

Propped on Sentosa Island,beside Universal Studios Singapore, lies one of Singapore’s newest and already most famous water parks, Adventure Cove. I made it a point to take every ride in the Adventure Cove if the day ever came when I would review it. And here I am.

The first thing that needs to be said, though, is that the crowd can be quite a turn-off - I spent about three hours combined waiting. This is partially due to the fact that Adventure Cove is situated smack on the most well-known tourist attraction of Singapore - Sentosa, and also that it’s quickly become Singapore’s best-known water park. Having said that, the crowds are manageable during off-peak hours. Consider going on weekday afternoons if possible.

The rides, for the money you’re paying, are interesting, fast, and safe. Some of them were somewhat disappointing, but others were exhilaratingly fast and took my breath away, such as the Riptide Rocket, Singapore’s first hydro-magnetic coaster. It uses magnets to propel the float faster than gravity normally could and I was sent flying through the tunnels at a much quicker pace than I thought possible.

If you’re sick of queueing or just looking for a place to douse yourself in water, the Adventure River is a slow-moving body of water that will bring you around the park. There aren’t that many exits from the River though so know your intended exit well, or you will end up going one long round. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Adventure Cove is a great way to spend a day off with your family and/or friends. However, it’s not as enjoyable going alone. Make sure to bring extra cash as you’ll likely need to use the lockers to store your bags.

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I'd do an Express Pass

Maybe, just MAYBE, I have a low sense of fun. Or as I'd choose to believe, I went with the right company. :)

Remember Wild Wild Wet? That water park at Pasir Ris which had been around since an eternity ago? Yeah, Take that, and expand it, make it a little more wild, throw in a few more rides, add in maybe 10x the people (on a Sunday I'm talking about), and TADA! Adventure Cove Waterpark.

I took most of the rides. Like maybe 6/7 of them. I only missed out on the Tidal Twister. I'd say, come with good company. Because the Qs go as long as an hour ten mins on a Sunday. Alternatively, get a Express pass, and hop onto the rides 3-4 times because some of them are so worth it! ( and yes, there was these few people who beat the Q by getting an express pass and got onto the ride in 3mins. No joke.)

I arrived only at 1400 and left at their closing, 1800. Be prepared that there is an INSANE Q at the showers during closing. You could just throw on some clothes and go to the beach to shower (like what I did) though.

Anyway, have fun, and make your day joyful where possible! :)

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Riptide Rocket
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Kind Tips from a Stranger

Okay this is not so much of a review than a post on tips I could offer when you're at Adventure Cove.

1. The food at the Cove is , similar to USS, inflated and extremely pricey for its quantity and quality. 
My advice: Just package food from outside.

2. Go early and on non peak periods 
Avoid Public Holidays, that place gets insanely packed!!!

3. Queue for the more popular rides first because once the crowds come in you'll be hanging around each queue for at least 45 minutes. More popular rides include the Rainbow Reef (my favourite!!!! A cheap alternative to snorkelling!!!) And Riptide Rocket.

4. Take advantage of the topping up to get a one year pass system if you enjoy the rides and you're sure to come back for more!
If I remembered correctly you have to top up around $50+ to your day pass, and you can only upgrade your day pass to a one year pass on the day itself otherwise it won't be valid. It translates to around going there 3 more times for you to have earned back whatever you've paid. :)

5. Locker wise, it costs $10 for a small locker and $20 for a large one.
My trick: "Sell" your locker after you're done with your day at Adventure Cove. I sold mine to the next person at $5, so it eased my wallet by abit and benefitted him as well! Win-win situation.

6. Wear your slippers around
I experienced blisters on my feet after queueing for quite a while at particular rides due to the extremely hot floor. I swear it was burning :(. To avoid the same predicament my advice is for you to wear slippers around. Shelves are available for you to place your footwear at.

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Thrilling yet exciting

I had the chance to experience Adventure Cove after purchasing a tourist package which also includes discounted tickets to Universal Studios. One word of advice: BRING EXTRA CLOTHES! Getting wet will be inevitable. IT was nice to see that there were many rides and activities which catered to people on both sides of the spectrum. Those who want to play it safe can easily go for an afternoon of casual bobbing on floats.

Those looking for more adventure can opt for the Riptide Rocket ride instead. It is akin to riding a rollercoaster on water. You get the taste of speed and a sense of impending doom as you plunge down and surface at a high speed. Epic fun awaits at the Adventure Cove!

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Many varieties of rides
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Best Waterpark in Singapore

I went to Adventure Cove early this year as part of a cohesion programme. What really amazed me was the sheer size of the place, it was bigger than I had expected it to be.

However, for such a big venue, there were only less than 5 rides worth riding. Moreover, the popular rides needed at least half an hour of waiting time before we had our turn and we went on a weekday morning.

The best ride for me was the Riptide Rocket; the speed at which you plunge down is really breathtakingly fast. It would be a great place for families to enjoy, but for the thrill-seekers on a time constraint I suggest you give this a miss.

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A Cove Worth a Little Visit

Many of my friends quipped that Adventure Cove (AC) is just the less promising and cheaper alternative to neighbouring Universal Studios of Singapore. I think this is just a half-truth.

For starters, I went to AC two months back with my army mates and I felt that this place was not that bad. In fact, it's great for one who loves all things water or drool at the sight of slides. For me, I'm not as ardent a fan of such aquatic activities as one might think.

Perhaps my most memorable portion of that trip was floating leisurely, like a blob of sea seal, and peering into the extra deep 'coral reefs' that contains surprisingly wide array of fish in all their glory. Of course, it's with the use of a snorkeling device, which I did not like at all as you can taste the aftermath, the salty water and maybe even saliva, of the previous user. Yucks! But still, they have sort of sterilised it before rotating its users.

Next, I also love the obstacle course section of the park where I paused for a good 1 minute, with legs quivering and onlookers cheering me on before diving about 3 metres into the pool. Whew, I surfaced alive. There are also other more physically demanding rope obstacles for the athletic and brave at heart.

For foodies, fret not as there is a Malaysia-themed food court right outside of this park. The food, I must say, though not exceptional, is at least filling.

Considering its sensible prices and 1 or 2 rides that really thrill, I opine it's a place worth visiting on a normal weekday. Go on any other day and you not only get the ticket to the park but also a ticket to a long day's worth of waiting and more waiting.

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I first visited when the water park opened its doors late last year. A few of the rides weren’t ready but we still had our fair share of fun. For a person with a fear of heights, paying $36 for a full day packed with such adrenaline-pumping rides, was simply suicide. Thankfully, they were not as heart-wrenching as I thought it’d be.

Rides such as the Whirlpool Washout, Dueling Racer and the Pipeline Plunge were a lot more easy on the heart. There’s a limit as to how fast the float can travel because of the use of water. It also depends a lot on the person you’re riding with (unless you choose to ride alone). If you’re a scaredy-cat like me, SIT WITH A LIGHTER INDIVIDUAL. The heavier your float, the faster it goes!

I like how they added the Rainbow Reef snorkeling experience too! I haven’t snorkeled or visited any coral reefs in 20 years of my life so it provided me a real opportunity to experience the likes of it!

I guess it’s a more family-centered attraction with precautions taken for the really young as well. The daredevils wouldn’t find the rides any exhilarating.

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Fun for all types of people!

I last went to Adventure Cove with 3 of my best friends. With the 3 of us having totally no sense of direction and too much pride to ask anyone, we spent about half an hour finding the theme park. It is, after all, tucked away into a cosy corner of Sentosa (near Waterfront Station.)

Out of the 4 of us, 2 of us were thrill-seekers (including me!) and my other 2 friends were less gutsy - compared to me, that is - and I'm a total adrenaline junkie. I don't actually think it's fair for them to be compared against people like me. In all honesty, I thought that my 2 less-adventurous friends would not enjoy the trip to Adventure Cove but I was proven very, very wrong. Although the park has thrilling water slides such as the Riptide Rocket, it also has attractions catering to the more faint-hearted such as the Rainbow Reef (snorkelling!)

Although a visit to Adventure Cove can be slightly pricey with a $29 admission fee and $10/$20 for locker rentals depending on locker size, I think it is worth a visit because it caters to all, and provides great family fun too. I would definitely visit Adventure Cove again! And find the place more quickly next time - more time = more fun!

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Thrilling rides
Sentosa - Waterfront Station
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