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It is a memorial built to remember the people who have sacrificed their lives defending Singapore during World war II. The War memorial symbolizes the three branches of the military, namely, Air Force, Army and Navy.

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A serene place

Peaceful, quiet and serene- those are the words to describe the Kranji War Memorial. A commemoration of the soldiers who fought and died during World War II, the memorial is a sight to behold. Row after row of white tombstones, freshly trimmed grass, and a sense of calm settles over you.

While it’s a beautiful sight and has great significance, I find that you need a tour guide to give you the background story of the memorial. Otherwise if you go there on your own, you’ve only got the information provided on the boards to give you an insight into the memorial. It’s a beautiful place with rich stories behind it, and definitely an important part of Singapore’s past.

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A field trip

Last Saturday I attended a one day course called Singapore Journey 2. Part of the course is to visit the Kranji War Memorial. The place is about a 10 minutes walk from the Kranji MRT station. The place is dedicated to the men and women who died defending Singapore and Malaya against the invading Japanese forces during World War II. The place is maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

Interesting facts :
- The Kranji War Memorial Cross, which have a sword in the cross, as it is the Cross of Sacrifice. It could be found in other parts of the world in other cemeteries maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.
- The tombstones are arranged in order with serial numbers at the side of the first tombstone.
- Names of allied servicemen whose bodies were never found, are inscribed on the 13 columns of the war memorial itself. There is a book of listings available to enable people to find names easily.
- The star on top of the columns of the war memorial, represents Singapore.
- It is also the burial site of Inche Yusuf bin Ishak and Benjamin Henry Sheares, the first and second Presidents of Singapore. Surprise to know that both shared the same day and month ( 12 Aug 1910 for Inche Yusuf bin Ishak, 12 Aug 1907 for Benjamin Henry Sheares).

The place is also the burial site of certain people who passed away during World War I, including children in rougher texture tombstones. The children had smaller tombstones and were not buried together with the adults.

Towards the end of the visit, we spotted 3 colorful chickens running around the area. Interesting place to visit.

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Contrary to popular conceptions, I went to Kranji War Memorial on my own; without any tour groups. Man, you definitely MUST get a tour guide to guide you around the facility and also give you some background history of the attraction; else you will be totally lost like me! I ended up leaving the place quite disappointed because I didn't really know what was going on.

No, I did not get any creepy vibes or anything of that sort. It is actually quite peaceful; and please be respectful! The atmosphere might be a little solemn and serious; and you'll probably feel quite melancholic when you go there too. This is one of the least visited attractions in Singapore, and anyone should definitely go there. Something very different from all the bright city lights and commercial productions. It might be a little far out, so do get a guide!

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Chilvary, Courage, and Comfort - The Memorial of Bravery

"What are we doing here? The sweltering heat is killing me."
"Well, you better stop complaining. You'd better be glad you aren't dead like those guys yet."

While I was here on a school trip, the general consensus of the place was another 'boring historical landmark' that one could not wait to get out of. Despite that, the place is actually quite significant in it's presence, commemorating those who had lost their lives in WWII. Many people complain about the lack of proactiveness we Singaporeans have but standing in front of a scene like this, I realised that there's more that meets the eye.

The memorial place is a ground for respect, a place of rest, as well as a beacon of hope. The list of names that are etched in stone are memories and signals that there is much bravery, courage, and chilvary in the men of the past. Hence, in the midst of the silent respect, I feel a slight tingle down my spine from the inspirational pride and belonging that touches me. For a small nation like Singapore, who says we have nothing to be proud of?

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tranquility and serenity

Kranji War Memorial is a beautiful and well-preserved place in Singapore. Immaculate and pristine tombstones arranged orderly in the midst of lush greenery; walls with the names of soldiers who lost their lives valiantly.

One will be awed by the place's beauty and simple majesty. In its silence you can remember and those who lost their lives, and at the same time reflect upon your own. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, without the honking or cars and the incessant chatter, the war memorial is the perfect place for some peaceful alone time.

Especially when the weather is good and the sunshine glints off the white marble, Kranji War Memorial seems almost surreal and fantasical.

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May they ever rest in peace

Peaceful and solemn, with long rows of white tombstones standing regally on the green grass, one can truly understand the devastation war brings. However, in times of turmoil, courage and hope are still present, and this memorial is a fitting place to remember those brave men who have fallen in the name of self-sacrifice and loyalty to the nation.

Walking among the rows of tombstones, each etched with a name, the birth date and date of passing, one cannot help but feel sorrow for their needless death, especially since most of them died young. Kranji War Memorial not only stands to remember the noble sacrifice of the soldiers during World War II, it also fosters a sense of pride and patriotism in all those who visit, and reminds us about the need to preserve peace.

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A place to remember the fallen

I visited this place during my National Service and this place is one where we remember those who have fallen for Singapore. As I walked past the tombstones, some of them still remain unidentified. I could feel the cruelty of war and its brutality. Most of these soldiers were far from home and sacrificed their lives for a foreign land. I am grateful for what they did and at the same time conscious of my own duty.

While these people defended our nation then, this duty is now up to us. Visiting this war memorial evoked the patriotism in me and motivated me to always be ready and prepared. As the saying goes, what we cannot protect is not ours. This poignant visit was a stern reminder of the importance of national defence as well as of my own duty.

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(Updated: December 08, 2013)

Where all the brave men lay

In one of the episodes of Every Singaporean Son II: The making of an officer, the cadets are featured standing at attending whilst the commander gave recognition to the 24,000 men who bravely gave up their lives in their fight for freedom. The first impression you get when you visit the Kranji War Memorial is one of sombriety. Rows upon rows of white tombstones with neat, lovingly tended graves is really a stark reminder of how terrible wars are and the needless carnage and innocent lives lost that are a result of such violent conflicts.

I felt saddened especially when I walked past tombstones of young children, they did no harm and all they knew were simple things of the world. Needlessly, they became victims of the catastrophe.

Kranji War Memorial is indeed a classroom, for all ages and occupations, to remind all of us the needlessness of war

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