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iFly Singapore is part of the global franchise of SkyVenture, which has more than 32 tunnels in operation around the world. iFly Singapore has the largest vertical wind tunnel, measuring 16.5 feet in diameter and 56.5 feet in height (about 5 storeys).

Additional Details:

Weekday Opening Hours:
10.30am - 10pm
Weekend Opening Hours:
9am - 10pm
Entrance Fees:
$79 - $89
Price Range
> $50


Great float...
Pre-"jump" briefing
Safety & communciation training
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Even Pigs Can Fly

I’ll always be too chicken to sky dive. However, a few years ago, I decided to take a baby step and experience iFly, the world’s largest themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving.

One piece of advice I have to people interested in iFly is to close your mouth immediately upon entering the wind tunnel. God knows how much air I swallowed.

The experience itself was fun and liberating. It felt so unreal to be propelled up the tunnel by wing. Basically I felt like superman. Just by moving my body position slightly, I could control how high or how low I would ‘fly’. For scaredy cats like me, I would highly recommend iFly, since this is the closest we’ll ever get to jumping out of an airplane.

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Embrace your inner safety conscious adrenaline junky

Skydiving is on the top of my bucket list, however until I man up enough to do the real thing, the indoor version has to do. iFly Singapore is the world’s largest themed vertical wind tunnel, something I truthfully would not have expected from such a tiny Island. The promotion video left me overly optimistic for my performance, I envisioned myself soaring through the air with ease. In reality, what really happened was a lot of awkward flailing of limbs and even a brief stint where i was simply lying on the floor. It is a lot harder than it looks, but even when you’re struggling it’s still an amazing feeling.

Although each ‘fly’ only lasts a short amount of time, you can pay more for a few extra flights which is 100% worth every cent. You just want to keep going and you’re sure that any moment you’re going to master the art of how to stay still and not fly into one of the walls. Rates range from $89 to $199 (ouch) so this is an activity probably best saved for birthdays etc.

Forget about the embarrassment of kicking your instructor in the face or getting stuck on the floor as friends and family watch on, and you’re sure to have a really good time. The experience is short but memorable, and for me the only issue is value for money. If, however, you have everything you could wish for and friends/family ask what you would like for your birthday, I strongly recommend that you embrace the safety conscious, bit of a scaredy cat, adrenaline junky from within.

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Had a wonderful time

I came on a TSL invite and everything was perfect.

Our instructor for the day taught us how to gear up, gave us a quick run-down of the procedure in a little screening room. They also showed us clips and the gestures for different messages to the flyer with you.

I had a lousy first try heh. I paid attention during the introduction but it all gets jumbled up when you realize you're practically flying on a huge vacuum in a compressed space and that does that your breath away literally so I messed up my hand signals and fell to the bottom of the tube heh.

My second try was great though! Managed to go all the way up and stayed there for a while before floating back down gracefully (I'd like to think so heh).

It was the fastest 1 minute of my life.

Also the funnest, and the most missed 1 minute :(

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Best part:
Flying without the plane-falling
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Once is never enough


If you are local, get a groupon. Ifly has promotions quite frequently on Groupon that takes about $20 its original price. The last time I went (which was my second time), the groupon came with a free dvd and also a free drink at the bar on top of Ifly.

For the experience, though I think I have no talent for flying, the instructors were professional and did their best to create a 'flying experience'. Don't worry about flying into the glass, that's not going to happen. For the more talented flyers, I have seen them do quite a few stunts. Definitely worth a visit for Singaporeans who wish to have some fun.

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My ex brought me here on a date and I dare say it is perfect for adrenaline Junkies but not so for prissy girls.
Skydiving has always been in my bucket-list. With my measly monthly ka-ching, compounded by my no-risk mother, it is rather difficult for me to fulfill my want.

Ifly = sneak preview. Totally dying to try it.

I remember being really confident and adamant about getting the most out of this preview. I wanted to soar higher than the rest and be stable enough so that the instructor would let go of me ASAP. After witnessing a guy flew all the way up and hitting the walls of the containment when the instructor failed to prevent his stunt, I changed my mind and decided to behave. *It looked painful...*

P.S. Bring tissues. After stepping out from iFly, I assure you that your face would have underwent a saliva facial. You can't help but open your mouth and laugh. The strong gust of wind can't help but bluster the water from your mouth and onto your face.

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(Updated: February 19, 2013)

Novelty of watching wears off quickly

Having not enough money to splash on the novel experience that was “flying”, in the iFly Singapore facility, my friends and I were adamant about witnessing someone “fly”. We camped in the open and chatted while restlessly waiting for this boy to quickly don his suit to “fly”. After fifteen minutes of irritated waiting, we snuck into the facility after a kind cleaner let us in.

Suffice to say that the novelty of watching someone fly wears off pretty quickly, even if you’ve been waiting twenty odd minutes just to see it in person. That is, of course unless you happen to be the boy’s glowing parents, then it never gets old—as evident from his cooing relations. The person flying is basically limited to merely floating around for a few intervals before quickly being dragged back. Repeat process a few times.

It’s only near the end of the experience that one will be able to float towards the top of the wind tunnel or spiral downwards. One can forget about pulling off anything close to the tricks that the advertisement impresses you with. Maybe, unless you’ve a seasoned regular.

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(Updated: April 04, 2013)

“Adrenaline in a controlled environment...."...

On our small island where we have zero resources, other than human ones, it's amazing that iFly is the largest indoor skydiving facility anywhere in the world. The fun of iFly is not quite in the passive viewing, It's in the active participation.

The marketing campaign, videos, the repeated playing of high-strung music...are super hyped to inject excitement in the sport. And rightly so, it's an exciting sport..but packaged into a controlled and safer environment. Having completed 6 static line jumps and 1 tandem dive myself... I can say this is the best, in our context of limited air space or skydiving firms offering the service.

This is sort of like scuba diving in the new Sentosa huge aquarium and not having to take a 3-4 hours trip to Tioman or surrounding regions to get an adrenaline fix. Sort of like reduce that hunger pang before the actual big thing.

Here are the Pluses -
1) modern & chic environment...
2) convenient access (just steps the first main light rail stop).
3) Qualified instructors prepare participants adequately prior jumps.
4) Good amenities - cafe, lockers, etc.
5) Footwear - Covered shoes provided on loan to those wearing sandals, flip-flops, etc.

1) somewhat pricey
2) Like in a fish tank being viewed by visitors (can be stressful for fumbling newbies)
3) Somewhat "tricky" booking...advised to reserve "jump slots" online rather then on the spot or risk disappointment especially during peak hours.

So have a may discover your hidden talent in skydiving...and love that "endorphin cocktail"...

Optional Information:

Average Spent Per Person:
Best part:
The safety and convenience
Recommend to a friend:
Great float...
Pre-"jump" briefing
Safety & communciation training
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I spent an hour watching people 'float' on iFly as I was having my dinner at the cafe just beside the wind tunnel. The advertising and marketing efforts done for iFly is extravagant and exaggerating as what I saw on TV and videos did not match what I saw in real life. The participants barely floated for a little while, landed and went back to 20 seconds interval of flying and landing. The wind tunnel is not big and thus it was not as exciting as it was made out to be.

I would try it if it was not so expensive though.

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