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Siloso Beach offers leisure activities ranging from adrenaline-rushing surf to game of volleyball to relaxing stroll around with or without a bike. You can also chill out with a relaxing dip or have a game of captain's ball in the sea - definitely ideal for a sunny day. Coupled with tempting menus from bistros and restaurants, you don't have to worry about your meals and for a bonus, the beach comes more alive with parties and music from bars and bistros.

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Volleyball Pits Available

This is the place to be to play volleyball.

Being a frequent visitor of Siloso beach, the volleyball pits that are available provide a proper court for the volley-ball lovers! While there are limited courts available, the place usually has empty courts available. The past few times engaging in Volleyball in these pits were a fairly enjoyable experience despite the painful sand used for the pits.

The sand area is also near the water and some shade which meant that for us volleyball lovers, we could enjoy the sun while keeping our picnic mats and baggage in the shade while we played. After the game, the close proximity of the water also allowed us to dip in the water to cooling off from the intense and heated game.

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Busy Beach With Lots Of Activities For Everyone

As the largest and busiest beach in Sentosa due to its many activities, Siloso Beach is also often the most crowded beach. Siloso Beach is also the most accessible of the 3 beaches in Sentosa, being located next to the Beach Station monorail and carpark, and the shuttle bus stop. Because of this, Siloso Beach is often the first stop for many visitors to Sentosa.

Free activities at Siloso Beach include swimming, sun bathing, frisbee, volleyball, basketball and soccer. You'll most likely want to make use of either of the 2 pavilions, the Emerald Pavilion and the Sapphire Pavilion for shelter, or the Cool Deck, and public washrooms and showers are nearby. There are several Volleyball Courts, as well as 1 Baketball Court. Cheap activities include kayaking and skim boarding, and equipment is provided by rental shacks.

Siloso Beach also has several self-contained attraction activities, like The Flying Trapeze & Rock Wall, Wave House Sentosa, or iFly Singapore. Wave House Sentosa allows visitors to surf with indoor man-made waves, and also has a bar, restaurant, and a surf shop. iFly Singapore allows visitors to experience indoor sky diving, and also has several restaurants and a bar on the roof, which offers a great view of the beach. Songs Of The Sea is a twice daily show, at 7.40pm and 8.40pm, which is a spectacle of lights and music.

The MegaZip Adventure Park and Skyline Luge Sentosa span Siloso Beach to Imbiah Lookout. Skyline Luge Sentosa includes both a Skyride and a downhill Luge ride. MegaZip Adventure Park actually comprises 5 different activities. MegaZip is a 450 m flying fox ride over the forest canopy and beach, and is one of the longest and highest in Asia. MegaBounce offers high trampoline jumps, while NorthFace offers a 16 m high climbing wall, the tallest in Singapore. ClimbMax is an elevated obstacle course with 36 obstacles, and ParaJump replicates a parachute jump without an airplane.

If you're planning a visit to Siloso Beach, do note that while the beach is open 24 hours daily, the many activities available have various opening times. Generally, most should be open between 11am to 6pm. Admission fees vary for the various activities as well. Allocate between 1 to 4 hours for viewing, or for taking part in the many activities. Also, dress for warm weather, bring sun block lotion, and plenty of water.

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(Updated: October 21, 2016)



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I suppose it’s impossible for born and bred Singaporeans to not have visited the beach, considering how our tropical island is surrounded by water.

Situated at Sentosa, Siloso Beach is frequented by families, teenagers and young couples.

One visit on a weekend would show you clearly that this is a beach for excitement, activities and parties, definitely not for relaxation and tranquility. The beach is exceedingly crowded during the weekend, and only visit if you’re sufficiently prepared to fight the throngs of people for a good spot in the shade to place your belongings.

Exploited by the locals and tourists both, it can hardly be considered untouched and pristine.
Also, it reeks of artificiality, with man-made boulders, imported sand and trees planted in neat rows.

I suppose it’s still worth the occasional visit though.

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Teeming with Life

Recently I had to visit Sentosa several times in order to complete a project related to Singapore beaches. Of course, the beach I had to pass by every time was Siloso Beach. Although my target area was not this beach, I did drop by after surveying other places, and found that it was teeming with wildlife as well!

Siloso beach is well known for its flurry of activities and is usually filled with youngsters enjoying a day out in the sun. However, there is more to this beach than just the fun and games. The waters are filled with a myriad aquatic life such as butterfly fishes, horseshoe crabs (depending on the season) and even squid! Please do not pick up the horseshoe crabs by their tails and drag them out of the water though! I observed some visitors doing that from afar and it was terribly cruel to the poor creatures.

I also had a gathering of beach and water games with some of my friends at Siloso Beach recently, and if you want to avoid the crowds, weekday mornings are a good time to go. The beach is practically empty and you have the whole place to yourself. Don’t forgot to apply sunblock though because the sun can be extremely ruthless!

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Siloso Beach is like Singapore's version of Miami beach? This place is the most happening as it can get amongst all the Singapore beaches.

Despite the sand and all being imported in, it is a great place for crowds and volleyball and sun tanning. There are also many bars and pubs along the stretch of sand and the view is great, even at night time.

However, the crowd can get a little unbearable at times, especially during weekends and public holidays as students out on class outings usually gather here and play games. If you want to people watch, this is the right place to be!

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Artificially White

One of the nicest beaches that we have in Singapore I would say is Siloso beach, although it is rather ironic since it is not really part of Singapore as it is an artificially man-made reclaimed beach. For the praises that it constantly receives, it is a little over rated and going there with very high expectations like that of a clear Australian/Mediterranean beach would only meet those expectations with disappointment.

I would not see why people would actually have to specifically go to the beach to suntan because the Singapore weather is already hot enough for anyone to get a tan in the ordinary streets. Going to the beach in such hot weather would definitely demand more than once of sunblock to avoid getting burnt. I remember vaguely going to siloso beach years back with a few friends and it is a good location for bonding especially with small groups of friends. Friendly beach activities are really a good way to get closer to people, and for people to open up.

The yearly Zoukout event is always held at Siloso beach and my mother would always tell me to be wary on where I step on because the sand tends to bury drunken pukes!

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Even the rocks are fake

Siloso Beach is as uniquely Singaporean as it gets. Everything is totally manufactured, totally engineered, totally efficient and totally sanitized.

The land is reclaimed, the sand is imported and the boulders are fiberglass. The trees are arranged at neat, regular intervals. Even the boys playing beach volleyball look manufactured, with their uniform attire (board shorts and no top) and uniform physiques (everybody is tanned with a six-pack). I told my mate the rocks could be opened up to store her things and she believed me.

After an hour on Siloso Beach, you begin to wonder if you aren’t the only human being in a world of high-tech plastics and cyborg teens. I made the mistake of not conforming to the board shorts uniform (I wore Tomas Maier swim shorts and Miu Miu sandals instead of Quicksilver / Havaiannas) which resulted in some odd looks from the Siloso collective. If they had started to point and scream like in Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers I wouldn’t have been surprised.

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Great venue for events

Siloso Beach is probably the most happening beach in Singapore. Palawan Beach is quieter but not as nice to see. Of course Siloso is also where all the fun and laughter are.

I had a chance to came over to this place for a corporate get together. It was supposed to be a family day event and all of us were gathered there. Siloso beach being huge provided a great place for many events to be held concurrently to keep everybody entertained. There was a tentage set up with kids games, courts marked out for different games to be played. For those who are not interested you can even just stroll along the beach, and enjoy the sun and the waves, just make sure you put on enough suntan, as the sun can be really strong. The sands here are pretty fine, but the water, well being Singapore seas, one cannot expected it to be as clear as Redang or Maldives.

Along this stretch of the beach, there are also a few hotels along with the most famous one being Shangri-la Sentosa and also Siloso Resort, while others are within easy access. On the end is the iFly and the lightshow that is on every night.

Siloso is not just a beach, it is a venue of enjoyment and fun for all ages, well young ones mostly haha.

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Number 1 beach?

One thing Singapore is not known for is beaches. However limited coastal opportunities may be in our island, Siloso Beach is as good as it gets.

Personally, I love this place. It is arguably the cleanest beach around, with the water being really clear. In addition, the sand is of a fine quality as well, with little litter to be found. The cleaners do their job, and I am proud to say that most beach-goers have good etiquette. Volleyball and touch rugby are common sports played by visitors, with small groups teenagers often found having a good time.

Don't expect Hawaii level standards here, but other than that, it is a good beach.

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