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Listing created by Iswariya on September 10, 2012    

FilmGarde Cineplex has established itself as a major player amongst the cineplex complanies on our sunny island. With one of the most comfortable seatings offering plenty of legroom and a supremely experience-enhancing sound system, one can expect only the best from visiting a Filmgarde cineplex.

Currently located at Kallang Leisure Park and at Iluma Bugis, Filmgarde looks set to expand it's foray into the cineplex business. Although it is a Singaporean start-up, there is little doubt that it adheres to international movie-viewing standards and is actually superior to some of the cineplexes here. 

With some hot buttery popcorn and a cold drink, saunter over to catch the latest blockbuster and at the same time, offer your support to a Singaporean cineplex!

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Just another cineplex, sorry

Ahh, Filmgarde. The Prada and Burberry of cineplexes. One where everything costs more, and quality is supposed to be directly proportionate to the price. Sadly, I have to say that it just doesn't cut it (no pun intended).

I went over not too long ago to catch Skyfall. After being hyped as the most 'atas' place to head to for a movie, I was rather disappointed to see no difference from any other cineplex in Singapore. Sure, it may be a tad classier and the seats much cleaner, but in terms of quality, I don't find that it stands out from the crowd. The only saving grace here is the crowd - not many people come here, instead preferring to head to GV or Eng Wah.

They should make tickets less expensive.

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Severely overpriced.

Identical to any other cinema, with plush seats, carpeted floors, and lacklustre popcorn. It is anyone's guess why the tickets are so absurdly priced.

I mean sure, it's got a cool name. Give me three choices - Shaw, FilmGarde and Golden Village (and I'm sorry that's how far my knowledge of cinemas extends), and I'll pick FilmGarde anyday. As I said, it has a cool name.

But it's totally mediocre and its tickets are what, $11 during the weekends? That's a huge bite out of my wallet.

Give it a miss and save yourself a few dollars.

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Nothing spectacular

Unless you are a die-hard fan of churros, FilmGarde would probably not be your first choice when it comes to movies. The tickets sold at FilmGarde are very pricey at about $9.50 even for students,compared to Shaw Theatres at $6.50 and Cathay Cineplexes at $7 coupled with a free mini sized Coke. Devoid of attractive discounts,freebies and member privileges,FilmGarde lacks the appeal that draws in more customers.

The seats are quite comfy,the cinema is not overcrowded and the surround sound system is pretty good, but I would rather go for Cathay or Golden Village anytime for their reasonable prices.

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My ears hurt.

What's up with the sound system? I went to catch Step Up 3 in filmgarde Bugis+ awhile back and I have to say, it really hurt my ears. Step up 3, with all the music and dancing is already a pretty loud film, but filmgarde cranked their sound system to the maximum.

With each song that played during the film I would cover my ears and cringe at the sheer volume of the music. While there was plenty of leg room and very comfortable seating, I just couldn't get over the loud music. It actually gave me a headache. I guess it's back to GV for me.

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It's just that, another cinema

Much as I love my old cinemas, a new one is welcomed once in a while.

And Filmgarde is quite the over-performer. I was of course impressed by the new Tron-like exterior. I was pretty excited and must have over-sold it. I told my friends maybe we'll find Tron Ducatis as seats and we could ride as we watch and I was being extremely nonsensical.

So when I went in and found a normal cinema (they all look the same under no light, much like club chicks) and I was so disappointed, I plopped into a seat and finished my popcorn way ahead of the movie and threw it at friends who made fun of my big anticipation.

I still give points to their amazing sound system though. It made me deaf to my disappointment. Also the quality is fine, nothing to rave nor be ticked off about.

I'll still take my Eng Wah anyday.

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Not my favourite cineplex

Filmgarde seems to be a relatively new cineplex in Singapore, compared to other cineplex giants like Shaw or Golden Village, but it's slowly establishing a strong hold.

The cinemas at Filmgarde are usually quite spacious, and the seats are pretty comfortable. There is usually sufficient leg room in the cinemas so the slightly taller folks need not fret about discomfort.

The cineplex at Kallang Leisure Park even boasts couple seats, and considering how empty the cinemas can get, it would be a pretty good place for couples.

However, I personally try to avoid visiting Filmgarde if there are other cineplexes nearby. This is mainly because unlike other cineplexes like Shaw or Cathay, Filmgarde's ticket pricing is pretty much fixed and there is no room for even a student discount. As compared to Shaw's student ticket price of only $6.50, why would I want to pay $11 for a ticket at Filmgarde?

Perhaps Filmgarde ought to rethink its marketing strategy. There could be so much more customers if they would consider offering up more discounts.

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Cool place to catch a movie.

I like visiting Filmgarde cinemas for a couple of reasons, with the main one being that it's not as crowded as the other cineplexes in Singapore. Whilst most of the population usually flock to the more popular ones, I've had the pleasure of watching The Avengers and Ted and a host of other blockbusters in relative quiet anonymity at Filmgarde at Kallang Leisurepark. There is hardly a queue at their box office, but somehow the theatres will always be filled near capacity.

One thing they could improve on is their tie-ups to provide discounts and promotions. This is one area I feel that they're lacking in.

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(Updated: November 04, 2012)

Comfortable seats

Nothing to complain about, nothing to rave about.

The seats are comfortable, movie selection is good but it's at a disadvantage as there's no credit card or PAssion card promotions at all while all other cineplexes have tie-ups with these cards.

I was excited to see the display of Churros at their counter but everytime i want to purchase it the staff will reply that they have no more Churros. It makes me wonder if there's no Churros on those days (If i was that unlucky) or they don't sell it at all.

However if i'm at Kallang Leisure Park or at Bugis i'll still watch movies there for the sake of convenience. Unlike GV and Eng Wah which i'll make my way to other cinemas no matter how convenient it is.

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Not as crowded

I like that Filmgarde isn’t as crowded as the other cinemas in Singapore. The Bugis Plus (formerly known as the Illuma) one in particular is just as accessible as the cinema at Bugis but a lot less crowded. Filmgarde’s lack of success is the main reason why I like it!

If there is a reason why I would consciously choose another cinema over Filmgarde is its lack of credit card offers. At Cathay and Shaw group cinemas, for example, I get a discount every week day for movie tickets.

When it comes to film selection and fixtures, one cinema is pretty much as good as the other nowadays. Where is your competitive edge, Filmgarde?

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Quiet cinema

There is not much publicity about Filmgarde around and I'm not sure why. Although on the quiet side and not as established and famous as other cinema brands, it is still a decent movie theatre. The branding seems a little stagnant and the outlook of the place in general is not very appealing but who cares so much about that if what we are looking for is a good movie screening?

That being said, I would not travel the whole way just to patronize Filmgarde but if I happen to around the area and want to catch a movie, I would definitely drop by.

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