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The Omni-Theatre, established in 1987, is Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre. The 248-seat theatre is equipped with state-of-the-art IMAX technology which delivers the world’s most immersive experience. This is possible through the combination of specially-designed facilities (5-storey dome screen, seating configuration, digital sound system) and quality large format films (15perf/70mm). In January 2011, the Theatre upgraded its dome screen to the latest seamless NanoSeam screen, the world’s best projection surface offering unrivalled clarity. It is one of 32 such screens in the world and Asia’s largest. The theatre’s interior was also re-carpeted and seats re-upholstered.

The aim is to provide the best giant screen experience. The educational films offered cover genres such as science, space, nature, animals, marine life, culture, natural disasters and more. The Theatre received 288,000 visitors in FY2009/2010, out of which 50,000 are students and 238,000 are public. For the public visitor, there are mostly families with young children. In terms of profiling, about 50% are adults and 50% are children.

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10am - 6pm
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10am - 8pm
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$10 / movie
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I watched the documentary, Flying With Monsters in the Omni Theatre some time ago with my friends. It was exciting at fist, sitting in a 3 dimensional dome. The screen reaches all the way to the ceiling, allowing me to feel immersed into the scenes.

However, the excitement lasted about 5 minutes for me. My neck started achine as it was painful to look up and try to capture the scenes above the head. It also caused me to miss out on whats happening lower. And the documentary was a tad boring. Honestly, I'd rather have used the $10 to pay for a normal movie instead!

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Not for the faint of heart!

The omni-max theatre is a cinema that gives you a truly all-rounded experience. The screen fills a three dimensional dome and you are brought right into the heart of the movie experience.

The first time I entered the omni-max theatre was in Primary school, when we went there on an excursion. I was terrified of the place! We sat at the seats that were the furthest back, and this also meant they were the highest up. It really is quite frightening for those that have issues with height (including me) so be mindful of this! The railings are very sparse so there’s nothing much to hold on to despite feeling your legs start to get slightly wobbly as you ascend to the higher seats. Hold your wits and reach the top for the most amazing experience.

The shows are pretty much meant for children, but are also enjoyable for adults. I especially like the ones where the camera dips down into the landscape from an aerial view. You can certainly feel the G-force here, and be careful not to fall out of your seat!

Prices are steep but overall, it’s worth the experience and great entertainment for the whole family.

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(Updated: October 24, 2012)

If you have motion sickness, please stay away

The concept and idea of the omni theatre was extremely enticing, but the whole experience was terrible. This place is definitely not suitable for those who have severe motion sickness like me. It started out alright but when there were some spinning and fast-moving scenes, I started feeling dizzy and nauseas. The 'sphere' screen above the seats are too neck-straining for first row visitors. Anyway, 30 minutes into the show, I could not hold it any longer and dashed out to the toilet to relief myself of the unbearable nausea. For the more adventurous, this is a good place to go.

Never. Going. Back.

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Overwhelming experience, but might get dizzy.

The Omni-theatre is located beside Science Centre. I went there to enjoy a fun-filled activity with my girl-friend and we purchased the Omni-theatre tickets, Snow City and Science Centre entrance tickets as a package because I find that it is more worthwhile.
Omni-theatre is basically a theatre with gigantic movie screen that stretches from one end of the theatre to another. It is rounded so it feels that you are not only watching the movie, but actually in it. Do be careful with the stairs as it is quite a climb and is considerably steep. The seats are just like any ordinary movie theatre seats. We managed to get decent seats in the middle and there were only a few of us there as we visited this place during the weekdays. The movie experience was incredible. We watched this documentary about wildlife preservation and we felt like we were just inches away from the real thing. The movie is normally an hour long.
In conclusion, a great place to consider exploring if you are bored of the normal Orchard Road shopping and movie screenings. Plus, it is very near Jurong East Mrt thus it is quite accessible.

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Large movie screen
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(Updated: September 25, 2012)

Surreal. But gives me neck aches.

Unlike the conventional movie theatre, the Omni Theatre gives one an one of a kind screening experience. The concave design of the connecting walls and ceiling allows viewers to feel like they are in the show/documentary without the need for annoying over sized 3D glasses.

The area of projection is all the way from the ceiling to the surrounding walls, allowing the viewers to have the best seat in the theatre no matter where they are seated.

Although the experience was surreal, the image were so huge that it makes it hard to see the full picture of what was going on most of the time. On top of that, 1 hour sitting with your neck up is not very pleasant.

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Extraordinary movie experience

If you are looking for an out-of-the-world movie experience, I would recommend you to visit the Omni-Theatre located near Jurong East MRT Station. You can purchase your tickets at the Science Centre booth, and if you are interested you can get the Science Centre + Omni-Theatre package, because both places are worth a visit.

The interior of the Omni-Theatre is a huge dome, and be prepared for an extraordinary movie experience, usually lasting 40 mins or longer. Watch the things in the movie come to life right in front of your very own eyes, and there were so real that I've even seen some cheeky young boys reaching their hands out trying to touch the girls in the movie!

However, if you are unlucky enough to get a seat that forces you to raise your head up high throughout the whole movie, you're in for a bad time. Hence, my advice would be to visit the Omni-Theatre on weekdays before 6 pm, where there is lesser crowd.

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The few times I've been to Imax, I was blown away every time. It's a magical experience, and for an hour or so, I would sit enthralled by whatever they were showing. The last time I went, I watched this short documentary about the underwater and I actually felt as if I were amongst the fishes.. it was amazing.

The only minor complaint I have is that if you get stucked in a lousy seating area (further in front), you might have a slight ache at your neck from looking upwards too much. Oh and the space for your legs to move around is sort of cramped so you might accidentally kick the seat in front of you which might result in angry stares (this has happened to me more than once).

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Wonderful experience that needs more publicity

I remember watching IMAX movies in the Omni-Theatre as a kid and I'd always leave the place with a sense of wonder and with the images of the movie still playing in my head.

After a long absence, of about 10 years, I was looking forward to it once again. Buying a cup of warm popcorn and settling myself into my soft cushioned seat, I eagerly awaited the start of the movie. As I looked around me, I realized that there were not that many people in there with me. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, a feature on sharks. With the seats tilted back and the air-conditioning cool, I really enjoyed myself.

I hope to see more advertisements on the feature IMAX movies that Omni-Theatre as I feel they are due some publicity at least and more kids can enjoy this educational learning experience.

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Fantastic experience

The Omni-Theatre specializes in showing documentaries in their IMAX theatre. You know you are in for a treat when you hear the word "IMAX", even if they do not show this summer's movie blockbuster, but documentaries instead. They change their documentaries every once in a while. It is a huge theatre, with comfortable plush seats and large all-round screen. The only complaint I have is that the leg space for some seats can be a little cramped even for a petite person like me, so a tall person have to practically fold him/herself to fit in.

Otherwise, it is a truly magical experience and even if you may not be one for educational movies, you should still visit the Omni-Theatre for the IMAX experience.

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Educational and stunning

The Omni-theatre proffers a brilliant movie experience like no other - a splendourous meld of both education and entertainment. The movie is screened (get this straight) not on a screen, but on the dome structure of the theatre, enabling you to feel deeply immersed in the movie as you are shrouded by the stunning visuals.

The seats are comfortably titled back a little so you would not feel your neck aching. The downside to the seats however is that there might be little leg space. Another downside to the omni-theatre experience is that the content of the movie is mostly educational. So if you are looking more towards enjoying a movie purely for entertainment sake, you are definitely there for the wrong reason. That said, the visuals are compelling enough to make your money worth, just that after 20min, you might get bored.

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