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The Singapore River has great historical importance as the city initially grew around its trade and subsequent commerce development. Up to now, the area remains an economically important piece of land in Singapore.

Highlights along the Singapore River include the CBD, pub area Boat Quay and Clarke Quay and landmarks such as the esplanade and Merlion Park. It is most commonly visited at night where tourists hop onto bumboats to enjoy a leisure cruise on the river. Prices start at $3 for a simple ride and $15-$25 for 40-60 min tours.

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City Lights over the River

The Singapore River has always been one of the main attractions to tourists and locals. I visited the river a lot of times but it was always at different parts of the river. My friend brought me to the start of the river which is behind the Riverview Hotel. We paid about $3 for each ticket which entitled us to ride on a boat which was decorated with red Chinese lanterns. We had to wait for about 20 mins for the boat to arrive.

Once the boat had arrived, there were only one couple and a few men who run the boat. We had the rest of the boat to ourselves. We drove pass the bars along Clarke Quay and pass Liang Court. Then we saw the bright city lights among the dark skies which was the heart of Singapore River. In total the ride was about 20 mins. We alighted at the Merlion Park, nearby the famous Merlion. I definitely will bring my family on the boat trip!

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Expensive shops, but nice place to relax

This is the place that makes me happy. For so long I have watched those local TV dramas where the actor and/or actress would come here to drink and get intoxicated right next to the river. That's right, this place is full of pubs and bars! The people that come here to drink are numerous. Too bad I'm not of legal age, if not I would get to enjoy it.

There are still many fun parts, though. I would watch the various types of boats cross the waterway, and stare right across the river. This is just a magical place to relax.

There are also quite a few high end restaurants around here, although I just walk past them, because I cannot afford them. There is also a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf here, which is an excellent place to relax. The boat tours they offer here are actually quite expensive, so I would not try them.

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A marvelous marriage of history, heritage and hedonism.

I first visited the Singapore River in 1972. Back then it was a dirty, black sludge of a river filled with greasy bumboats offloading cargo from ships anchored where the MBS now stands. The western banks of the river were lined with old warehouses. Government offices occupied the eastern shore. It was definitely colourful, and maybe people may feel a little nostalgic when they look at it today.

It is a different world. Is it a better world? In terms of the cleanliness of the river, certainly. Like the rest of the world, it is a modern area. Thankfully, enough of the old buildings remain, revitalised, reused, refurbished. Instead of coolies and bumboats and trade, you have coolers and fat tourists and trade of a different kind. The port has long since gone and is still going! One day all that filthy commerce will end up on Jurong Island.

Does its resurgence and rebirth mean it is less interesting? Far from it. A walk up the Singapore River from the Fullerton to the Copthorne is a true urban delight. Of course, it has been developed for tourists, and the planners have done an incredible job.

Warehouses are no micro breweries. Bumboats are now tour boats. Old homes are now swank bars and restaurants. Where harsh river banks once tried to cope with the lugging of large loads and the stacking of shipments from all over the world, balustrades, cobblestones, trees and flowers line the river creating a delightful modern environment with enough of the past to suggest Amsterdam in one corner, Paris in another, and importantly, Singapore throughout.

Definitely, a walk up the banks of the Singapore River is a pleasure indeed.

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Part of Singapore history

If you studied history, you would have learnt that Singapore started from this river. In the old days, trade and commerce were centred around this river. Few years ago, you can still find the old warehouses from times past at Robertson Quay. My wedding photo used one of the warehouse as background.

Come about ten years later, many things had changed. Even Robertson Quay has hotels. Clarke Quay had been revamped. At the end of river, you can see a "surf board from outer space".

I missed the duck race where cute toy ducklings were thrown into the river and allowed to flow downriver. The first duckling to cross the finish line will win the owner a big prize.

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(Updated: January 12, 2013)

when night falls

Not sure where to go when you are feeling gloomy and bottled up? Try walking down this renowned river. You could be jolted with good memories back then. If it doesn't, try creating one now! I recalled taking the tourist riverboat ride when I was a kid. I never really get a chance to be taken out to the open sea; a river still does make wonders.

Looking out to all sorts of activities that people are doing. Be it enjoying a sumptuous meal, drinking their life away or partying till there is no tomorrow. The bumboat could be replaced by duck tour now but you are still able to enjoy the scenery and lightings that is simple breath taking. So what if you are singaporean, certain things are still worth a try.

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Amazing at night

The Singapore River carries the memories of Singapore's early days. A river that used to be heavily polluted, and crowded with junk ships, the Singapore River today is definitely very different from what it used to be.

I used to go to Singapore River just to sit down at the steps and have heart to heart conversations with my friends, because there's just something about seeing ripples in the typically peaceful river that gives us a sense of calm.

Although the Singapore River looks a little murky in the day, with bottles and bottle caps adrift in the river. That said, it was probably much worse in the past, and when compared to rivers in other countries, locals tend to realize that our river isn't so bad after all.

Visit the Singapore River at the night! That's when you won't be able to spot any rubbish in the water, and the brightly lit buildings at the opposite ends definitely serve as an amazing backdrop. Be warned though, try not to stay out too late, as there are often people who's had too much to drink lurking around the area as well, and ladies may feel a little uncomfortable with that.

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River of commerce

Once upon a time, the Singapore River was a really busy place with lighters plying the river carrying goods from ships anchored in the harbour. Of course as a result the river was polluted heavily but not without redemption. By 1986, the river was clean enough for you to swim in it if you wanted to.

With the Marina Barrage in operation, the river now experiences no tides and the water is slowly turning into fresh water. Personally, if someone had actually tasted the water, perhaps you could leave a comment behind to confirm the taste?

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We should be prouder of the Singapore River

I used to say that the Singapore River is a joke. Its waters are murky, it sometimes smells, and it really is only an extended body of water connected to the sea.

But after travelling and seeing a few rivers in other countries, I think we should really appreciate the Singapore River more. Some rivers in cities like Melbourne are even more murky, smellier, and filled with litter.

Instead the Singapore River is kept relatively free of litter. There are numerous tours you can take to cruise on it and around Singapore as well. Not to mention, the hottest nightlife spots are located around it.

I visit it frequently now as my daughter loves standing beside it and watching the boats and people sail by.

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(Updated: December 14, 2012)

Really murky water

I went to the Singapore River yesterday and was astounded by how murky the water looked. In pictures, the water is always blue and clear and looked like something out of a painting. When I went down to the river yesterday, I could smell it even before I could see it. I don't know what people threw into the river but the nasty smell that was emitting form the place made me want to retch.

There are many food chains lined along the river for people to eat and relax. I cannot understand how anyone can enjoy a nice meal with such an eyesore.

Call me pessimistic but the Singapore river is not a choice location for me to relax.

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Sometimes I wonder why is it even called a river.

Being a geography student, I have been taught how a typical river looks like and what landforms they have. Meanders, waterfalls, gorges, oxbow lakes, deltas etc. Once I was busy mugging for my O levels, I thought of the Singapore River and realize this river does not have any of these landforms at all! At least, not any that I'm aware of. So why still call it a river? Even the distance of the Singapore river seems to short to call it a river, look at the Mekong or the Nile!

Also, the Singapore River seems to be calm all the time. I know the government has taken measures to slow down it's speed, which I felt it worked too well. Also, with many buildings by the side, it's as though the river is man-made.

To me, the Singapore River really is just an elongated water body, rather than an actual river.

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