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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 23, 2012    

Flight Experience is a unique aviation entertainment designed specifically for the entertainment and (entry level) training markets. It incorporates leading edge technologies to provide an immersive aviation experience.

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Weekday Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm daily
Entrance Fees:
$175 - $395
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> $50


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If you have spare cash

I brought a client here who won a contest in his country and part of it was to try this flight experience.

It was a fun experience for sure, from the flight stewardess receptionist to the pilot looking instructor, whether he is the real deal or not we will never know. I sat in the cockpit as my client took off and landed in many different airports around the world. It was fun for the first 10 minutes feeling like i'm a vip in the cockpit, the rest of it was just boring.

To be honest, i had a similar experience when i played a taking off and landing game at the arcade when i was younger for 2 dollars. It had a lot less dials and looked a lot lesser like a real plane, it didn't come with a co-pilot but it was 2 dollars and i had a lot of fun. I also had a lot of fun driving race cars, surfing or riding skateboards at the arcade for 2 dollars or below.

You will have to justify this experience as awesome because you are paying a lot for it. From my perspective, my 2 dollars experience isn't too far from this and i can have many many other great experiences as well for a lot less.

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Makes one aspire to be a pilot

This is one of the most exciting activities I have ever participated in. Knowing that my boyfriend loves all these flight-related stuff, I surprised him with a birthday present - Flight Simulator Experience.

I was allowed to sit in the 'cockpit' while the very friendly and professional instructor taught him how to do basic controls such as landing, take off, steering, etc. The whole experience felt real and it is amazing how the simulator they used was the same one that real commercial pilots use for training.

It cost approximately $150+ for a 30-minutes experience but it is definitely worth it. If I, as a viewer, enjoyed it, I'm sure the person who sat through the experience would love it even more.

Really, go try it. You'll thank me later.

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Great place for aviation fans

If you are a fan of aviation-related stuffs, this place would be the most appropriate place for you. I came to this shop, and had a flight simulator experience. I would say that it is very realistic, as all the controls and seat are using the real aircrafts parts. That time when I went, the staffs were very friendly. As you sit in the simulator, you would feel as if you yourself moving as the screen (as projected by the projector) project the environment onto the screens, as response to the controls.

However, if you are not planning to try out the simulator, you could even buy the aircraft (Boeing) models, key chain, poster etc. Do not worry, as all the products sold in this shop are official products. It is worth buying their poster, as you can use it as a decoration for your room, after framing it up. The aircraft models are relatively cheaper than buying at those hobby shop. That time, I bought a Boeing 747-400 poster and a Boeing 747-400 Model (Scale 1:200) and it cost me less than $100.

Except for that, what could be further improved would be the movement of the whole simulator (just like the airline trainings do). In all, I would say that if you are aviation-craze, you can consider coming to this place!

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Up ! Up! Up !

Flight Experience Singapore is a pretty interesting place to have a hands-on experience in Singapore. It gives you a virtual plane flying experience where you can take flight and land in various airports. I must say that although you know for sure that the cabin is motionless; the well-designed visual and superb audio effects were definitely very realistic. Although you are not really flying the plane in reality it really gives you a very good experience there and you would simply enjoy your time there as the whole programme aims to give you the closest experience as to how it feels like for a pilot to fly a plane. Even the cabin too feels so realistic and it is really very interesting and fascinating to believe and see how everything in Flight Experience Singapore works.

It was then I truly understood how a pilot risks their lives and put the importance of the passenger’s lives to priority than theirs. It helped me to further appreciate the job of our dear pilots. Now, whenever I get a chance to go overseas, I am always getting reminded of my very own plane flying experience as it has been etched in my heart forever.

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