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Malcolm Baey
Listing created by Malcolm Baey on March 23, 2012    

The Merlion Park in Singapore is a popular tourist attraction and took its place among the famous landmarks of great cities of the world. It is originally located at the Esplanade Bridge, about 20meters from its current location and was shifted in 2002. It is now adjacent to One Fullerton. The Merlion, is Singapore's tourism icon, is a creature with a lion's head and the body of a fish. The "Singa" or lion represents the animal that a Sumatran prince saw which resembled a lion, and the fish is a tribute to Singapore's history as "Temasek", the ancient sea town. The statue was completed in 1972, and measures 8.6 metres (26 feet) high and weighs 40 tonnes!.

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The water spout

Come on! I know the significance of the legend. Half lion. Half merman, or is tit mermaid: merperson might be more politically correct. ?

I really can't get excited about this white sculpture spitting an eternal stream of water into the Marina. Granted the setting is grand when you stand under the spout and gaze at the old Post Office and Tax Office across to the Esplanade Theatres and over the water to the three towers of the MBS.

There is no doubt that the setting is dramatic and that Singapore's Marina Bay/ City scape is quite wonderful. Not as grand as gazing at Hong Kong Island from Kowloon of course but at least in Singapore, unless the fires in Sumatra are really going strong, at least you can see across the water!

Not only is this allegedly iconic thingie a must for land lubbers, the refurbished bumboats that now act as ferries for tourists wail all the way down the river (50 metres at a stretch) to look goggle eyed at it.

It is nice enough as something to glance at when wandering around the marina. Maybe it makes for a great tourist photo op.

But that's your lot, mate.

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Iconic place with a view

I feel that the merlion park is more of a place to be for display more than to be visited and for people to spend time there. If you cut out the buildings i.e one fullerton and the nearby esplanade, merlion park looks just like a piece of land with the iconic merlion statue facing out to the sea.

While the merlion statue is majestic and the park has a brilliant view of the water and the IR, there is nothing much to do there other than stand or sit around talking and appreciating the view. The fact that hordes of tourists go to the park every day deters me from going there as it is way to crowded, and if I want a nice view to look at, there are many other places to go to.

A visit once in a while would be nice, especially if you are a tourist. but going too often or for too long would just bore most people our out. Do also note that on a sunny day, the park can get very hot as there are little trees or shade there.

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The heart of the tornado

In my opinion, although there isn't much to do here, other than showing expats our deliberately coined tourist icon, I feel that it represents the very heart of our country. Singapore is a busy place that I liken very often in my mind as a tornado. However, at the heart of every tornado, it's peaceful and calm. This is the merlion park.

Situated a stone's throw away from the Esplanade, the view from the merlion lookout, is iconic to say the least. As much as I would not recommend it as a destination, I feel it's a great place to kill time between shows at the esplanade, or simply a great detour while exploring the city hall area.

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Singapore's classic landmark

This mythical creature is Singapore’s classic landmark. Tourists and locals alike should never miss a photo at this spot. The Merlion is Singapore’s icon known all over the world.

It is surrounded with classy buildings and Singapore’s finest tourist spots. Situated almost at the center of the country’s premium destinations, one can take a splendid capture in every angle.

A wide array of fine dining is available along the Singapore river just within the vicinity of the park. The regular and harmonious movement of river cruise boats also known as river taxis add to the park’s appeal.

Merlion Park is packed with tourists almost everyday. It is indeed a classic tourist destination.

My first photo in Singapore was taken at this place. Maybe that is why it has been very close to my heart. It may look simple and bizarre to some but to me it is fantastic and truly Singapore’s classic landmark.

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The Merlion symbolises Home

In the night, the Merlion park is set against the beautiful lights of the Singapore cityscape. Situated in the heart of the city, the Merlion is tranquil in its steady outflow of water from its mouth. This sight was definitely one that was interesting to me. Just like many others who were laughing or chatting at the bridge facing the Merlion, I found that this place was home.

While the Merlion symbolises the founding myth of how Singapore came to be named 'Singapura' and a home for the Prince, it was significant for me in that instance to find a sense of warmth, surrounded by many other Singaporeans who were gathered in the presence of this memorable and unique sculpture that is truly Singaporean.

The night scene of the Merlion is much more calming than in the day.

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Singapore's Landmark

This used to be located near Singapore river, but now all its 70 tonnes of history filled body stands facing Marina bay. As the icon of Singapore, this is a great place for tourists to visit and snap photos while jokingly recalling its tragic meeting with lightening a few years back.

The view i must say is really pretty at night when all the lights are up and when the cool wind blows. Suitable for couples on a date or just friends and families to take a after dinner stroll.

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New home for Merlions

I remembered there was once a news or documentary on the relocation of the Merlion. It was not a simple project and a lot of planning and money was spent on the relocation. The previous home of Merlion was at the mouth of Singapore river. The whole landscape around the river side and bay area had changed so much that I could not really recall where was the old home for Merlion.

The new home is more brightly lit and had a lot more space. So you can comfortably take your photos with the Merlion and there are also more angles from where you can take your photos. My children told me that there are a family of Merlions in Singapore. Papa Merlion is on Sentosa and Mama Merlion and Baby Merlion are at the Merlion park.

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Ablazing with flashes from cameras!

This place was set ablaze by continuous string of flashes from cameras every time the moon rises. I went there and bask in the atmosphere. It made a local like me be intermingled with a sense of patriotism and even a little of touristic-ness. Snapshots conducted there has never brought a frown across my face.

The Merlion stood majestically by the river. I was easily hypnotised by it's gleaming gregarious physique. I glanced around me and saw tourists being captivated by it too. The lights deriving from Singapore's skyscrapers reflected against the river creating some sort of a mystical glow. These are definitely the magical elements that made my photos taken there brilliant! I wasn't the only one who believed in Merlion Park's beauty. Apparently, so did many. How else would anyone explain the consistent buzz of shutter buttons being pressed every night there?

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The picturesque setting
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Nothing to do there

The first time I went to Merlion Park was because of a camp, we were split into groups and had to complete some tasks, one of which is to take a picture with the Merlion.

Unfortunately, it was noon when we reached; the sun was scorching hot. There were many people there, probably tourists. There is nothing to do there. We quickly took a picture and left.

I think it's better if you visit the place at night.

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(Updated: February 04, 2013)

A must visit

Whenever you're in Singapore, this place is definitely a must see. The Merlion looks better at night where you can see the different hues of lights from the buildings in the background.

The area surrounding the Merlion is in fact quite nice and lovely. This place is a famous tourist attraction and everywhere you turn, you can see families taking pictures with huge grins. This is an extremely breathtaking place come during night time where the lights make everything look pretty.

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Perfect place to chill out

If you just finished a long day visiting the city area and want a good place to wind down, come on down to the Merlion Park. It is a really good place to just sit down and chillax with good company. Be sure to bring along a camera as well as good photo opportunities are aplenty. Tourists can get up close and personal with the Merlion, which I'm sure is only unique to Singapore and no other country in the world.

The perfect timing to visit the park in my opinion would be at night, where the weather is extremely cooling. Furthermore, you will be able to soak in the wonderful atmosphere of Singapore's nightlife with brightly illuminated landmarks such as the Integrated Resorts and the Esplanade all within your sight.

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(Updated: January 21, 2013)

A hop and a skip

My visits to dear old Merlion Park usually revolve around a pre-determined route. Here's how my mini-tour goes:

I alight at City Hall MRT station and slowly make my way on foot towards the One Fullerton area, passing by the tallest hotel in Singapore Swissotel The Stamford (cookie points if you look up and don't fall over backwards) before taking the underground walkways (good place to watch breakdancers trying to out do each other) and emerging at the Esplanade tunnels (art installations are rotated every few weeks).

I then slowly make my way across the Esplanade Bridge (great photo-ops abound) stopping once in a while to take in the glorious vista of the Singapore skyline, down a flight of stairs and there he stands, the Merlion. I end my 45 min stroll with a nice hot cup of latte from one of the major coffee houses in the area.

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(Updated: January 15, 2013)

Vomiting Lion

When I was in Nepal, I met a Japanese traveler who remarked that we had a vomiting lion. It took me only a moment to realise that he's talking about our great Merlion.

I have always thought that this amalgam of a lion and a fish was a weird icon for our country. The lion I know. The fish is explained above. But why the hell is it vomiting? Maybe there IS a reason for all these disparate elements to coalescence into the vomiting monster we all love today. But if the reason isn't immediately obvious, or at least tangibly explainable, does it even matter?

Given Singapore's obsession to showcase our best to the world, I thought STB would have already chosen another icon to boast about. However, I guess that's how history works. One weird idea gets adopted, and all future generations will have to follow it in the name of culture and history.

Oh, but I'm digressing. The place itself? It's hot and filled with tourists. Except when it's evening, then it's cool and filled with tourists. I guess there's nothing much to do there except photo taking. If you're a tourist.

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Singapore Icon

This amazingly sculptured concrete is indeed famous. My foreign friends used to say "you have not completed your Singapore tour if you do not have a photo of this dragon". I disagree with the dragon part but totally agree with the rest of the statement. This place is amazing and the Merlion has really become a Singapore icon that they even made a key chain out of it.

However, the sun will literally dampen your mood. It can be pretty humid and it will send you to shower on your own sweat. Disgusting remarks aside, this place might not interest locals much but we must be proud to the fact that foreigners include Merlion park to their itinerary.

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