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Haziyah Ali
Listing created by Haziyah Ali on February 20, 2014    

Tao Li is a Singapore based swimmer. She was originally from China. She became a Singapore citizen before she was educated at Singapore Sports School.

She represented Singapore in numerous swimming competitions under either the butterfly or breaststroke catagory. She succeeded in attaining 4 gold medals and a single bronze during the Phillipines SEA Games. 

She was also involved in the Beijing Summer Olympics. She cracked two Asian records there and even qualified for the finals. She was the first Singaporean to have succeeded in entering the finals at an Olympic match.


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Fast, Powerful Champion

She's fast, she's buff, and she's a champion!

Tao Li is nothing short from a Singapore treasure - and by that I mean someone that Singapore coddles and fondles with care because she produces results. Just her spectacular performance alone and her winnings has led her to earn the huge monetary incentive that the government provides for the best athletes in the country.

Of course with that kind of skill and talent, coupled with determination and dedication, the glory that she has brought to Singapore has really allowed Singapore to take broad strokes forward. Through games like these, Singapore is actually placed in the world map with the other big countries. Maybe the monetary incentive is really worth every cent if we can place a price tag to success and international acknowledgement.

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I have the proud privilege of claiming that Tao Li was from my primary school. By then, she had already started swimming regularly. This was impressive, given that she was only in primary school. It was common for her to wake up much earlier than her peers and head to the nearby swimming complex to complete laps. I remember being in awe, and admiring her very much for her dedication and love for swimming.

Now she has moved on to further glory for Team Singapore. Although she is not local, her yearning to bring Singapore swimming to greater heights is touching. She trains so hard, so regularly and even goes for overseas stints to hone her craft. People may mock her for being yet another "China import". But I think her effort and love for Singapore speaks far more than the baseless words of those critics.

Go Tao Li!

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