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Listing created by Iswariya on November 30, 2012    

Fandi Ahmad is a former professional soccer player who has attained legendary status in Singapore. He is well-like by the public for his clean-cut status and philanthropic causes. 


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A true local legend, enough said

Fandhi ahmad was a phenomenal player at his prime. He was the golden boy of his time. He brought many glorious days for singapore at the Malaysia cup.

Fandi ahmad stood out from the rest of the players because he was one of the younger players at that era. His speed, ball control and skill were his best attributes. He always had an eye for goal, and when you score as often as he did , the fans will be crazy over you. Fandi ahmad is a household name when it comes to local football, everyone knows him, from the children to the old folks. He brought plenty of successes to singapore football. He was so good that he even had stints to ply his trade in Europe. He has played in the Indonesian league as well.

The only other player that came close to him till this day would have to be Mr. V. Sundramoorthy. But Fandi Ahmad is truly the face of singapore football.

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Fandi is still fondly remembered and widely respected as one of Singapore's best footballers, if not the best. He was probably the only person I could name in the Singapore squad at that time, because I was still really young then and more importantly, completely uninterested in football.

However, I recently got a chance to watch him at the Singapore/EPL Masters tournament. I think I became an instant convert. Even at his age, (what, is he like 50 now?) he still plays beautifully. Runs hard, great moves, great goals. Fans cheered for him like no other, almost bringing down the stadium and you could really see his status as Singapore's favourite legend, and more importantly WHY he deserves that status.

Only wish I'd been born earlier or had taken an interest in football earlier to see more of Fandi in action.

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A Striker's striker..

Fandi is a Singaporean legend. Boys of my generation who played soccer wanted to be him. I could remember watching him score that one-magical goal against Inter in 1983. Never before had a Singaporean scored against a major European side. Indra Shahdan doesn't count. He scored against a side on holiday. That goal pretty much sums up what Fandi is all about throughout his career, industrious, clinical and ruthless.

What I regretted was that he didn't taken up the offer made to him by Ajax, not once but twice. He could have been a much bigger player than he had ever been had he taken it up.

Despite all that he had achieved more than any other player in Singapore but herein lies the lesson for anyone in Singapore: When the opportunity presents itself, strike and see what is in store for you rather than to regret later.

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