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#02-05, Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Ave Singapore 039802
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Nicole Lee
Listing created by Nicole Lee on November 08, 2013    

This was developed in support of the indigenous artistry and the livelihood of village artisans. It is a showcase of the furnishings and amenities that adorn the trademark Banyan Tree Hotel & Resorts.

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12 pm to 9 pm
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> $50


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I've heard of Banyan Tree Resorts

But I've never actually been to one.

So it is not surprising that I was (temporarily) fascinated by this place.

Had I been a regular at the hotel, I would've scoffed at their teapots and towel stands. But I am not a hotel regular, I am a person bored out of her mind waiting for a panel to start so I decided to explore Esplanade Mall like it was my lover.

This place bored me the most. Hands down!

It looked like a Bali-themed museum at first, with all the dim, yellow lights and great craftsmanship. There were exquisite deigned perfume bottles and quirky gift boxes. If you look closely, you'll realize that boredom is coming and you'll take a step back and steady yourself.

Then it'll hit.

I got bored after seeing the fifth sculpture (you must understand - I am a self-declared professional shopper and we hate looking at things we can't afford/ we don't want to buy) and I've always been all for cosy chic so this empress-dowager-vibe place - all their furniture looked like it came from the set of a Korean empress drama - did not particularly appeal to me.

I went in bored, and I left bored.

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Nothing at all folks
Esplanade Mall
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