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The Arts House is the former Parliament House converted into an arts and heritage space.

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(Updated: April 02, 2013)

A real delight

Set in the old Parliament House, this place tucked in behind the Victoria Halls and the Asian Civilization Museum is a delight. From its coffee shop complete with browsing of books and music to the various display halls and the old chamber which is sometimes used as a recital hall, through to the screening room, this is an arts centre that lives.

It is well worth a visit, and the coffee is great. Just remember, your mobile wont work inside! It must be the thick concrete walls.

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A Refreshing Space for the Arts

I still remember my first visit to the Arts House as a child. It was to catch a recital by my music teacher, and having heard that the place was once a site for parliamentary meetings, my inquisitive mind just could not help conjuring up images of government officials deep in debate in this refurbished concert hall all throughout the recital. "Meetings must have been such a grand affair," I'd thought, seeing the polished floors, large chandeliers and exquisitely designed pillars.

As I grew older, the Arts House soon became a regular haunt for my theatre loving friends and I, where we would sometimes drop by to catch some lesser-known foreign art films or treat ourselves to a whimsical play or two by budding local talents. Besides the building's preserved architecture and somewhat Victorian feel, which lent a cosy ambience to the event venues, it was mainly the rich cultural diversity of events offered and their frequent showcase of local talent - a relatively rare find in many local contemporary arts spaces - that left its appeal on us and had us coming back for more. It was a pity, though, that with our tight budget as students, we often had to come to a compromise on the events we could go for, though we were always spoilt for choice.

All in all, the Arts House certainly provides a unique space for both art buffs and explorers alike to be acquainted with a lesser known side of the local arts scene, and to take a quick breather from the hustle-and-bustle of city life.

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Bringing the arts to the people

The Arts House organises a variety of events at affordable prices or even free of charge, which I feel really helps to allow everyone to enjoy "art-house" events. Such events cover a whole range of art forms like the literary arts, visual arts, music, etc.

What I love best though are the regular free film screenings it holds. It often screens movies by themes and seats are available on a first-come-first-served basis. Some of these are pretty old films which are not that easy to find so I'm really glad whenever I can catch them at The Arts House.

I would suggest signing up for the mailing list to be kept updated on events. With so many events going on every week, there's bound to be something that will interest you.

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Beautiful architecture. i went there recently for an event and was invited into the old parliament rooms. When i entered, I was astounded by the beautiful architecture, layout and setting of the chairs and furniture in the room. Hung from the ceilings were two majestic, beautiful chandeliers gleaming brightly and at the corners, spotlights to illuminate the room.

The chairs were of the same setting as the current parliament room. It was my first time stepping into a parliament room and I was awed. Seating on the padded seats with a wooden parapet in front, I felt so honoured to be seating there, by the thought that my posterior was exactly where Singapore's ministers had on during parliament sessions in the past.

This place is indeed a nice place to go and have a look and feel the nostalgia.

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Pleasant and unpretentious

I went to The Arts House for a concert recently and had the chance to wander around the area while waiting for time to pass. I visited an exhibition called Memory and Actuality where paintings and photographs are presented by Andrew W. Langton. It was just like any other museum visit but what made it special was that Mr. Langton himself was there to greet visitors and speak with them in order to get some constructive feedback for his work.

What I like most about The Arts House is the regular programme called "But Is The Book Better?", a monthly film series where they screen book-to-film adaptations with a different theme each month. They have screened some of my favorite films such as The Shining, To Kill A Mockingbird, Coraline, and Fantastic Mr. Fox. They offer free admission on a first-come-first-serve basis, which is great for travellers on a budget.

Music lovers aren’t missing out. "The Alphabet Series", presented by The Sing Song Club, is held each month. There is an admission price, though, so it is more suited for those who are less frugal and are looking for something different to do in the evenings.

While The Arts House is not the number one attraction in Singapore, the events held there are interesting and definitely worth a visit.

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But Is The Book Better? series
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