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Eu Yan Sang is a healthcare and wellness company that focuses on Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Like a clinic

This always seems like a Chinese clinic for me! Whenever I fall sick, I will visit this place and consult the staff on what kind of drink I should consume and what type of herbs I should buy to brew for myself.

Apart from the excellent products, the services are good too. While choosing the right type of herbs, the staff will make some 'liang teh' for us to drink. They will also explain to you the different uses for different type of product.

Also, you only need to pay $15 to be their member and enjoy 10% discount every time you patronize!

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Remembering the place by its smell

I walk past this shop all the time - it is definitely the on-stop shop for everything to do with Traditional Chinese Medicine. From the craziest herbs such as Tongkat Ali to the most common-day Chrysanthemum tea, this shop has it.

Even when I'm sick I automatically walk to this shop to buy a bottle of warm barley, warm Chrysanthemum tea with ginseng, or the black drink depending on my illness - and they never fail to make me feel a little better, although not always wonderful tasting.

Something interesting about this shop that makes it different from the other TCM shops would definitely be the way they they display their wares in the open. The rice sacks that are filled with herbs are always out in the open with plastic scoops in them. The mix of the chinese herbs are a unique smell which lets me remember the place by its smell.

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Trusted brand

I believe in Chinese Medicine but we all know how unscrupulous Chinese people can be to the extent that some Chinese Medicine would be tainted with toxic ingredients. I believe Eu Yan Sang products are safe to be consumed but they are really expensive.

I bought Ling Zhi spores product before and they do help with insomnia as the product would make you sleepy. It is heaty though so one might have diarrhea, pimples and migraines after taking it. I think it also somewhat helped with my allergies but it could probably be a placebo effect.

I have not tried their clinics before but I think the cost would be outrageous since other chinese doctors already charge hefty prices.

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Household Brand

Mention Chinese herbs and the first store that comes to mind is probably Eu Yan Sang. They have many shops islandwide that sell various Chinese medicines and supplements. I would consider them a classier version of the more laidback Hock Hua. Their staff are well-dressed and informed about the various products stocked. Eu Yan Sang has products under their own name, which is a testimony to their quality. They also do not scrimp on advertising as they can frequently be seen on television or as sponsors for various Mediacorp shows.

However, I think that their products are more expensive than other similar variants. Perhaps this is due to their branding and long history, which then justifies the price tag. For someone cost-conscious like me, I would eschew them in favour of the cheaper variants. However, if you like quality assurance, then of course Eu Yan Sang will never be a wrong choice for you.

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Modern way of introducing Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has always been a ‘thing’ for the elderly and Eu Yan Seng is one brand that manages to transform the whole idea of traditional chinese medicine into something that is practical, modernized and worth for value.

Loved their pre-packed soups! The herbs are fresh and value for money. It is a very good and helpful choice for working adults who has no time to brew herbal soups. There are many selections available and the friendly store assistants are always ready to answer enquires. You can just buy a pack of the pre-packed soup, get some meat from supermarket, wash them, and put them all into a slow cooker to boil the next morning before you leave for work. And in the evenings when you are home, you’ll have a pot of tasty herbal soup waiting for you! How convenient is that? =)

Most of their stores are conveniently located in shopping centers so all these gives you lesser factors to skip visiting them!

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(Updated: March 22, 2013)

Member privilege

Eu Yan Sang has a membership program where you can pay a small price and enjoy discounts for your purchases for one year. I calculated, if I bought more than $200 of products in a year, the membership would be worth it.

The best part of the membership program is that every month, you will receive a newsletter informing the product range on promotion for the month. Products on offer for members can be as much as 20%. I found the offer for the bird's nests especially worthwhile. With 20% discount, the saving can be as good as $20 which is more than what you pay for the membership. Members also get discount when visiting Eu Yan Sang traditional medicine clinics.

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Grab-and-go bottled herbal tea for me

Depending on where I'm, I usually go for herbal tea when shopping around, especially if I've to move under the sun. I'm one who gets "heaty" easily and if I don't watch my diet, a sore-throat for the next 2 days is a sure thing.

Although I usually purchase my herbal tea from those shops you find along MRT stations selling nothing but herbal tea, I was at Bedok Point last week after dinner and to my knowledge, there weren't any such shops nearby, I stumbled into Eu Yan Sang, hoping to find bottled herbal tea but not having my hopes high.

Luckily for me, I managed to find these bottled herbal tea in the fridge. Yes, it's more expensive than what I normally paid for, $1.80/ bottle but just from the packaging, it feels so much more atas compared to the normal plastic bottles I get from outside. The packaging has a smooth feel to it. I bought luohanguo that day. The taste felt great. It's hard to describe but I'll try. Compared to the ones I previously had, this felt a lot more substantial, as though more herbs have been used in the brewing process. It's also slightly sweet for my liking but acceptable nonetheless.

A point to note is that these bottled herbal teas from Eu Yan Sang have longer expiry dates, leading me to believe that they do contain preservatives or they have used certain packaging technology to keep the bacteria out for a longer period of time.

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best pi pa gao

I don't usually go for TCM when I am unwell. However, when I am having a cold or cough, I would definitely go for Eu Yan Sang's pi pa gao. It is so good that it soothes my throat that very instant I ingest it. I usually take a tablespoon full of it just by itself. You can also dissolve it in hot water and drink it as a drink. I prefer the former method though as it seems to be more effective for me. Since it is so effective, you would expect it to be expensive. However, it is not at all. Hence, I always made sure that there is a bottle of pi pa gao at home.

Other than pi pa gao, my mum buys their herbal jelly, Essence of chicken and bird nest too. These healthcare products make good gifts for people who fell sick or probably, for your future mother-in-law.

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(Updated: November 23, 2012)

Love the american Ginseng Tea.

Thanks to all the stress and insufficient amount of sleep i was getting, i'm often feeling tired by late morning. In a desperate attempt to relieve myself from feeling tired almost every other day i decided to search for ginseng tea since i've heard my friend commenting on it's effectiveness before. Since Eu Yan Sang has an unrivalled reputation as the leader in the TCM industry, i believe their tea products will be of good quality and effectiveness.

Wanted to buy American Ginseng Tea but it was out of stock so i got myself the Wild American Ginseng Tea instead. A small box contains 6 tea bags and cost $20. I've no idea if that was considered overpriced since it's my first time getting Ginseng Tea. The tea bags contain a good amount of ginseng and i had 3 cups of 300ml, by then the taste hasn't even fade out abit.

I don't know if it was just my imagination, but i felt more awake throughout the whole day. Honestly even it was overprice, i'll still get the Ginseng tea from Eu Yan Sang, moreover there's 10% discount for PAssion card holders too. The staff at Hougang mall who was assisting me could neither speak english nor mandarin well, i spent quite abit of effort to comprehend her words.

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(Updated: November 22, 2012)

Herbal Eggs!

Once upon a time i fell in love with herbal eggs and it was only till i ate Eu Yan Sang's did i finally found my Prince.

Let me reiterate: Eu Yan Sang's herbal eggs are THE BEST herbal eggs in town. I could not emphasize more. The oh-so-yummy gravy is enriched with all the herbs that I do not even mind becoming healthy all of a sudden.

Other than the herbal egg, I bought bottled bird's nest from them before. I do not encourage bird's nest lovers to buy from Eu Yan Sang as there is hardly any bird's nest inside. I felt so cheated when I found out. I shall just stick to my herbal eggs.

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