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Jian Qiang
Listing created by Jian Qiang on December 28, 2013    

Singapore's very own version of the international 9GAG website, it aims to deliver a daily dose of fun and humour, based on Singapore events, culture and plainly unglamourous street sightings in the Singaporean way.


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Serious issues highlighted in a light-hearted fashion

It's no secret that 9GAG and SGAG are extremely popular amongst Facebook users internationally and locally. I mean after all, they were the ones who popularized various hilarious 'memes' that the tech-savvy are familiar with.

SGAG satirical viewpoints on various issues Singapore faces - from the transport fare hikes to the elections and the state of the parliament - they present their own perspectives on these local matters in comedic ways that would eventually become our daily dose of humour.

Interestingly enough, these satirical sites are actually voices of the people (or rather, grumbles of the people) as what is presented through those badly-drawn comics are very aligned to most of the thoughts citizens have on these bread-and-butter issues.

While it is able to highlight the concerns of the citizens to our ministers whom are also actively on social media, it is great how SGAG can actually empathise with fellow Singaporeans, creating a sense of unity and togetherness on the stance of such issues. It adds on to our uniquely Singaporean traits!

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Just for laughs

Sgag brings to us snarky local humour, and I think that's great. It's nice to see things that crack you up once in a while. Sometimes, Sgag also points out some merits of Singaporeans, such as the taxi driver who returned S$1.1million after 2 tourists left it in his cab - but not without infusing humour.

I scroll through Sgag once in a while if I'm feeling lame and am in a mood for reading lame jokes. But I've always thought that Sgag is pretty impressive because they keep up with the latest news and trends without fail. And their jokes are pretty good.

Sgag is great for some local humour, but I would say the official 9gag is funnier if you really want to see some sarcastic pieces.

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Love it!!!!

I love SGAG!! It's a local version of 9GAG, so expect lots of local references, Singlish (sometimes even vulgarities), photoshopped local buildings etc. SGAG provides a local alternative to 9GAG, when you are done scrolling through 9GAG, you can just hop over to SGAG lol. SGAG also catches up with the latest news/ trends/ occurence in our local scene and makes a meme/ collage out of it and although it can be very lame and childish at times, I find it funny and it's really a cheap thrill!!! Sometimes they make fun of people (I know it's bad to laugh but their photoshopping skills are really good lol), they create local versions of international happenings (e.g Oscar Selfie).

I browse through SGAG once in two days so the funny posts can accumulate since they don't update as much as 9GAG! I also follow them on Twitter and they do post some snarky tweets that are kinda funny. In between funny tweets are lame and everybody-also-know-how-to-say-that kinda tweets but it's okay hahaha I still enjoy reading SGAG!!

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Ha ha ha

I think 9gag is lovely. It kills time and helps put me right to sleep when I come across weak, sappy, anime-cute photos (ticks me off to hell) and so I never bothered to find the many versions of it till my friends started sharing Sgag on facebook.

And there's nothing wrong with it - it is funny, it is relatable, but it brings with it a touch of crudeness and lameness. But since that does exemplify most of our Singaporean jokes perfectly, it makes sense.

Maybe I'm too old for it or maybe the jokes are just too Singlish but it's not my thing, I'll stick to the official 9gag for my daily dose of sarcasm and all things weird.

Still, good to see Singapore humor once in a while!

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Local Internet Humour

Be it political or social issues, SGAG often uses humorous contents and different uses of media to address existing issues in Singapore. More often than not, SGAG's posts resonates with the majority of its readers. As a media student, I find the collection of jokes, images and stories pretty engaging.

Not only will SGAG get you through a slow day, it is one of the best places for local Internet humour.

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Humour anytime, anywhere!

SGAG has provided me with countless hours of entertainment - after all, Facebook does grow boring after a while. A Singaporean version of 9GAG, it tickles me even more than 9GAG itself because it is all so much more relatable than most of the posts on 9GAG. I remember the recent slew of humorous posts about the jams in the newly-opened MCE (Marina Coastal Expressway), which made me laugh and provided me with a great dose of humour.

Besides how funny it is, I like how you can check out posts on 9GAG nearly anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. It's really handy for making long MRT trips a little less boring - as long as your 3G isn't cut off in the MRT tunnels.

All in all, I love SGAG and I hope they continue to post funny stuff!

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SGAG is Singapore's very own 9GAG. I'm quite sure all of us have read 9GAG before and laughed at some of their posts. I think the introduction of SGAG makes it all the better because then, there's local flavour introduced into the jokes and humour now. There's something comforting about reading local humour and laughing at the jokes that only a Singaporean would know.

I find SGAG to be a good portal to visit to de-stress and to let my mind rest for a bit. Sometimes there are posts that are not as good, or as funny, but the majority of posts are great! I like also that they only connections to your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, which allows you to easily share the posts that you love, and pass on the joy and laughter to your friends.

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Locally-flavoured chuckles

SGAG embraces the internet sensation 'meme' in a uniquely Singaporean way by mashing popular local culture with the image and text that the internet has popularised. Some of the jokes are more than overused, and several are crude enough to make one cringe, but overall, this site is a good way to entertain yourself when you're bored.

I would suggest that you go by the number of 'loves', indicated by the heart icon a certain meme has received to discern whether it will be worth your time. Although I'm not entertained by some of the memes, most of them are decent enough to elicit at least a chuckle. If you're bored of 9GAG and are looking for something closer to home, SGAG is the place to go.

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A volatile pack of fun and laughter

Modelled after the internationally acclaimed humour cum satire website 9GAG, SGAG never fails in inspiring the same degree of fun and laughter in readers through all age groups. Based on true Singapore events, cultures and attitudes, newsmaking incidents and even the occasionally unglamourous photo shoot of someone/ something in the street, the material gets transformed into a hilarious comic.

Personally, I enjoy most of the comics on SGAG as most are phenomena that are uniquely Singaporean, which I can relate to extremely well! I loved some of the shots as well, including a recent report of a taxi having somehow driven into the swimming pool! There is a whole host of army jokes as well which I take to since i'm in that current phase of life.

Like 9GAG, SGAG is available anytime, anywhere (Well, my assumption is that you have access to a smartphone and data plan). Simply like the Facebook page and twitter (listed above) and enjoy daily streams of satire and jokes. It was quite disappointing, however, that they do not have an app on Android Market, which otherwise I would snap up in a jiffy.

Worth a good read and many hours of fun and enjoyment!

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