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Listing created by delilah on November 03, 2012    

A digital media portal that provides views from the average Singaporean without censorship.


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Blatant and insensitive at times

It is not good to have too much censorship, as it leads to a general consensus that there are forces at work in the government trying to curb the freedom of the normal man to express his views. Yet I feel that too much freedom to say what you want can lead to blatant and insensitive things being said without respect for other people's beliefs, ethics and way of life. Hence, news portals, whom are general mouthpieces of information on the web, tread a delicate balance between these 2 opposing concerns.

I feel that the Real Singapore is indeed a honest site. It reports news as what the facts are and never lacks in having the voice of the author in expressing how he truly feels about the issue at hand. For example, if they feel Ng Joo Hee is bad at his job of being a police commissioner, they say so. If they feel he is the worst in history, they say so. Though this style of writing is commendable in terms of its audacity and honesty, it can come across as blatant, especially to his subordinates and the people around him. Moreover, they can be insensitive about the circumstances, and can base their judgements on just one simple act before condemnation.

However, I feel that their play of words is indeed interesting and entertaining, and the honesty encourages further reading of articles. Moreover, there are sections devoted to foreign current affairs as well which broadens the material available.

A site well worth a visit but should be taken with a pinch of salt.

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The Real Singapore has tons of controversial articles - it does certainly leave up to its name of providing no censorship at all. With no censorship comes articles that are filled with pure stupidity, shallowness and ridicule. Perhaps this is why the site is still striving, these articles are so ridiculous that they evoke feelings of exasperation and anger amongst netizens that respond and share these articles; thereby bringing more views and popularity to the Real Singapore's doorsteps.

yet, there are many thought invoking articles on The Real Singapore. Articles revolve around everyday issues and basically everything - politics, current affairs, philosophy and even those little squabbles that adolescents face while transitioning into adults.

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A more palatable socio-political site

I tend to avoid following "socio-political" sites too closely. Many simply become platforms for a few unhappy Singaporeans to vent their anger towards the government, ministers, foreigners, etc. Some of the comments can be outright inflammatory and many people read the articles and comments are are incited against whatever the authors write against.

The Real Singapore, however, is somewhat more balanced. The authors still write about issues which do not make it to the mainstream media, but the tone and comments are less inflammatory. You get a feel for issues the mainstream media does not focus on and yet do not get bogged down by useless negative sentiments.

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(Updated: December 12, 2012)

Is the real Singapore an angry place?

I read what is in The Real Singapore once in a while. You know for sure that you are not in government sanctioned territory. And I do enjoy reading the articles as I will not be able to read about them on mainstream media.

I find that mainstream media glosses over or totally avoids pressing or uncomfortable issue addressed by TRS. Most articles are written well enough for digestion but what makes me uncomfortable would be the comments made in response to the articles. Many comments made suggests anger towards ___________ (insert suitable target here). The Government is a popular choice. Ministers a close second. Groups of Foreigners would be another.

What we need is rationality and objectivity. What we also need is action at a community level. If things are really that bad, then do something positive about it. A lot more self-restraint from commentators would be needed.

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The Real Singapore has been quite a hit with the younger generation, my generation the past few weeks. Kudos to its webmaster for bringing to light that Singaporeans are not that politically apathetic after all. It promises to provide the much needed opposition voice of Singaporeans, in an attempt to question what Singapore is today.

But the question I would like to bring up is about the importance and the relevance of highly charged posts that TRS puts up online. Some tend to be rather extreme in my opinion. Sometimes I feel that TRS provokes its readers into feeling angry over small issues, that can be sorted out with a bit of calm and collected thinking.

All in all, I would advise every Singaporean to go through TRS and take in what the site has to offer with a pinch of salt, and thought before making your own judgemnents

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Singapore's No.1 Socio-political Site

I have been reading this news aggregator site everyday for the past 6 months since they launch it already. They have hourly updates on the Singapore socio-political scene and are much more interesting to read than the propaganda Mainstream media.

There is absolutely no form of censorship and i really like their style of publishing and reporting. TRS stands out among the rest of the socio-political sites out there!

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Lives up to its name.

The Real Singapore is alternative media outlet, not unlike many of the others in Singapore that have recently popped up and gained prominence. It looks like Singaporeans are really aware all our state media is government controlled and are looking towards alternative sources of information they can trust.

What I like most about the site is that they featured news from all walks of life in Singapore and allow writers to contribute pieces as long as its decently written. Basically showcasing "The Real Singapore". Because of this, they have soooo many articles from a wide variety of sources and its by far the site with the most frequent news. It is not unusual to see more than 10 posts in a day and this makes the other news sites content sparse in comparison.

For the other sites, in their process of selecting the articles, they themselves end up "moderating" news, which ironically goes against what they wanted to achieve in the first place. Even worse, sometimes the owners of the sites have some agenda for e.g the temesek times loves highlighting PRC stories and twisting them in the most dishonest way. I am glad The Real Singapore is nothing like those sites. It has grown very fast in 3 months and this looks like a successful model that will take them very far.

I hope the other sites learn to follow suite. Oh and I guess an improvement can be special news features or editorial pieces.

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frequency of news
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