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Korean Air is both the flag carrier and largest airline of South Area. 


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Korean Air seems to flaunt a knack of being punctual.

I was an avid fan of the guys in Korea. Whoever denies their jaw dropping flawlessness should really consider a trip to an optician clinic. Korea is infamous for the flood of plastic surgery outlets. It may be another outlet that aided their flawless physique and features. However, I wasn't complaining. Definitely candies to my eyes.

My first experience witnessing the frenzy of Korean fanatics occurred when one Korean heart throb was approaching Singapore several months ago. My friends and I hurriedly stationed ourselves at the airport. There were barricades there. There wasn't even barricades when the prince paid a visit to Singapore! The airport was swarmed with buzzing fans. According to my source, this idol was expected to arrive within 15 minutes via Korean Air. He did. There wasn't even any form of delay. We didn't have to wait. There wasn't a need for any additional minutes or hours. He was spotted nearby the conveyer belt punctually. The airport burst into a cacophony of squeals, shrieks and indecipherable speeches conducted in maximum volume!

Awaiting for several heart throbs deriving from Korea has become a norm for me. There was barely a flight via Korean Air that was delayed or running late. All seemed rather punctual! Oh and I am now armed with earplugs.

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