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China Eastern Airlines is a flight carrier headquartered in Shanghai, China. 


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Not Too Bad

I personally have taken China Eastern Airlines multiple times because of how cheap their tickets are, and given the price of their flights, the services they provide - which includes food and comfort, - do seem to be rather reasonable.

The seats are alright - bigger than those of budget airlines, but still a little squeezy, but there could be more leg space, even if it's for the economy classes. The seats are able to lean backwards, but not a lot, and there isn't much entertainment on board the journey.

Food is a game of luck.

If you are seated near the back, then you are lucky, because chances are, you will be able to get the meal you prefer. But then there are days that both options sound terrible, though those days are far and in between.

Their air stewards and stewardesses are polite and good to speak to, on the whole. They are fast and efficient, and though their English may need a bit work, I hardly think that is something as important as them doing their job well.

All in all, my experience with China Eastern Airlines has been pleasant. Though, of course, I wouldn't recommend this airline that much for long distance flights.

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China's Airline

China Eastern Airlines may not be the most comfortable airline around, due to its space constraints. It may pose language barriers for some as the air stewardess are adept with Chinese but not necessarily English.

However, it does have friendly service. The air stewardesses are sincere in their service of flight passengers, This was particularly evident on my flight to Kunming, China, just a few months ago. It was a 4 hour midnight flight and there happened to be an injured China national on board. He had this bleeding finger and he did not seem to know how to deal with it. There were no doctors around, but the air stewardesses attended to him with care rushing back and forth her cabin to his seat to help him. They gave him a bandage and when it was soaked in blood, gave him another. They also gave him advice to see a doctor immediately after he lands.

Besides the good service, China Eastern Airlines is one of the few airlines that flies passengers to Kunming. After we landed in the airport, I peered out the window and saw that the other planes all around belonged to China Eastern Airlines. Kunming is a beautiful tourist spot with Spring all year round and my flight experience on China Eastern Airlines would form part of my fond holiday memories to Kunming.

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I flew with China Eastern on a school trip to China. China Eastern feels budget to me although it does not brand itself as a budget carrier.

The planes are tiny with limited leg room. The air stewardess, unlike the SIA girls, are not immaculate in their dressing and their service provided left plenty to be desired. The planes were also not well maintained. Overall, you simply do not feel comfortable during the flight and I found myself wishing to arrive at my destination as soon as possible. My expectations would probably have been different if they branded themselves as a budget carrier, but then again their flights cost significantly less than other airlines, especially if you were heading to China.

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