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Tiger Airways is a low-cost airline from Singapore. 


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Does The Job; No Frills Whatsoever

Tiger Airways is seriously a budget airline that has absolutely NO frills. It gets you where you want to go safely in one piece, and that's literally it.

The airfare prices are pretty amazing, especially if you happen to catch one of their special promo deals.

I wouldn't suggest flying with them long haul though, their seats aren't terribly comfy. And if you're feeling peckish and in the mood to splurge, their inflight meals aren't half bad! Prepare to part with ten whole dollars for a plate of nasi lemak, though.

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For the low in budget

If you plan to go on budget for your next vacation, the type of airline you book would definitely be an area of consideration. Being one of the major contributors towards the overall cost, choosing between the different types of airlines can make a huge difference in the extent you minimise your costs. For my recent vacation to Hong Kong, I chose Tiger Airlines.

In the cost department, my airfare was extremely cheap. For a 2 way trip to and fro Hong Kong as well as 15kg add ons for both trips, the total bill came to around $220, an extremely cheap bill indeed! Moreover, considering the sum I paid, I got relatively good service. During the flight, the crew was attentive to my needs, showed a willingness to help me especially in luggage stowing and finding of my seat as well as relatively comfortable seating, even though the leg space was quite cramped.

A piece of advice though, eat and drink your fill before you board. A set meal costs $12 each on board. Moreover, the meal comes in a measly, small portion. On the other hand, a bottle of Evian mineral water costs $4 each. Hence, it is not cost effective to consume anything on the plane and I would recommend having your fill of food and drink before boarding.

Overall, a pretty satisfactory airline and one which I would recommend to would be travellers hoping to minimise airfare costs.

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Mai Hiam Buay Pai lah!

I almost always fly Tiger. By that I mean at least 6 flights a year.

The best part about TigerAir for me is that the price they quote in the Tigerair Newsletter includes taxes and GST so I know exactly how much I need to pay for my ticket. Like all other budget airlines, the price quoted excludes meals, baggage and booking fee, but these cost nothing compared to the taxes. Airport tax can often cost more than the ticket price itself for many destinations!

There may not be inflight entertainment on board Tigerair (unless you pay for it) but who needs that when laptop batteries easily last 6 hours these days? Their inflight magazine TigerTales always contains information relevant to your next destination wherever it may be.

Try out their mutton briyani! It smells sooo darn good that I had to ask the cabin crew what the guy on the opposite aisle was having. Gosh, the Boeing company should better the ventilation on planes!

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Good Plane Time

I've personally experienced a flight by Tiger Airways - before boarding I had no expectations whatsoever, I was just hoping to reach safely to the destination since I knew that it was a budget airline. However, despite the fact that it is a budget airline, Tiger Airways has actually been known as one of the better budget airlines.

When I was on board the plane, I was happy to know that the flight stewardesses were friendly and approached me several times when they saw that I was feeling unwell on board. Surprisingly, the inside of the plane was also not as shabby as I had expected it to be - there were pillows for us to sleep in on the flight, although there wasn't in flight entertainment. That wasn't so much of an issue as I was travelling with friends and took the time to chat with them and enjoy each other's company.

Maybe choosing a budget airline isn't so bad after all.

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(Updated: September 09, 2013)

THE Budget Airline

I would say that this airline defines budget airlines. They fares are really cheap and are listed clearly when you purchase the tickets.

It will get you to your destination without frills. When I say without frills, I really mean it. The seats are cramped, everything is chargeable, the service is minimal, and don't get me started on hand carry luggage space. Still I suppose you cant complain since you opted for a budget airline.

What really put me off was an incident on my trip to the Philippines. Tiger cancelled the return flight as there was not enough passengers. Their effort at informing passengers was one single call. No email or SMS. Since we were on holiday, we of course missed the call and were unpleasantly surprised to arrive at the airport to find that there was no flight, no staff, and no compensation.

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Gets the job done

If you are only interested in getting from point A to point B and don't really give two hoots about everything else in between, Tiger Airways is the perfect choice for you. Tiger Airways is really no frills and it simply gets the job done at an affordable rate.

Not for the picky though. The planes are all relatively old and small, some of them are second hand planes from other airline companies. The seats are tight and congested, not an issue if you are small built like me, but the Caucasian passenger beside me seemed to be struggling. Bring your own food if you would not like to purchase theirs at an inflated price when onboard.

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Budgetest Budget

There are only a few choices when it comes down to cheap budget airlines and I would say that Tiger is on the top list of the 'ones to check first' when going on such trips. I love it how Tiger Airways always has the cheapest fares as compared to the others and although there are only a few timings available, I would see myself preferring the timings given by Tiger Airways as compared to some other airlines because they are not scheduled too inconveniently.

I have flown with this particular airline for a few times now, namely to only close places like Thailand and Indonesia. For short trips, I would not mind at all taking such planes with the lack of entertainment and food because well, its only for a few hours and it would not kill to sit still for a while. As for longer trips, I would typically guess that taking budget would be quite uncomfortable because of its little leg room and cramped seats in the not-too-spacious cabins. Furthermore, having to fight for hand-carry space at the top would definitely be a trip-ruiner.

Just to be on the safe side, remember to check the airports and be sure to read all the fine prints. For the budget travel, definitely go with Tiger Airways.

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(Updated: June 24, 2013)

Experimental horror!

I must be juggling with too much spare time in my hands. I found myself purchasing a ticket to India one day. The price was surrealistically inexpensive. The airline was one that I have not board on before. Why not??

The list of 'why I should never ever ever experiment something foreign' began extending itself the moment I stepped into the tiger airways compound. It's tiny. Nothing tiger-ish about it at all. Cramp Airways would have been a more apt name for this aeroplane.

The plane jetted off the runway and I was geared for a bumpy ride. The belts and seats were vibrating. Worst still, some passengers weren't even strapped under their seat belts. I recalled how prominent airline crews ensured that all passengers were tucked under the seat belts before flying towards the destination. Tiger Airways crews seemed to have forgotten this crucial portion. Babies were wailing. It was chaotic.

I glanced at Tiger Airways logo and was dawned with a realisation. I used to think that the tiger symbolised some sort of hidden prowess within this airline. Unfortunately, this experience seemed to have cleared my vision. That tiger there is no hidden prowess. It's much more appropriately accurate to view it as an intimidating animal from the jungle. Flying via tiger airways would be akin to subscribing yourself to a trip into the lush jungles. Equipped with the bouncing effect jeeps would generate and the constant suspense and thrill anyone would encounter when you're placed in the heart of a foreign jungle.

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Experiencing a jungle without venturing into a jungle
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