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Air Asia is a low-cost airline from Malaysia.

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User rating summary from: 3 user(s) we can really fly :)

If there 1 airline that I truly thanks for answering my wanderlust to the beautiful countries in's Air Asia, hands down. With its efficient online booking system, diverse routes,,,,and of course, price, it has become my de facto go to airline whenever I plan a short trip around the region. Having fly Air Asia for sometime now, I have the following advice which might help to make it a smoother and sweeter experience :

1) Plan ahead...advance planning usually saves you money (at least 2-3 months ahead) if humanly possible. Buy insurance to cover the "what ifs"...

2) Before you combine both airline and hotels booking under the check out the relevant hotel rates via direct, Agoda,, etc and work out the sums. It might be cheaper if you book separately. However, on a trip to Bangkok, where I booked both airline/hotel together, the sum came to a bit higher..but I was given a room upgrade without asking (I believe it was due the joint-booking, although I can't too sure as this was the only time I did so).

3) Book your tickets online carefully and make you are aware of all inclusion and exclusion, because any phone calls to the tickets office to rectify might be a frustrating affair (it's worlds apart from say, SIA). You may have accepted the mindset of budget travel, but the basic expectation of "at least reasonable" service is still there. Emails are answered...but may take a few days.

4) Do print out your online pass to facilitate your airport counter check-in after completing advance internet check-in (their software do give gentle minders via email). This will save some queuing time ...

The service onboard are basic and acceptable most time. I have yet to experience any unpleasant incident (touch wood!) ...perhaps you treat people nice..most times it help For some menu items like pizza, it must be book online as it's not avail ala carte during flight..

Air Asia...yes... now we can really fly :)

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"Self" inflight entertainment...
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(Updated: March 10, 2013)

Reigning the budget sector!

Air Asia is tempting airline indeed! I glanced at Groupon several months ago. It had offers for flights via Air Asia. The digits accompanying the Air Asia logo were severely appealing. Unfortunately, my school's semester hasn't ended yet. Skipping the lessons for that semester would totally be a suicidal situation for my academics! Hence, I had to dash away my visions involving suntanning by Kota Kinabalu's bay or feasting a table full of scones at Penang!

I recounted my dashed quest to board Air Asia to my cousin. She is a frequent passenger for that airline. The airline is cheap for a reason. It's interior isn't lavish. The spaces between chairs were rather narrow. There was also minimal warning issued out when there's any form of turbulence approaching. Hence, some tripped and many gasped due to the unexpected turbulence. Worst still, a stewardess was pouring coffee into a passenger's cup when the turbulence struck. It spilled all across his important assets. Fortunately, it was either not scalding hot or he wore some kind of fire proof undies, for he just grabbed wads of tissues nearby with a smile plastered across his face.

However, these tales did not dissuade me from fulfilling my previously dashed quest. The destinations made via Air Asia does not gobble millions of hours. There are some that are merely an hour. Therefore, it should be bearable.

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Truly budget

I just took this flight a few weeks back to travel to Miri. I was flying with my colleague and he told me to use this airline. When I was doing the booking, I was a bit confused by the many items that I could add on for a small fees.

For example, I could pay a little extra so I can choose my seats when doing the booking. For certain seats that have more leg room, the cost of choosing those seats would be higher. Also, the weight of the luggage that I would be carrying would also have different charges. When everything adds up, the price of the air ticket can go up by quite a lot. They should also add an item for stewards or stewardess that would smile. The stewardess and stewards on the flight I took were showing us the black face, may be if all of us paid a little more, they would smile.

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