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Cathay Pacific is the international flight carrier of Hong Kong. 


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Pretty Decent

Taking Cathay Pacific Airlines proved to be one of my better airplane experiences because of many reasons, but I will start with the fact that their planes usually stop at Hong Kong and depending on how long you have, shopping and dinning could be quite enjoyable as compared to the airports of many other countries.

Moving on, there was also the price of the tickets, which were more affordable as compared to those of other airlines and for what I paid, I definitely wasn't disappointed.

I distinctly remember being served well-made meals while taking their flights and never had any complaints about these matters. The seats were wide and comfortable despite the ones I'd boarded being the Economy class. The cabin crew were polite and friendly despite the fact that I kept request for more drinks and other things (pens,paper, poker cards etc...).

Overall, for what came out from my wallet, I'd say that Cathay Pacific does offer good rates for flying and that everyone should try flying with them at least once.

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Special treatment for kid

When I went to Hong Kong to attend my cousin's wedding, I brought my daughter along. My wife was expecting our second child so she did not travel. I was a bit worried because my daughter was only three years old at that time and it was the first time she was taking the plane.

I chose Cathay Pacific because that was the recommended airline by my travel agent. When we first boarded the plane and waiting to take off, the air stewardess was very kind and came over to talk to my daughter, she also brought her a special Lilo and Stitch bag. Inside the bag was some colour pencils and colouring book. I told her once the plane took off, she could start to do her colouring. May be it was this distraction, my daughter did not complain of any discomfort during takeoff and even during the whole flight. Also, her food was served slightly earlier so that she could have more time to finish her food. Nice thought of the airline and really appreciated also.

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Shitty service

Their food is fine, economy seats are decently spaced out but their service seriously sucks. My first and recent experience with Cathay Pacific airlines was more than unpleasant.

I was heading back to Singapore after a five month stay in Shanghai and I had my thick winter coat slinged on one shoulder and two very heavy carry on bags, one of which was bulky. Clearly struggling with my items, all the cabin crew could do was stare at me when they could have offered me some help. Instead, they looked away and continued to chat with each other - that really pissed me off. With my bulky bag and thick winter jacket hitting the chairs and other passengers, I made an excruciating journey to my seat.

When I opened up the storage space, I was extremely annoyed to see it stuffed full with bags, leaving no room for my own. After much fumbling on my own (again, none of the cabin crew offered to help), I managed to find another storage space that could contain my belongings. My friend, as I later discovered, struggled with her bags and had trouble finding space for her bags on her side. A passenger had to get out of his seat to offer her his assistance - where did all the cabin crew disappear to?

That 15 minutes of hell and embarrassment completely trashed the impression I had of Cathay Pacific airlines.

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(Updated: March 04, 2013)

Not too shabby

Cathay Pacific is my to-go airline company whenever I head overseas. They serve decent meals (chicken with rice, anyone?), have a friendly crew and nothing much I can complain about. The seats for the 2-4-2 configuration — while ideal for couples — are actually smaller than those for the 3-3-3 configuration.

However, after taking a SQ flight recently, Cathay seems to pale in comparison. One good example would be the flexibility to select programmes as and when you wish on SQ, whereas Cathay would play the movies straight away and you do not get the liberty to rewind/pause it.

Tip: look out for their frequent promotions! Also, tickets for Cathay Pacific are cheaper on Zuji due to the fact that destinations to, say, Seoul have a layover at Hong Kong. So effectively you’re making up for the $$ savings in time.

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