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SilkAir is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. As the regional wing of Singapore Airlines, it serves the short-haul destinations in the Singapore Airlines Group. SilkAir is noted for it's exceptional service standards worldwide.


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Nice food please?

SilkAir tried to give a good first impression on my trip to Medan, Indonesia, just few months ago with a group of senior citizens. The flight was about an hour. Once we stepped on the plane, air stewardesses were handing out newspapers, both The Straits Times and Lian He Zao Bao. Other airlines hardly takes the initiative to hand out newspapers to its passengers.

However, next came the food. I was quite disgusted to be honest by the cheese sandwich which was served for breakfast, only to realise that other senior citizens I was traveling with did not like it as well. One of them later commented that the food is worse than what prisoners of war get. Hyperbole of course, but you get the point. The cheese sandwich was cold, with a thick chunk of cheese in between the bread and slices of capsicum along with it.

On our return flight, we were all bracing ourselves for the food they were going to serve. But much to our surprise, things took a turn for the better. We were given a choice of egg omelette or noodles and both were very tasty.

Yes as a Singaporean, food really does matter even if the flight is just an hour. The time flies very fast when SilkAir keeps you busy with food and newspapers. They are absolutely fine for short duration flights.

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Not attractive enough for a short haul flight

Being the wing of Singapore Airlines which handles the short haul flights, one would expect Singapore Airlines-like service. However, Silkair falls short of expectations set by Singapore Airlines superb branding.

Aside from including meals on their flights, there is little else in terms of advantage over a budget airline. The service of the air crew is not fantastic like Singapore Airlines. It seems like those who are unable to make it into the Singapore Airlines Cabin Crew go into Silkair's as evidenced by their less than enthusiastic attitude when serving you.

All in all, Silkair does not offer anything which would make me opt for them instead of a budget airline when the flight is only a couple of hours.

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Nothing to shout about

Took Silkair on a recent flight to Phuket. While I must say that there is very little to complain in terms of the service and food, I found the aircraft seats to be only marginally better than those of budget carriers Tiger Airways and Jetstar Asia.

With a drop down shared tv that had no audio, the in flight entertainment that was promised on its website was almost non existent. Perhaps the only noticeable difference in its seats as compared to budget carriers was the slightly wider legroom.

All in all, I am not saying that this is a bad airline, but each time I do a search on flight prices for flights around south east asia, I can help but notice that Silkair is usually priced up to 2 times more than budget carriers.

If I were to pay 2 times the price for the ticket, I’d expect 2 times the service and comfort. Unfortunately Silkair is unable to provide that.

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