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Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Singapore. Seen as an industry leader, SIA has consistently ranked among the top airlines in the world in terms of financial revenue and service standards. The trend-setting nature of SIA is such that there is an ever-growing list of innovations to constantly set itself ahead of the rest. 


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Mile Hi Club

I hate to admit it, but SQ really is the best airline I've flown with. One of the perks of my previous job was flights on SQ for business trips. Left to my own devices, I'd always book whatever happened to be the cheapest option, which SQ never is.

In life, you do get what you (or your company's expense account) pay for. Personal entertainment screens, sturdy new planes, edible food and eye candy flight staff are all elements we take for granted with SQ but find disturbingly lacking when flying by some other airlines. Never mind the planes, the SQ airport lounge in HK must be what heaven is like.

SQ is still, after all these years, heads and shoulders above the competition. Do other airlines hate SQ, I wonder, for being so annoyingly superior? I imagine the svelte SQ girls probably act like mean girls, looking down their pert noses at their overweight, frumpy BA counterparts, sniggering at the inelegant uniforms of stewardesses from Tiger, cold-shouldering the dowdy Qantas aunties etc.

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The ultimate best

In my whole life, I’ve only ever taken Singapore Airlines twice. Needless to say, both of my experiences were equally outstanding. Singapore Airlines has the reputation of having the best service which everyone in my opinion, has to experience at least once in their life.

Are the expenses really worth it? For trips longer than 5 hours, every cent is worth the expenditure. Not only do you get world class service, the food served isn’t too shabby either. Comfort and reliability is key when you’re traveling in such a constricted space and Singapore Airlines has taken care of it all.

Not only do they provide mini pillows and blankets to each and every passenger, their entertainment console is always up to date! There’s really nothing to complain about SQ, it sure is clear why they’re a five star carrier.

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Top notch service
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(Updated: June 23, 2013)

Worth the premium !

In this day and age of budget airlines offering "friendly-skies" rates...that SIA still managed to hold on it's pole position is no flash in the pan. That's a herculean task in today tough business climate. It seems that most travellers dictum is this ... "short haul - fly budget, long haul - fly SIA." Most prefer to set aside the savings on the air tickets from budget airlines for perhaps a better grade hotel accommodation or trip expenses (I am one of those)

Finance prudent is a real motivation force...but then how can one fly SIA, enjoy the premium service and yet skirt around the higher tickets? The trick lies in knowing the promo rates that SIA offers from time to time... especially to look out for are the 2-to-Go promotion. I had the good fortune to spot the 2-to-Go to Bangkok, on their website during a reent trip. The total bill worked out to be even slightly lower than budget airlines! and all meals and baggage charges are included.

The service from start to end is impeccable, flights were on time (usually), the in-flight meals and beverages superb (read : ice cream included !) ...and the check-in were smooth as silk ;-) That's not forgetting the email minders, SMS gentle pre-flight reminders and ease of online booking... all contributed to a great way to fly...

My Russian friend, who used to a small airline company director in his own country, is a KrisFlyer Gold member. Here's what he had to say " What SIA does is like a textbook on how a great airline company should be run. I will only fly SQ."

Yes, SIA is a Great Way to Fly. Enough said.

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The service
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Singapore Airlines; an epitome of decadent travel...

Singapore Airlines’ provision of impeccable quality and decadent comfort of a “five-star carrier” has won the rave reviews of the most discerning air travelers over the years. Many also swear by its almost zilch airline fatality with only SQ006’s fatal crash in Taiwan (in 2002) as the only glitch.

Some additional features I appreciate from travels with SQ are, the additional baggage allowance and the usage of the Silverkris Lounges. The latter is very much appreciated when you’re stuck at an airport so immensely congested with people, you’d wish you were castaway on an island with Wilson as your only other partner. The “snazzy” sandwiches with compliments of the lounge are to-die-for as well. The infamous pristine services aboard craft are well-known, but I recall an incident whilst on transit in Frankfurt on my way to New York many years back: I was so hung over on red wine, I was lost at the Frankfurt airport and the SQ ground staff actually found me amidst hundreds others and brought me back to the correct gate to board the next flight to New York. The only snag was when I was stuck at Melbourne airport for close to fifteen hours whilst awaiting departure back to Singapore. The A380 was grounded then as certain parts had to be repaired, but the passengers were given AUD200 vouchers for meals and drinks and as much Tasty cheese and Arnotts crackers as one could stomach in one evening.

I consider myself to be a really difficult customer as I need the following to be met before take-off – First, I need my premium (exit-role-aisle) seat. Being close to 5’8 tall, this will prevent deep vein thrombosis from setting in during long-haul flights. Bookings for such seats are not allowed, but due to my habitual requests for such seats when I travel, I am allowed such a reservation with the “disclaimer query” of “whether you are prepared to help in times of emergency” being read out to me. Second, I have a penchant for vegetarian dishes when I travel. I will pre-order a dairy-free and a normal vegetarian meal (so altogether two sets of vegetarian meals). Queer you might add; why dairy-free and normal vegetarian. It is simply because I’m a contrarian of sorts and SQ’s vegetarian fare is just too good. To date, the best vegetarian loh mai kai I have tasted was onboard a SQ flight to Bali. Third, my only liquid sustenance (other than red wine) whilst up in the air has to be in the form of Campbell’s Tomato Juice and freshly squeezed Orange juice; a continuous flow if I might add. Fourth, I need two down feather pillows and two anti-static blankets. So far, my four simplistic demands has been well met by SQ and so, I remain their fervent customer.

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Never disappoints

My family and I always make it a point to travel with the Singapore Airlines whenever we go overseas, as its top notch service definitely makes the flights more enjoyable.

The built in entertainment console is always something that I look forward to during each flight. The console in the planes of Singapore Airlines are always up to date, and features several new movies, and there is a constant changing variety, so there's always something new to look forward to. The music selection in the built in console is pretty varied as well. I am a huge fan of Japanese pop and rock, and the fact that the consoles had several of such tracks definitely earned SIA some brownie points with me.

The service is excellent. Upon entering the plane, customers are greeted warmly by the flight attendants, who then proceed to help customers to find their seat.

The food served by SIA is also delicious. The meals are served hot, and even come with fruits and chocolate at the side.

However, the flight tickets at SIA can be a little pricey. Despite this, I feel that the flight experience is definitely worth every cent.

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(Updated: December 01, 2012)

Room for improvement

Every time my family books a holiday tour, the first question asked would be "Is the flight SQ?" As a Singaporean, we know SIA is one of the world's top airlines and therefore, we trust SIA.

However, there was just once when I was a little disappointed. I must say I was unlucky as well. It was a night flight to Turkey and for long flights, the small screen featuring games, movies, shows and music is very important. It will always keep me occupied until I am able to fall asleep. On that particular flight, my own personal television set was malfunctioning. Basically, when I’m watching a movie on the airplane, it feels like I’m watching a show back in 1900s, where the screen is fuzzy and blurry. That was a pain to my eyes. Instead of relaxing, I was getting dizzy.

Obviously, I was unsatisfied and I pressed the ‘emergency’ button. An air stewardess came to my rescue but wasn't able to resolve the issue at hand. She claimed it was a full flight and there isn't anything she could do about it and hope that I would seek her understanding. Of course, I had no other choices. It was one of the most boring and unforgettable flights I've ever had.

My point here is, even with the world class quality and service that SIA provides; there are still some hidden flaws that some customers do not explicitly point out. Hence, I really hope SIA would look into small matters like mine and further improve their quality and service to become the world’s top airline.

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Royal service in the sky

When I first started going to Australia, I had to take Singapore Airlines for its reliable service and competitive rates. After enjoying their services however, I decided to join as a Krisflyer member and would always look to the SIA website to see if they have flights to the countries I want to go to. Not only does SIA have a multitude of flights to just about any major city in the world, you are always guaranteed A Class service treatment.

Over my few short years of flying with SIA, I was always treated with respect and the attendants would graciously attend to my every need (especially during emergencies.) I remember having this throbbing headache on my flight to Adelaide and could not sleep. What's worse is everyone else was sleeping as I was flying in the night. A passing steward saw me and attended to me by giving me some panadol and a few snacks to munch on. It turned out I was just extremely hungry to the point of migraine.

I swear salted peanuts and a cup of orange juice never tasted so good in my life before and this act of generosity has made a lasting impression on me. Kudos to you SIA, you truly deserve the award of "Best Airlines" , for 17 straight years in a row

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Good but needs to maintain the standards

Used to fly SQ (Singapore Airlines) often when I'm younger. Parents are paying then so no need to watch my budget. I love the service, the cheerful smile of the flight attendants yet showcasing an aura of professionalism.

I recall sitting at one of the seats at the last row once and being a kid then, I couldn't get my hands off playing games on the KrisFlyer entertainment system, all the way from Singapore to LA, yes, through the night. The flight attendants had some times on their hands since most of the commuters were asleep then. They were friendly and amiable enough to offer me tips and help through certain stages of the game, something which I believe isn't part of their job scope but value-adding to me since the stages were really cranking my brains up.

Now that I'm flying on my own now, having to bear the expenses myself, I prefer to fly by other cheaper alternatives and mind you, SQ usually is one of the most expensive flight you can get. The few times which I had to fly by SQ nowadays felt just alright, without much differentiation from other full-fleged airlines. Not sure if it's SQ standard's dropping or other airlines are catching up fast but I'm sure that the air stewardess now are not as pretty as before.

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Service over and beyond the rest!!

When we talk about air travel in Asia, Singapore airlines always comes to mind.I would say our Asian values plays a wide role at the success of the Singapore girl. Apart from a good safety track record, SIA provides up to date audio and video entertainment.

Recently, I travelled from Singapore to Perth and I have to say the service is still exceptional. I used to be a flight stewardess for SIA and for a change it is nice sitting on the other side of the fence - being served then to serve. The A380 business class seats were very spacious, the cabin ambience was great and despite being a full passenger capacity, the crew managed to run a full service smoothly.

I would say, now as a passenger, I understand why Singapore Airlines has been rated the best airline time and time again. Apart from being well taken care of onboard, they provide a wide range of magazines to choose from. Despite all the praises, the food choices were pretty limited. Also, the beef fillet that I had was overcooked and the ice-cream I had was still frozen hard.

I would say that Singapore Airlines is still my first choice no matter in terms of service delivery and safety!

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Best local airline!

I've been overseas multiple times and tried many different airlines. Nothing beats Singapore Airlines! The air stewardess and pilot genial attitude towards us passengers always gives me a warm feeling inside. It's also extremely convenient to request for help from the air stewardess since they are always patrolling around the plane.

The inflight entertainment system also offers a myriad of movies, TV shows and games. I always get a trifle annoyed because there's so many shows I want to watch but the flight time is not long enough for me to do so. Either that or I take a ages deciding what show to watch first. But still, it never fails to keep me entertained. I never get bored.

I think the food is still delectable, even though I am in economy class. However they do serve the first and business classes first, so when they finally come serve the economy class, there will be lesser variety to for us to choose from. Once they were giving out Haagen Dazs chocolate/vanilla ice cream to everyone on board. When the stewardess finally. came to me, they only had chocolate flavoured Haagen Dazs left. I don't really blame them though, because the other classes did pay more. Plus, chocolate-flavored Haagen Dazs still tastes good!

I am proud that Singapore not only has the best airport, but the best airline too. Every Singaporean should have the opportunity to try this airline at least once. Rock on, SIA!

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My preferred airline - always

I have flown with more than 10 airlines and SIA remains my preferred airline when traveling for work and for leisure. In terms of safety records, its definitely one of the best. The inflight entertainment system is also superior than other airlines.

In my recent trip to Vancouver where I had to switch from SIA to Air Canada at my transit stop in Tokyo, I was saddened as the inflight entertainment system was different - The SIA plane had so many more channels and movies more than the Air Canada plane. In terms of user-friendliness, the SIA entertainment system is also much easier to control. When you are up in the air for so long, a good inflight entertainment system really makes a difference (unless you intend to sleep for the whole journey).

The A380 airbus is also my favorite as its very spacious and stable. The flight is really comfortable when you are up on a A380 as you can hardly feel the turbulences/effects during take offs, landing and storms.

One less positive comment about SIA is that the food is still not up to standard. I have had better food in other cheaper airlines. I am not sure why but SIA food is usually overcooked although the food tray is usually bigger than other airlines. For me, I would prefer quality food over quantity.

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