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Listing created by Damien on August 24, 2012    

Scoot is new budget airline that started in 2011 which operates flights on medium and long-haul routes from Singapore. They currently have routes to Sydney and Gold Coast Australia, Bangkok Thailand, Taipei Taiwan, Tianjin China and Tokyo Japan. They use Boeing 777 aircraft obtained from their parent company, Singapore Airlines.


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best budget air flights

Being the sister company of Singapore Airlines, I must admit I had higher expectations for Scoot than other budget airlines. Being a budget airline, I was a little concerned about the space constriction and leg space available since I was going on an 8 hour flight to Gold Coast.

I loved Scoot. The leg space was almost twice as big as Tiger Airways and even SilkAir and the service was better than expected too. The food options on Scoot are delectable as well, my favorite was the soy sauce chicken rice which has since been swapped out with braised chicken rice. Boo.

Overall, it’s always a pleasant journey with Scoot and they will always be my go-to budget airline for reasonable ticket prices.

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Food & Service
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A decent budget airline

I had low expectations for Scoot since it was a budget airline, but my experience with Scoot has positively changed my opinion about them.

Although there were initial hiccups where they took two months to refund me the amount they had overcharged, the rest of my experience with Scoot was satisfying. The Scoot airplane provides sufficient legroom for each passenger, and the reclining functions were decent, without invading the space of the person behind. The staff was also friendly and helpful, comparable to the Singapore Airline stewardess.

For the price I paid, I was very satisfied with the service provided by Scoot. It was worth every penny. I also have the habit of checking Scoot’s website occasionally to catch the sales. The last time I checked, tickets to Bangkok were as low as $3 without taxes!

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Reasonably Priced!

Interestingly enough, Scoot is the child company of the Local Air Travel Industry Giant, Singapore Airlines. To top that off, I found out about Scoot when my school decided to use an article regarding the launch of Scoot as part of our school's economics practice paper - how handy.

However, since then, I have actually checked out scoot quite a few times. The name is indeed one to remember - the name just makes me want to scoot off this tiny island and discover the world. To make things even better, this airline actually gives you the chance to scoot off at lower and more affordable prices - the tickets are cheap and there is a certain level of reassurance since the parent company is, indeed, the well-known Singapore Airlines.

Maybe next time if I want to scoot off this island, then Scoot might be the agent for me - but for now, I think I'll stick to Singapore Airlines.

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Your Best Bet with Budget Airlines

Simply put, I love Scoot.

I remember the moment I first saw the type of plane Scoot uses, I knew I was in for some wonderful travelling experience to Bangkok, Thailand. From the sheer size of the plane to the seats and basic facilities of the aircraft, it looks more International carrier-grade than something that just expects $100 from me to fly to Bangkok. Hmm, I surely couldn't wait to get on it.

Speaking of food and beverages, Scoot has much to offer to make me salivate though I have eaten loads right before boarding the plane. Terriyaki chicken, Ben & Jerry's ice cream and Evian pure water; basically, I was spoilt for choices. Furthermore, one could shop for the most value-for-money ravel accoutrements with Scoot's cool, cheeky designs imprinted. And I did all of these on a robust plane that certainly is a stalwart of airline safety regulations, something I would not have for most of other budget carriers.

Service crew wise? Hmm.. I would give them a eight out of ten. You see, I think the only foible would be that they seemed a little short-handed in air and this indubitably is not the crew's fault, is it? So, do expect good service and thank them at the end of the flight's journey.

In case anyone is planning for a trip to visit the pat the roos in Australia or conquer the Mount Fuji in Japan, I would suggest to Scoot there.

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Shopping in the Air and Facilities
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Attractive Budget Airline

So I just got back from Taiwan on Scoot and I have to say that while not fantastic, Scoot is quite abit better compared to other budget airlines. I was expecting the minimal service and cramped seats which budget airlines are famous for and was pleasantly surprised to find the leg room to be quite adequate. Leg room is always the most important part for me on a flight.

The service of the staff was also better than other budget airlines. Their "Scootitude" style added flair to service, although at times it seems that they were trying too hard. For instance, during the landing announcement, their stewardess said "Christmas has come early". This left most passengers looking puzzled as we were no where near Christmas not was the flight early.

My only gripe is that the online booking does not state their costs clearly. When I paid via credit card, I was shocked to learn that there were additional charges which was only stated after payment was made.

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(Updated: June 26, 2013)


I was frequently greeted by Scoot advertisements on Youtube. The advertisements annoyingly halt the original videos. They do not even have a skip ad option. Fortunately, Scoot is some sort of an advertisement guru. It wasn't draggy. Neither was it cheesy like those Ribena adverts. I was instantly lured by the way it portrayed Korea and the price that came along with it was additionally appealing.

The deals that Scoot offered appealed to both the young and old. I showed it to my parents and niece simultaneously. Both were instantly fixated by the offered deals stated there. Unfortunately, Scoot does have it's cons too. The signing up site. It took ages to load and register. Fix that and perfection shall be all there is when it comes to Scoot.

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Everything but the registering session online
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Gotta Get Outta Here!

I just very recently came back on a trip from Taiwan using Scoot Airlines.
Kudos to michelle chong and en-lai for making the advertisement so hilarious and attracting customers to their new establishment. I laughed my ass off.
And who knew, after watching them on the scoot flight and wondering what exactly it was (sorry i was really uninitiated), I WAS OHN DAT PLANE AND FLYINGGG~

Under the Singapore airlines group, it uses the old planes from its parent company, and much better than other low cost flight companies, their planes were very comfy and spacious, after having bad experiences with too cramped seats, i was really afraid of having to endure a squeezy seat for 4 hours straight.

The planes departed and arrived on time, which i was really impressed with and there were hardly no problems at all during the journey.

What can i say? Scoot off at a low cost and spend the money on your shopping! At the quality, there is hardly any difference.

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great flight at a great price

I bought a pair of tickets to Bangkok at only $68, during an offer, which is incredibly cheap! The online booking portal was user friendly and I did not have any problems booking my flight. I was expecting a small plane with limited leg room but I was wrong! The leg room was rather spacious for the price I paid for and the seats were comfortable. The airline crew were helpful, friendly and cheerful. Overall, the whole flight was very enjoyable.

I was also told that to "upgrade" to the business class, I only had to pay an additional $50, which isn't expensive at all! However, my partner and I thought that the economy class was good enough for us and since it is a very short flight, we could save that $50 for something else.

I would definitely fly with scoot again in future. Given their extremely affordable prices and good service, it definitely makes my holiday a more enjoyable one.

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Unbelievably good deals

I recently booked a flight with Scoot because they were having a super promotion on various locations at a ridiculously low price. My ticket for Japan was settled at about $410 for a return ticket. Honestly, this is a really crazy price!

The booking process also went quite smoothly, with a small bump when I got to the payment page. For some reason, there was a problem with the payment and I was not sure if it went through. Thankfully, they have a 24h hotline and I called it, was put on hold for a reasonable length of about 5minutes, before being attended to. The girl on the other end was a Philippina so I had some trouble understanding her at some points, but she was very patient when I kept asking her to repeat herself. My queries were settled swiftly and my ticket was confirmed.

One downside about Scoot compared to other budget airline sites is that they do not have a membership account system, meaning you cannot easily view and manage your bookings on the site itself. The only way to find out if your flight and payment has been confirmed is to wait for the confirmation email.

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I would consider the promotions on scoot such a steal given the destinations that the airline covers. Sometimes I really wonder if they even meet the budget given such cheap airfares, or it just shows how much we are getting ripped off by the other airlines. Its promotions are the cheapest in the market and for flights to destinations like Australia, it is difficult to find one that even matches the price without having to sit through the painful transitting hours.

I went on scoot twice, both to Sydney and I thought it was a decent experience. I am not a huge fan of flying because I constantly find myself bored and restless. Though there was no build-in computer system to keep me entertained, I found myself taking comfort in the noise of my girlfriend's constant chatter and my a couple of reading materials I had brought along with me. The food on the plane was pricey, an in my opinion rather expensive for such a small meal, hence I would advise bringing on some snacks to last the journey. The seats however, were almost as uncomfortable as the ones on the usual aircraft.

If you were to do some math and weigh the trade-offs to the cheap flight tickets, it would most definitely add up to a very valued deal. Rumours even say that the aircraft that Scoot functions on are old singapore airlines carriers!

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