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BYCH Hot Yoga (BYCH) is the 1st and finest Hot Yoga specialist in Singapore since 2006 renowned for the hottest, most intense and precise yoga classes. 

The company’s aim is to help individuals stay healthy by making yoga accessible to all fitness levels through a variety of yoga classes and convenient class times. Suitable for both males & females of all levels, BYCH Hot Yoga’s unique teaching method allows the whole body to work efficiently, leading to strong physical and mental foundation. BYCH classes are taught by warm and approachable Hot Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructors who will get you sweating! 

BYCH Hot Yoga classes are taught with precision and intensity. Although challenging, the studio welcomes hot yoga enthusiasts of all levels, including absolute beginners. 


= Benefits of Hot Yoga = 

Traditional Hot Yoga creates and maintains mobility, and allows us to have a better quality of life. Detailed instructions from the yoga teachers re-educate our nervous system; re-establish a connection between mind and body; and balance flexibility and strength. Through the sequence of yoga postures, our body’s systems become more intelligent.


= Why Choose BYCH Hot Yoga = 

+ Open 7 days with classes running throughout the day.

+ Low teacher/student ratio; personal attention & suitable for all levels of practitioners.

+ Top notch  & clean facilities. 

+ Conveniently located  with car park & MRT access.

+ Practice hours can be used as credits in the Hot Yoga Alliance Teacher Training program. 



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Bikram Yoga was the place I first started learning yoga. Being a total novice in yoga, I did not know what to expect. All I know is, it’s definitely not going to be easy doing yoga in such a high temperature environment (39 degrees Celsius!!), especially for a beginner! Many thoughts went through my mind! I was worried that I might just faint in the studio. I was also worried that I am not able to keep up with the class.

However, my worries were unfounded. It went much smoother than what I thought. The instructor paid extra attention to us since we were new in her class. She pointed out mistakes we made in some postures. The first class was, I admit, very, tiring. But it was SO fulfilling! You can feel your sweat dripping from your eye lids, your hair, and every single part of your body. You may feel slightly self conscious in the beginning, taking quick glance at others every now and then. This is perfectly normal! But few lessons after which, when you start to appreciate yoga and its postures, you will start to shift your focus to yourself in the mirror instead and try to perfect your posture.

For those who are looking to burn many calories, I would definitely recommend hot yoga. Just 1 month of intensive trainings, I felt that it sculpted and toned my entire body! But I must warn you, it may be pretty challenging for people who are not very flexible. But once you train yourself over the various sessions, you feel that you just get better and better in it. You may even be amazed that you’re able to do certain postures that you thought you’d never be able to do!

One good thing, the people there are not very pushy in persuading you to sign the package. The only down side, the packages aren’t cheap. But i guess, it applies to all yoga centres in Singapore as well!

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